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§ 643. Force against another not unlawful, when--Self-defense--Defense of property

Oklahoma Statutes AnnotatedTitle 21. Crimes and PunishmentsEffective: November 1, 2019

Oklahoma Statutes Annotated
Title 21. Crimes and Punishments
Part III. Crimes Against the Person
Chapter 20. Assault and Battery
Effective: November 1, 2019
21 Okl.St.Ann. § 643
§ 643. Force against another not unlawful, when--Self-defense--Defense of property
To use or to attempt to offer to use force or violence upon or toward the person of another is not unlawful in the following cases:
1. When necessarily committed by a public officer in the performance of any legal duty, or by any other person assisting such officer or acting by such officer's direction;
2. When necessarily committed by any person in arresting one who has committed any felony, and delivering such person to a public officer competent to receive such person in custody;
3. When committed either by the person about to be injured, or by any other person in such person's aid or defense, in preventing or attempting to prevent an offense against such person, or any trespass or other unlawful interference with real or personal property in such person's lawful possession; provided the force or violence used is not more than sufficient to prevent such offense;
4. When committed by a parent or the authorized agent of any parent, or by any guardian, master or teacher, in the exercise of a lawful authority to restrain or correct such person's child, ward, apprentice or scholar, provided restraint or correction has been rendered necessary by the misconduct of such child, ward, apprentice or scholar, or by the child's refusal to obey the lawful command of such parent or authorized agent or guardian, master or teacher, and the force or violence used is reasonable in manner and moderate in degree;
5. When committed by a carrier of passengers, or the authorized agents or servants of such carrier, or by any person assisting them at their request, in expelling from any carriage, railroad car, vessel or other vehicle, any passenger who refuses to obey a lawful and reasonable regulation prescribed for the conduct of passengers, if such vehicle has first been stopped and the force and violence used is not more than is sufficient to expel the offending passenger, with a reasonable regard to such passenger's personal safety; and
6. When committed by any person in preventing a person who is impaired by reason of intellectual or developmental disability as defined by Section 1430.2 of Title 10 of the Oklahoma Statutes, a mentally ill person, insane person or other person of unsound mind, including persons temporarily or partially deprived of reason, from committing an act dangerous to such person's self or to another, or enforcing such restraint as is necessary for the protection of the person or for restoration to health, during such period only as shall be necessary to obtain legal authority for the restraint or custody of the person.


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21 Okl. St. Ann. § 643, OK ST T. 21 § 643
Current with emergency effective legislation through Chapter 3 of the Second Regular Session of the 59th Legislature (2024). Some sections may be more current, see credits for details.
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