Searching Official Oklahoma Statutes (Unannotated)

You can search for Official Oklahoma Statutes (Unannotated) using the Natural Language search method. Natural Language allows you to retrieve relevant documents by typing a description in plain English. To search using Natural Language, complete the following steps:

  1. Click Search at the top of any page. The Search page is displayed.

  2. Type a description of the statute in the Natural Language Description text box. For example, to retrieve rules pertaining to requirements for service of process, type the following description:

    what are the requirements for service of process

    You can also search for a specific statute or regulation number. For example, if you have a citation to OK STAT T. 12, ยง 1755, type the following:

    12 OK ST 1755

  3. Click Search next to the Natural Language Description text box to run your search.