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WPI 365.12.01 Personality Disorder—Definition

6A WAPRAC WPI 365.12.01Washington Practice Series TMWashington Pattern Jury Instructions--Civil

6A Wash. Prac., Wash. Pattern Jury Instr. Civ. WPI 365.12.01 (7th ed.)
Washington Practice Series TM
Washington Pattern Jury Instructions--Civil
April 2022 Update
Washington State Supreme Court Committee on Jury Instructions
Part XIX. Involuntary Treatment
Chapter 365. Involuntary Treatment—Sexually Violent Predators
WPI 365.12.01 Personality Disorder—Definition
“Personality disorder” means an enduring pattern of inner experience and behavior that deviates markedly from the expectations of the individual's culture, is pervasive and inflexible, has onset in adolescence or early adulthood, is stable over time, and leads to distress or impairment.
Use in all cases in which there is expert testimony from a psychiatrist or licensed psychologist that the respondent suffers from a personality disorder.
This instruction should be given in every case involving testimony from a psychiatrist or licensed psychologist diagnosing the respondent with a personality disorder. In re Detention of Pouncy, 168 Wn.2d 382, 229 P.3d 678 (2010). The Supreme Court in Pouncy overruled, in part, In re Detention of Twining, 77 Wn.App. 882, 894 P.2d 1331 (1995), which held that such an instruction is not required. Both Pouncy and Twining were decided before the 2009 amendment to RCW 71.09.020, which, for the first time, added a statutory definition of “personality disorder.”
[Current as of October 2020.]
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