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§ 323.3. Authority, scope and scheduling of examinations

Purdon's Pennsylvania Statutes and Consolidated StatutesTitle 40 P.S. Insurance

Purdon's Pennsylvania Statutes and Consolidated Statutes
Title 40 P.S. Insurance (Refs & Annos)
Chapter 1. Insurance Department (Refs & Annos)
Article IX. Examinations (Refs & Annos)
40 P.S. § 323.3
§ 323.3. Authority, scope and scheduling of examinations
(a) Every company or person subject to examination in accordance with this act must keep all books, records, accounts, papers, documents and any or all computer or other recordings relating to its property, assets, business and affairs in such manner and for such time periods as the department, in its discretion, may require in order that its authorized representatives may readily verify the financial condition of the company or person and ascertain whether the company or person has complied with the laws of this Commonwealth.
(b) The department or any of its examiners may conduct an examination under this article of any company as often as the commissioner in his sole discretion deems appropriate but shall at a minimum conduct an examination of every insurer licensed in this Commonwealth not less frequently than once every five years. In scheduling and determining the nature, scope and frequency of the examinations, the commissioner shall consider such matters as the results of financial statement analyses and ratios, changes in management or ownership, actuarial opinions, reports of independent certified public accountants and other criteria as set forth in the Examiners' Handbook adopted by the NAIC and in effect when the commissioner exercises discretion under this subsection.
(c) For purposes of completing an examination of any company under this article, the department may examine or investigate any person or the business of any person insofar as such examination or investigation is, in the sole discretion of the commissioner, necessary or material to the examination of the company.
(d) In lieu of an examination under this article of any foreign or alien insurer licensed in this Commonwealth, the department may accept an examination report on such company as prepared by the insurance department for the company's state of domicile or port-of-entry state until January 1, 1994. Thereafter, such reports may only be accepted if:
(1) the insurance department of the other state was at the time of the examination accredited under the NAIC Financial Regulation Standards and Accreditation Program; or
(2) the examination is performed under the supervision of an accredited insurance department or with the participation of one or more examiners who are employed by that department and who, after a review of the examination work papers and report, state under oath that the examination was performed in a manner consistent with the standards and procedures required by their insurance department.


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40 P.S. § 323.3, PA ST 40 P.S. § 323.3
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