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§ 6406. Interagency Coordinating Council

Purdon's Pennsylvania Statutes and Consolidated StatutesTitle 24 P.S. EducationEffective: June 22, 2001

Purdon's Pennsylvania Statutes and Consolidated Statutes
Title 24 P.S. Education
Chapter 40. Adult and Family Literacy Education Act
Effective: June 22, 2001
24 P.S. § 6406
§ 6406. Interagency Coordinating Council
(a) Membership.--The Interagency Coordinating Council is hereby established and shall be composed of, at a minimum, 23 voting members but shall not exceed 35 voting members appointed by the Governor, except for the four members of the General Assembly who shall be appointed and replaced under the provisions of subsection (b). The term of office of the voting members shall be three years, except for the cabinet officers or their designees, who shall serve as long as they are in office. The membership of the Interagency Coordinating Council shall consist of the following:
(1) The Secretary of Community and Economic Development or a designee.
(2) The Secretary of Education or a designee.
(3) The Secretary of Labor and Industry or a designee.
(4) The Secretary of Public Welfare1 or a designee.
(4.1) The Secretary of Aging or a designee.
(4.2) The Physician General or a designee.
(5) Five providers of adult literacy services representing school districts, intermediate units, area vocational-technical schools,2 colleges, literacy councils, local libraries and community-based organizations.
(6) Two representatives of the media, both print and electronic.
(7) Three representatives of business, industry and unions.
(8) One representative of a local coalition.
(9) One representative of the Statewide adult education professional association.
(10) Members at large, not to exceed four, chosen to represent diverse interests, who have knowledge of or experience with the establishment, funding or operation of adult basic education programs, including a Statewide association.
The designees of the cabinet officers must be deputy secretaries, commissioners or bureau directors.
(b) Legislative members of the council.--There shall be four members of the General Assembly appointed to the council. The President pro tempore and the Minority Leader of the Senate shall each appoint one member. The Speaker and the Minority Leader of the House of Representatives shall each appoint one member. A legislative member's term on the council shall be at the discretion of the appointing leadership officer and replacement shall be at the discretion of the appointing leadership officer.
(c) Officers.--The chair of the council shall be appointed by the Governor from among the members who are neither Commonwealth employees nor elected officials. The offices of vice chair, secretary and treasurer shall be elected by the membership.
(d) Purpose.--The Interagency Coordinating Council is established to provide a broad-based Commonwealth council to advise in coordinating a Statewide system of adult and family literacy education services and to develop communications strategies to promote public awareness of literacy challenges and solutions.


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Now Secretary of the Department of Human Services; see 62 P.S. § 103.
Reference to “area vocational-technical school” deemed to be reference to “area career and technical school”, pursuant to 2019, June 28, P.L. 117, No. 16, § 27; 2019, June 28, P.L. 146, No. 18, § 23; 2019, Oct. 30, P.L. 460, No. 76, § 62.
24 P.S. § 6406, PA ST 24 P.S. § 6406
Current through 2022 Regular Session Act 29. Some statute sections may be more current, see credits for details.
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