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WPIC 4.65 Use of Interpreters

11 WAPRAC WPIC 4.65Washington Practice Series TMWashington Pattern Jury Instructions--Criminal

11 Wash. Prac., Pattern Jury Instr. Crim. WPIC 4.65 (5th Ed)
Washington Practice Series TM
Washington Pattern Jury Instructions--Criminal
December 2021 Update
Washington State Supreme Court Committee on Jury Instructions
Part I. General Instructions
WPIC CHAPTER 4.60. Miscellaneous Instructions During Trial
WPIC 4.65 Use of Interpreters
I have appointed an interpreter to assist (name of party or witness), who [does not speak or understand spoken English at the level necessary to fully participate in court proceedings] [has a hearing or speech disability]. I will now administer an oath to the interpreter, [Mr.] [Ms.] .
(Oath to Interpreter:“Do you solemnly swear or affirm that you will make a true interpretation to (name of party or witness) of all the proceedings in a language or in a manner which (name of party or witness) understands, to the best of your skill and judgment, and that you will repeat the statements of (name of party or witness) to the court, in the English language, to the best of your skill and judgment, [so help you God]?”)
I will now administer an oath to (name of party or witness) through the interpreter.
This oral instruction is intended for use when an interpreter is needed for a witness or party on the witness stand.
Read the instruction to the jury before the witness or the interpreter is sworn. If an interpreter is needed for a party throughout the proceedings, the instruction and oath will have to be revised accordingly.
Use bracketed material as applicable.
RCW Chapters 2.42 and 2.43; GR 11.2.
The instruction is drafted to apply both to interpreters for persons with a hearing or speech disability (see RCW Chapter 2.42) and to interpreters for non-English speaking persons (see RCW Chapter 2.43).
For a helpful resource on many issues related to language interpreters, see the Deskbook on Language Access in Washington Courts, http://www.courts.wa.gov/programs_orgs/pos_interpret/content/pdf/StateLAP.pdf.
[Current as of May 2019.]
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