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§ 683. Monies how credited and withdrawn

Oklahoma Statutes AnnotatedTitle 19. Counties and County Officers

Oklahoma Statutes Annotated
Title 19. Counties and County Officers
Chapter 14. County Treasurer (Refs & Annos)
Official Depository for Other County Officers
19 Okl.St.Ann. § 683
§ 683. Monies how credited and withdrawn
All monies deposited in the official depository as provided in Sections 1 and 2 hereof,1 shall be credited to the account of the officers, board or commission or employee thereof so depositing the same and may be withdrawn, only in transfer of such parts thereof as may be due the county or its fund or funds under its management, or in distribution to the respective parties legally entitled thereto of such parts thereof as may have accrued as fees or expense money, and in refund of erroneous or excessive collections and credits, and in payment of legal claims and charges against any trust deposit or fund included in such account. All withdrawals of monies from the said depository shall be made on the voucher of the authority making such deposit,--which said vouchers shall show on their face the character of claim or charge liquidated or the fund or funds to which transferred in the county treasury, and shall, when redeemed, be delivered monthly to the county clerk and receipted for by him. It shall be the duty of the authority making any withdrawal to present the voucher therefor to the county treasurer for registration before delivery to the payee. Upon such presentation, the county treasurer shall register the said voucher in its proper numerical order, certify such registration by his official signature, and designate on the face of said voucher the bank through which the same shall be paid. Such voucher thereupon shall become the official draft of the county treasurer on such bank. The treasurer shall keep a record of all vouchers so registered by him, showing therein the date of issue and registration of each voucher, by whom and on what account drawn, to whom payable, the purpose for which issued and the amount thereof, and the name of bank on which registered for payment.


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Title 19, §§ 681 and 682.
19 Okl. St. Ann. § 683, OK ST T. 19 § 683
Current with emergency effective legislation through Chapter 378 of the Second Regular Session of the 59th Legislature (2024). Some sections may be more current, see credits for details.
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