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§ 902. Statement of legislative findings

Purdon's Pennsylvania Statutes and Consolidated StatutesTitle 3 P.S. AgricultureEffective: May 15, 2006

Purdon's Pennsylvania Statutes and Consolidated Statutes
Title 3 P.S. Agriculture (Refs & Annos)
Chapter 14A. Agricultural Area Security (Refs & Annos)
Effective: May 15, 2006
3 P.S. § 902
§ 902. Statement of legislative findings
It is the declared policy of the Commonwealth to conserve and protect and to encourage the development and improvement of its agricultural lands for the production of food and other agricultural products. It is also the declared policy of the Commonwealth to conserve and protect agricultural lands as valued natural and ecological resources which provide needed open spaces for clean air, as well as for aesthetic purposes. Article VIII, section 2 of the Constitution of Pennsylvania provides that the General Assembly may, by law, establish standards and qualifications for agricultural reserves. Agriculture in many parts of the Commonwealth is under urban pressure from expanding metropolitan areas. This urban pressure takes the form of scattered development in wide belts around urban areas, and brings conflicting land uses into juxtaposition, creates high costs for public services, and stimulates land speculation. When this scattered development extends into good farm areas, ordinances inhibiting farming tend to follow, farm taxes rise, and hopes for speculative gains discourage investments in farm improvements. Many of the agricultural lands in the Commonwealth are in jeopardy of being lost for any agricultural purposes. Certain of these lands constitute unique and irreplaceable land resources of Statewide importance. It is the purpose of this act to provide means by which agricultural land may be protected and enhanced as a viable segment of the Commonwealth's economy and as an economic and environmental resource of major importance.
It is further the purpose of this act to:
(1) Encourage landowners to make a long-term commitment to agriculture by offering them financial incentives and security of land use.
(2) Protect farming operations in agricultural security areas from incompatible nonfarm land uses that may render farming impracticable.
(3) Assure permanent conservation of productive agricultural lands in order to protect the agricultural economy of this Commonwealth.
(4) Provide compensation to landowners in exchange for their relinquishment of the right to develop their private property.
(5) Leverage State agricultural easement purchase funds and protect the investment of taxpayers in agricultural conservation easements.
(6) Encourage financial partnerships between State and local governments with nonprofit entities in order to increase the funds available for agricultural conservation easement purchases.


1981, June 30, P.L. 128, No. 43, § 2, effective in 60 days. Amended 1988, Dec. 14, P.L. 1202, No. 149, § 1, effective in 60 days; 2006, May 15, P.L. 190, No. 46, § 1, imd. effective.
3 P.S. § 902, PA ST 3 P.S. § 902
Current through 2023 Regular Session Act 32. Some statute sections may be more current, see credits for details.
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