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§ 324.7. Rules, regulations and specifications--Regulation of liquefied petroleum gas and flamm...

Oklahoma Statutes AnnotatedTitle 74. State Government

Oklahoma Statutes Annotated
Title 74. State Government (Refs & Annos)
Chapter 11. State Fire Marshal (Refs & Annos)
74 Okl.St.Ann. § 324.7
§ 324.7. Rules, regulations and specifications--Regulation of liquefied petroleum gas and flammable liquids
A. Except as otherwise specified by subsection B of this section, the State Fire Marshal Commission shall have the power and duty to prescribe, adopt, and promulgate, in the manner set forth in this act,1 such reasonable rules, regulations, or specifications on matters relating to the safeguarding of life and property from the hazards of fire and explosion arising from storage, handling, and use of flammable and combustible materials, and from conditions hazardous to life or property in the use or occupancy of buildings or premises, as are deemed just and reasonable and in accordance with the codes as last adopted by the Oklahoma Uniform Building Code Commission, and not inconsistent with this act, and to revoke, amend, or supersede the same. Exceptions to these standards shall be granted to detention and correction facilities in existence on November 1, 1985, when noncompliance would not result in a life-threatening condition to inmates incarcerated in such facilities. All such rules, regulations, and specifications or any revisions or amendments thereto shall not become effective until promulgated in accordance with the provisions of the Administrative Procedures Act.2
B. 1. Liquefied petroleum gas defined by Section 420.1 of Title 52 of the Oklahoma Statutes shall be regulated by the Oklahoma Liquefied Petroleum Gas Board.
2. Flammable liquids stored in tanks at service stations shall be regulated by the Corporation Commission.
C. For the purpose of this section:
1. “Flammable liquids” means all petroleum products used as motor fuel and all grades of gasoline, kerosene, diesel fuel and aviation fuel having a vapor pressure not exceeding forty (40) pounds per square inch absolute at one hundred (100) degrees Fahrenheit;
2. “Service station” means any facility including but not limited to businesses serving the public, marinas and airports where flammable liquids are stored in aboveground tanks and dispensed for retail sales into the fuel tanks of airplanes, vessels or motor vehicles of the public; and
3. “Aboveground tank” means any stationary vessel at a service station and is located above the surface of the ground or on the ground which is designed to contain an accumulation of flammable liquids and which is constructed of nonearthen materials that provide structural support.


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Title 74, § 324.1 et seq.
Title 75, § 250 et seq.
74 Okl. St. Ann. § 324.7, OK ST T. 74 § 324.7
Current with emergency effective legislation through Chapter 3 of the Second Regular Session of the 59th Legislature (2024). Some sections may be more current, see credits for details.
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