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§ 256. Oklahoma Administrative Code--Publication

Oklahoma Statutes AnnotatedTitle 75. Statutes and Reports

Oklahoma Statutes Annotated
Title 75. Statutes and Reports (Refs & Annos)
Chapter 8. Administrative Procedures Act (Refs & Annos)
75 Okl.St.Ann. § 256
§ 256. Oklahoma Administrative Code--Publication
A. 1. The Secretary shall provide for the codification, compilation, indexing and publication of agency rules and Executive Orders in a publication which shall be known as the “Oklahoma Administrative Code” in the following manner:
a. On or before January 1, 1992, the Secretary shall compile Executive Orders which are effective pursuant to paragraph 3 of subsection B of this section, and agency rules which have been submitted pursuant to the agency schedule of compliance and have been accepted as properly codified, as set forth in this section, and rules promulgated by the Secretary. Such compilation shall be maintained by the Office of Administrative Rules and shall be updated by agencies, in a manner prescribed by the Secretary, to reflect subsequent permanent rulemaking. Prior to publication of the first “Code”, as set forth in subparagraph b of this paragraph, the compilation shall constitute the official permanent rules of the state. Effective January 1, 1992, any permanent rule not included in such compilation shall be void and of no effect.
b. On or before December 1, 1992, the Secretary shall have indexed and published the “Oklahoma Administrative Code”. To effectuate this provision, the Secretary may contract for the publishing and indexing, or both of the “Oklahoma Administrative Code”. Any permanent rule not published in the “Code” shall be void and of no effect. A finally adopted rule filed and published in “The Oklahoma Register” may be valid until publication of the next succeeding “Code” or “Code” supplement following the date of its final adoption. Provided, a permanent rule which is finally adopted after the closing date for publication in a “Code” or “Code” supplement as announced by the Secretary may be valid until publication of the next succeeding “Code” or “Code” supplement. A permanent rule which is published in “The Oklahoma Register” after the closing date for publication in the first “Code”, as announced by the Secretary, shall be void and of no effect upon publication of the next succeeding “Code” or “Code” supplement, if not published in the “Code” or “Code” supplement.
2. Compilations or revisions of the “Code” or any part thereof shall be supplemented or revised annually. The “Code” shall be organized by state agency and shall be arranged, indexed and printed in a manner to permit separate publications of portions thereof relating to individual agencies.
3. Annual supplements to the “Code” shall be cumulative. Emergency rules shall not be published in the “Code” or in any supplements thereto.
4. The “Code” and the supplements shall include a general subject index and an agency index of all rules and Executive Orders contained therein. “The Oklahoma Register” shall also include a sections-affected index of the “Code”. The “Code” and supplements shall contain such notes, cross references and explanatory materials as required by the Secretary.
5. The Secretary in preparing such rules for publication in the “Code” or supplements shall omit all material shown in canceled type. The Secretary shall not prepare any rule for publication in the “Code” which amends or revises a rule unless the rule so amending or revising conforms to the provisions of the Administrative Procedures Act.
6. The Secretary is authorized to determine a numbering system and other standardized format for documents to be filed and may refuse to accept for publication any document that does not substantially conform to the promulgated rules of the Secretary.
B. 1. Rules submitted and accepted for publication in the “Code” by August 15 of each year shall be published in the next succeeding “Code” or supplement thereto.
2. As soon as possible after August 15 of each year, the Secretary shall assemble all rules and Executive Orders, except emergency rules, promulgated after the publication of the preceding “Code” or “Code” supplement in accordance with the provisions of the Administrative Procedures Act for publication in the “Oklahoma Administrative Code”. The “Code” or supplements thereto should be published as soon as possible after August 30 of each year.
3. Executive Orders of previous gubernatorial administrations shall terminate ninety (90) calendar days following the inauguration of the next Governor unless otherwise terminated or continued during that time by Executive Order. Copies of all Executive Orders shall be published and indexed in the “Oklahoma Administrative Code”. All Executive Orders placing agencies or employees under the State Merit System of Personnel Administration shall remain in effect unless otherwise modified by action of the Legislature.
C. The Secretary is hereby authorized and empowered to publish or to contract to publish the “Oklahoma Administrative Code”, and to publish or contract to publish such annual cumulative supplements so as to keep the “Code” current. All such agreements shall provide that the publisher shall make such publications in such form and arrangement as shall be approved by the Secretary. The Secretary may publish or authorize the publication of the “Code” in part.
D. The Secretary is authorized to correct spelling errors in rules submitted for publication in the “Code” or any such supplements or in “The Oklahoma Register”. Any other errors in rules submitted for publication in the “Code” may be noted in editorial notes provided by the Secretary.
E. The Secretary shall make copies of the “Code” generally available at a cost sufficient to defray the cost of publication and mailing. Except as otherwise provided by Section 257.1 of this title, the Secretary is authorized to sell or otherwise distribute the “Code” and its supplements.
F. 1. The codification system, derivations, cross references, notes of decisions, source notes, authority notes, numerical lists, and codification guides, other than the actual text of rules, indexes, tables and other aids relevant to the publication of the “Oklahoma Administrative Code” and “The Oklahoma Register” shall be the property of the state and may be reproduced only with the written consent of the Secretary. The information which appears on the same page with the text of a rule may be reproduced incidentally with the reproduction of the rule, if the reproduction is for the private use of the individual and not for resale. No person shall attempt to copyright or publish the “Oklahoma Administrative Code” or “The Oklahoma Register”, in printed or electronic media, without expressed written consent of the Secretary of State. The Secretary shall notify the Speaker of the House of Representatives and the President Pro Tempore of the Senate of any requests to copyright or publish the “Oklahoma Administrative Code” or “The Oklahoma Register”, prior to consent by the Secretary.
2. The Secretary may provide for the electronic access to the “Oklahoma Administrative Code” and “The Oklahoma Register” by:
a. subscription, or
b. an exclusive or a nonexclusive contract for public and private access.
3. Publications of rules by agencies are not official publications.
4. The sale or resale of the “Oklahoma Administrative Code” or any part thereof by the Secretary of State shall be exempt from any requirement mandating acquisition of a resale number and payment of sales tax.


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75 Okl. St. Ann. § 256, OK ST T. 75 § 256
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