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§ 653. Definitions

Purdon's Pennsylvania Statutes and Consolidated StatutesTitle 55 P.S. Navigation

Purdon's Pennsylvania Statutes and Consolidated Statutes
Title 55 P.S. Navigation (Refs & Annos)
Chapter 20. Rural and Intercity Common Carrier Surface Transportation Assistance (Refs & Annos)
55 P.S. § 653
§ 653. Definitions
As used in this act:
“Average fare” means total passenger revenue divided by the total linked passenger trips excluding trips by senior citizens participating in the free transit program for senior citizens.
“Capital project” means the constructing, improving, equipping and/or leasing of any system of rural and intercity common carrier surface transportation or any components thereof, including but not limited to rolling stock, including self-propelled and multiple unit cars, freight cars, locomotives, passenger buses, and wires, poles and equipment for the electrification of any of the foregoing, rails, tracks, roadbeds, guideways, elevated structures, buildings, stations, terminals, docks, shelters, airports and parking areas for use in connection with rural and intercity common carrier surface transportation systems; right-of-way, interconnecting lines and tunnels; or any improvement of or equipment or furnishings for any of the foregoing or any part of fractional and undivided co-ownership interest in any one or combination of any of the foregoing, that may be designated as a capital project by the secretary. “Capital project” shall also include the acquisition, by purchase or assignment or otherwise, of all or part of any construction or acquisition contract from any transportation organization or company relating to any project or projects at any stage of construction, or after completion.
“County transportation system” shall mean and include buses, vans or other transit vehicles purchased, maintained and operated by any county and used to provide free or reduced rate transportation within the county to persons 65 years of age or older.
“Department” means the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation.
“Federal agency” means and includes the United States of America, the President of the United States of America, and any department of, or corporation, agency, or instrumentality heretofore or hereafter created, designated or established by the United States of America.
“Fixed route public transportation services” means regularly scheduled transportation that is available to the general public, and is provided according to published schedules along designated published routes with specified stopping points for the taking on and discharging of passengers. (Eligible services include: public bus and commuter rail systems.) Excluded from this definition are exclusive ride taxi service; charter or sightseeing services; nonpublic transportation; school bus or limousine services.
“Linked passenger trips” means and includes transit trips taken by initially boarding (originating) patrons paying a full fare, any reduced fare or no fare (free fare) but shall not mean and shall exclude all transfer rides and all charter rides.
“Project grant” means and includes the Commonwealth's share of the cost of carrying out the particular project, which may include costs incurred prior to the effective date of this act and which cost shall include an appropriate allowance for the administrative expenses involved in carrying out the project.
“Rural and intercity common carrier surface transportation” means transportation provided by any and all persons or corporations holding out, offering, or undertaking, directly or indirectly, service for compensation to the public for the transportation of passengers or property, or both, or any class of passengers or property, other than passenger transportation provided wholly within an urbanized area by, through, over, above, or under land, or water and shall include transportation provided by forwarders, but shall not include transportation provided by common or contract carriers of freight by motor vehicles, or brokers, or any bona fide cooperative association transporting property exclusively for the members of such association on a nonprofit basis.
“Secretary” means the Pennsylvania Secretary of Transportation.
“Shared ride public transportation services” means demand responsive transportation that is available to the general public, operates on a nonfixed route basis and charges a fare to all riders. For transportation to be included in this definition the first fare paying passengers to enter the public transportation vehicle must not refuse to share the vehicle with other passengers during a given trip. This definition excludes: exclusive ride taxi service; charter and sightseeing services; nonpublic transportation; school bus or limousine services.
“Transportation company” means and includes any person, firm or corporation rendering common carrier surface transportation service, other than common carrier of freight by motor vehicle service, in this Commonwealth pursuant to authorization from the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission or the Interstate Commerce Commission or the United States Railway Association.
“Transportation organization” means any political subdivision or any mass transportation or port authority or airport authority now or hereafter organized under the law of Pennsylvania or pursuant to an interstate compact or otherwise empowered to render transportation service, contract for the rendering or assist in the rendering of transportation service in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, even though it may also render transportation service in adjacent states, or any combination of two or more of such entities.


1976, Feb. 11, P.L. 14, No. 10, § 3, imd. effective. Amended 1980, Oct. 17, P.L. 1083, No. 183, § 2, imd. effective.
55 P.S. § 653, PA ST 55 P.S. § 653
Current through Act 13 of the 2024 Regular Session. Some statute sections may be more current, see credits for details.
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