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WPI 370.06 Commercial Vendor—Quasi-Commercial Host—Definitions

6A WAPRAC WPI 370.06Washington Practice Series TMWashington Pattern Jury Instructions--Civil

6A Wash. Prac., Wash. Pattern Jury Instr. Civ. WPI 370.06 (7th ed.)
Washington Practice Series TM
Washington Pattern Jury Instructions--Civil
April 2022 Update
Washington State Supreme Court Committee on Jury Instructions
Part XX. Alcohol Liability
Chapter 370. Liability for Furnishing Alcohol
WPI 370.06 Commercial Vendor—Quasi-Commercial Host—Definitions
[A commercial vendor of alcohol is one who is engaged in the commercial sale of alcohol.]
[A quasi-commercial host is a host who did not sell alcohol, but had a business interest, as opposed to a purely social interest, in furnishing alcohol to [his] [her] [its] guests.]
Use this instruction only if there is a factual issue as to whether the defendant was a commercial vendor, a quasi-commercial host, or a purely social host.
The first bracketed paragraph is drawn from the first element of a burden of proof instruction approved in Cox v. Keg Rests., 86 Wn.App. 239, 252 n.6, 935 P.2d 1377 (1997).
The second bracketed paragraph is drawn from Burkhart v. Harrod, 110 Wn.2d 381, 384, 755 P.2d 759 (1988), in which the court distinguished between quasi-commercial hosts and purely social hosts and defined quasi-commercial hosts as “those who did not sell alcohol but who otherwise had business interests in furnishing alcohol to their guests.” See also Christen v. Lee, 113 Wn.2d 479, 494, 780 P.2d 1307 (1989).
[Current as of February 2021.]
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