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WPI 360.11 Custody—Behavioral Health Disorder—Definition

6A WAPRAC WPI 360.11Washington Practice Series TMWashington Pattern Jury Instructions--Civil

6A Wash. Prac., Wash. Pattern Jury Instr. Civ. WPI 360.11 (7th ed.)
Washington Practice Series TM
Washington Pattern Jury Instructions--Civil
April 2022 Update
Washington State Supreme Court Committee on Jury Instructions
Part XIX. Involuntary Treatment
Chapter 360. Behavioral Health Disorders
WPI 360.11 Custody—Behavioral Health Disorder—Definition
Custody means involuntary detention under the state's mental health laws [uninterrupted by any period of unconditional release from commitment from a facility providing involuntary care and treatment].
Use bracketed material as applicable. In some cases, the jurors will need additional instruction using more specific language from RCW Chapter 71.05 or Chapter 10.77, as applicable, addressing when a respondent is in custody.
The Legislature amended RCW 71.05 et seq. to collectively refer to mental illness and substance abuse as behavioral health disorders. See Laws of 2020, Chapter 302, § 41.
This instruction is taken from the statutory definition.
[Current as of January 2021.]
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