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§ 645.10. Records and reports

Purdon's Pennsylvania Statutes and Consolidated StatutesTitle 32 P.S. Forests, Waters and State Parks

Purdon's Pennsylvania Statutes and Consolidated Statutes
Title 32 P.S. Forests, Waters and State Parks
Part II. Waters (Refs & Annos)
Chapter 23. Well Drillers (Refs & Annos)
32 P.S. § 645.10
§ 645.10. Records and reports
(a) Every licensee shall be required to keep a record of each well upon a form to be prescribed by the department, setting forth the exact geographic location and log of the well containing a description of materials penetrated, the size and depth, the diameters and lengths of casing and screen installed, the static and pumping levels, and the yield and such other information pertaining to the construction or operation of the well or wells as the department may require, but no water well driller shall be required to furnish information as to coal deposits or other valuable minerals. This record shall be available to the department upon request.
The department or any authorized representative shall have the power to make such inspection and require the taking of such samples as may be deemed necessary by the department. Such inspections and samples shall not materially increase the drilling costs.
(b) The department may, when in its discretion it deems it proper, require licensees to file, with the department, reports containing such data from the records maintained pursuant to subsection (a) of this section as the department reasonably deems necessary to effectuate the purpose of this act. In no case, may the department require such report to be filed prior to the elapse of twenty-one (21) days after the completion of the well.
(c) In addition to the reports and records provided for in subsections (a) and (b) of this section, every water well driller shall file, with the department within twenty-four (24) hours of making a contract to drill a water well, a report in the nature of a statement of intention to drill, which shall include the name and address of the owner of the well, the township and county in which the well is to be located, and the approximate date on which the drilling is to commence.


1956, May 29, P.L. (1955) 1840, § 10, effective June 1, 1956.
32 P.S. § 645.10, PA ST 32 P.S. § 645.10
Current through 2023 Regular Session Act 7. Some statute sections may be more current, see credits for details.
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