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§ 15-1503-I. E-chievement program

Purdon's Pennsylvania Statutes and Consolidated StatutesTitle 24 P.S. EducationEffective: July 13, 2016

Purdon's Pennsylvania Statutes and Consolidated Statutes
Title 24 P.S. Education
Chapter 1. Public School Code of 1949 (Refs & Annos)
Article XV-I. E-Chievement Program
Effective: July 13, 2016
24 P.S. § 15-1503-I
§ 15-1503-I. E-chievement program
(a) Establishment.--The E-chievement Program is established in the department to award grants on a competitive basis to eligible school entities to the extent that funds are appropriated for this purpose.
(b) Eligibility.--
(1) A school entity may apply to the department for a planning grant or implementation grant under the program. School entities may submit a joint application.
(2) A nonpublic school may participate in the grant process through a partnership with a school entity for the planning or implementation of hybrid learning.
(3) The department shall establish criteria to determine whether a school entity is eligible to receive a grant under this article and shall give priority to school entities that submit a joint application.
(c) Applications.--A school entity shall submit an application, in a form deemed acceptable by the department, to the department in order to be awarded a planning grant or implementation grant from the department under this article. The grant application must describe the manner in which the applicant will use hybrid learning to improve student achievement.
(d) Grant agreement.--An eligible school entity that is awarded a planning grant or implementation grant under this article shall execute a grant agreement with the department that provides for the following:
(1) The school entity will provide a cash or in-kind local match of money in support of hybrid learning within the school entity of at least 25% of the total project cost.
(2) The school entity will work collaboratively to share lessons and best practices with other school entities.
(3) The school entity will report to the department and the General Assembly, as requested, hybrid learning outcomes, which shall include the following:
(i) Student performance and academic growth on State and local assessments.
(ii) School discipline reports.
(iii) Survey responses regarding the impact of hybrid learning on student engagement, technology skills acquisition and competency, teacher effectiveness and school productivity.
(e) Use of grants.--
(1) A grant issued by the department under this article shall be used for components of hybrid learning, including, but not limited to, digital instructional content, classroom management tools, operations support, technology and equipment, professional development, instructional coaching, consulting services and planning assistance.
(2) A grant issued by the department under this article may not be used for:
(i) Staff compensation, except to the extent necessary for substitute teachers or the cost of professional development activities related to hybrid learning as defined in the application.
(ii) The purchase of computer hardware and technology equipment, except that a school entity awarded an implementation grant may use up to 25% of the grant award for the purchase of computer hardware and technology equipment.


1949, March 10, P.L. 30, No. 14, art. XV-I, § 1503-I, added 2016, July 13, P.L. 716, No. 86, § 7, imd. effective.
24 P.S. § 15-1503-I, PA ST 24 P.S. § 15-1503-I
Current through 2023 Regular Session Act 32. Some statute sections may be more current, see credits for details.
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