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§ 460.4. Rules regarding use of amusement rides by riders--Definition of “rider”

Oklahoma Statutes AnnotatedTitle 40. Labor

Oklahoma Statutes Annotated
Title 40. Labor
Chapter 12. Amusement Ride Safety
40 Okl.St.Ann. § 460.4
§ 460.4. Rules regarding use of amusement rides by riders--Definition of “rider”
A. Pursuant to the authority granted to the Commissioner of Labor under Section 460 of Title 40 of the Oklahoma Statutes to promulgate rules for the safe installation, repair, maintenance, use, operation, and inspection of all amusement rides necessary for the protection of the general public using amusement rides, the Commissioner of Labor shall promulgate rules regarding the use of amusement rides by riders.
B. Rules promulgated pursuant to subsection A of this section shall include the following language:
1. A rider shall:
a. obey the reasonable safety rules posted in accordance with law and oral instructions for an amusement ride issued by the owner or the employee of the owner, unless:
(1) the safety rules are contrary to law or rules, or
(2) the oral instructions are contrary to law or rules or the safety rules, and
b. refrain from acting in any manner that may cause or contribute to injuring the rider or others, including:
(1) exceeding the limits of ability of the rider,
(2) interfering with safe operation of the amusement ride,
(3) not engaging any safety devices that are provided,
(4) disconnecting or disabling a safety device except at the express instruction of the ride operator,
(5) altering or enhancing the intended speed, course, or direction of an amusement ride,
(6) using the controls of an amusement ride designed solely to be operated by the ride operator,
(7) extending arms and legs beyond the carrier or seating area except at the express direction of the ride operator,
(8) throwing, dropping, or expelling an object from or toward an amusement ride except as permitted by the ride operator,
(9) getting on or off an amusement ride except at the designated time and area, if any, at the direction of the ride operator or in an emergency, and
(10) not reasonably controlling the speed or direction of the person of the rider or an amusement ride that requires the rider to control or direct the person of the rider or a device;
2. A rider may not get on or attempt to get on an amusement ride unless the rider or the parent or guardian of the rider reasonably determines that the rider:
a. has sufficient knowledge to use, get on, and get off the amusement ride safely without instruction or has requested and received before getting on the ride sufficient information to get on, use, and get off safely,
b. has located, reviewed, and understood any signs in the vicinity of the ride and has satisfied any posted height, medical, or other restrictions,
c. knows the range and limits of the ability of the rider and knows the requirements of the amusement ride will not exceed those limits,
d. is not under the influence of alcohol or any drug that affects the ability of the rider to safely use the amusement ride or obey the posted rules or oral instructions, and
e. is authorized by the amusement ride owner or the authorized employee of the amusement ride owner to get on the amusement ride; and
3. As used in this rule, “rider” means any person who is:
a. waiting in the immediate vicinity to get on an amusement ride,
b. getting on an amusement ride,
c. using an amusement ride,
d. getting off an amusement ride, or
e. leaving an amusement ride and still in its immediate vicinity.


Laws 2000, c. 295, § 4, eff. Nov. 1, 2000.
40 Okl. St. Ann. § 460.4, OK ST T. 40 § 460.4
Current with emergency effective legislation through Chapter 316 of the Second Regular Session of the 59th Legislature (2024). Some sections may be more current, see credits for details.
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