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11 WAPRAC AUTHORWashington Practice Series TMWashington Pattern Jury Instructions--Criminal

11 Wash. Prac., Pattern Jury Instr. Crim. About the Author
Washington Practice Series TM
Washington Pattern Jury Instructions--Criminal
October 2016 Update
Washington State Supreme Court Committee on Jury Instructions
About the Author
As constituted for the Fourth Edition of Volumes 11 and 11A
Committee Co-Chairs
HON. WILLIAM L. DOWNING, King County Superior Court, Seattle
HON. HELEN L. HALPERT, King County Superior Court, Seattle
Committee Members
PROF. DEBORAH M. AHRENS, Seattle University School of Law, Seattle
EDWIN ARALICA, Attorney, Kent
DARRELL L. COCHRAN, Attorney, Tacoma
PROF. DAVID K. DeWOLF, Gonzaga University School of Law, Spokane
CALLIE T. DIETZ, Administrator for the Courts, Olympia
DAVID J. ELDRED, Attorney, Seattle
SUZANNE L. ELLIOTT, Attorney, Seattle
SETH A. FINE, Attorney, Everett
LINDA M. GALLAGHER, Attorney, Seattle
TODD W. GARDNER, Attorney, Renton
HON. ANNE C. HARPER, King County District Court, Seattle
HON. BRUCE HELLER, King County Superior Court, Seattle
PROF. MAUREEN HOWARD, University of Washington School of Law, Seattle
GARTH L. JONES, Attorney, Hoquiam
KEITH L. KESSLER, Attorney, Hoquiam
HON. LINDA A. KRESE, Snohomish County Superior Court, Everett
BRUCE E. LARSON, Attorney, Seattle
AMANDA E. LEE, Attorney, Seattle
PAMELA B. LOGINSKY, Attorney, Olympia
HON. MICHAEL G. MCCARTHY, Yakima County Superior Court, Yakima
MARGARET A. PAHL, Attorney, Seattle
HON. MARILYN G. PAJA, Kitsap County District Court, Port Orchard
KRISTIN V. RICHARDSON, Attorney, Seattle
REBECCA J. ROE, Attorney, Seattle
WILLIAM J. RUTZICK, Attorney, Seattle
MARY H. SPILLANE, Attorney, Seattle
DONALD G. STONE, Attorney, Spokane
KARL B. TEGLAND, Attorney, Mill Creek
JEFFREY I. TILDEN, Attorney, Seattle
Counsel and Reporter
LYNNE R. ALFASSO, Administrative Office of the Courts, Olympia
GREGG H. HIRAKAWA, Attorney, Seattle
Subcommittee Members
CHRISTOPHER L. BELL (Crimes Against Property—Part IX),
Attorney, Seattle
CHRISTOPHER R. BLACK (Crimes Against Personal Safety—Part VI), Attorney, Seattle
FRANCISCO A. DUARTE (Motor Vehicle Crimes—Part XI), Attorney, Seattle
AMY J. FREEDHEIM (Motor Vehicle Crimes—Part XI), Attorney,
JESSICA GINER (Sex Crimes—Part VII), Attorney, Redmond
ALEXANDRIA M. HOHMAN (Sex Crimes—Part VII), Attorney, Seattle
TUYEN T. LAM (Sex Crimes—Part VII), Attorney, Seattle
ADRIENNE T. MCCOY (Crimes Against Personal Safety—Part VI),
Attorney, Seattle
HON. SARA L. MCCULLOCH (Sex Crimes—Part VII), Bainbridge Island Municipal Court, Bainbridge Island
STACEY L. MACDONALD (Crimes Against Personal Safety—Part VI), Attorney, Seattle
AMY I. MUTH (Sex Crimes—Part VII), Attorney, Seattle
ERIN S. NORGAARD (Motor Vehicle Crimes—Part XI), Attorney,
VALIANT L. RICHEY (Sex Crimes—Part VII), Attorney, Seattle
ANDREA K. ROBERTSON (Motor Vehicle Crimes—Part XI), Attorney, Seattle
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