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§ 873. District authorized to purchase, fund or refund bonds, etc.--Interest rate swaps and oth...

Oklahoma Statutes AnnotatedTitle 82. Waters and Water RightsEffective: July 1, 2019

Oklahoma Statutes Annotated
Title 82. Waters and Water Rights
Chapter 8. Grand River Dam Authority
Effective: July 1, 2019
82 Okl.St.Ann. § 873
§ 873. District authorized to purchase, fund or refund bonds, etc.--Interest rate swaps and other financial instruments
A. The Grand River Dam Authority is hereby authorized to fund and refund any and all lawful obligations and any and all revenue bonds issued, or contracted to be sold, by it by the issuance of new revenue bonds, or from the proceeds of sale of new revenue bonds, or by the exchange of new revenue bonds and to renegotiate any agreement of indenture whereunder said obligations or revenue bonds authorized to be funded and refunded hereby may be outstanding, or contracted, but any new revenue bonds issued, exchanged or sold to fund or refund the outstanding obligations and revenue bonds and all agreements and indentures providing for the payment and securing thereof shall conform to the provisions of the Grand River Dam Authority Act, as amended; provided, that no outstanding obligations or revenue bonds shall be funded or refunded or exchanged on the basis of a price in excess of principal, accrued interest, redemption premium, or charges in excess of those provided by the obligations or revenue bonds or the indenture or agreement whereunder issued or incurred, plus the necessary and reasonable costs of funding, refunding or exchange thereof; provided, further that said Authority shall have the power to purchase any revenue bonds issued, or contracted to be issued, by it at a price not exceeding the redemption price applicable at the time of purchase thereof, or, if no redemption price is fixed, then at principal plus accrued interest, from any funds available and provided for the payment of the revenue bonds.
B. The Authority is further authorized to enter into interest rate swaps and other derivative products, and other financial instruments intended to hedge interest rate risk or manage interest rate costs, including any option to enter into or terminate any of them, that the Authority deems to be necessary or desirable in connection with any bonds issued prior to, at the same time as, or after entering into such arrangement, and containing such terms and provisions, and may be with such parties, as determined by the Authority. Provided, any action taken by the Authority pursuant to this subsection must first be approved by the Office of the State Bond Advisor and the Council of Bond Oversight pursuant to the provisions of the Oklahoma Bond Oversight and Reform Act.1


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Title 62, § 695.1.
82 Okl. St. Ann. § 873, OK ST T. 82 § 873
Current with emergency effective legislation through Chapter 3 of the Second Regular Session of the 59th Legislature (2024). Some sections may be more current, see credits for details.
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