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§ 7. District Courts--Jurisdiction--Courts abolished--Transfer of jurisdiction, files, etc.

Oklahoma Statutes AnnotatedConstitution of the State of Oklahoma [Annotated]

Oklahoma Statutes Annotated
Constitution of the State of Oklahoma [Annotated] (Refs & Annos)
Article VII. .--Judicial Department (Refs & Annos)
OK Const. Art. 7, § 7
§ 7. District Courts--Jurisdiction--Courts abolished--Transfer of jurisdiction, files, etc.
(a) The State shall be divided by the Legislature into judicial districts, each consisting of an entire county or of contiguous counties. There shall be one District Court for each judicial district, which shall have such number of District Judges, Associate District Judges and Special Judges as may be prescribed by statute. The District Court shall have unlimited original jurisdiction of all justiciable matters, except as otherwise provided in this Article, and such powers of review of administrative action as may be provided by statute. Existing electing districts for all who are or who become District Judges and Associate District Judges under the terms of this Article shall remain as they are constituted for the offices formerly held by such persons on the effective date of this Article, until changed by statute. The Legislature may at any time delegate authority to the Supreme Court to designate by court rule the division of the State into districts and the number of judges.
(b) All Courts in the State of Oklahoma, except those specifically provided for in this Article, are hereby abolished at midnight on the day preceding the effective date of this Article and their jurisdiction, functions, powers and duties are transferred to the respective District Courts, and, until otherwise provided by statute, all non-judicial functions vested in such courts are transferred to the District Courts and Judges thereof. No person shall file a declaration of candidacy for any such court abolished herein on or after July 1, 1968.
(c) Each court into which jurisdiction of other courts is transferred shall succeed to and assume jurisdiction of all causes, matters and proceedings then pending, with full power and authority to dispose of them and to carry into execution or otherwise to give effect to all orders, judgments and decrees theretofore entered by the predecessor courts.
(d) The files, books, papers, records, documents, monies, securities and other property in the possession, custody, or control of the court hereby abolished, or in the possession, custody or control of any officer thereof, are transferred to the District Court; and thereafter all proceedings in all courts shall be matters of record.
(e) In the event a transfer or transition has not been provided for by law, the Supreme Court shall by rule provide for the orderly transfer or transition.


Added by State Question No. 448, Legislative Referendum No. 164, adopted at election held July 11, 1967.
OK Const. Art. 7, § 7, OK CONST Art. 7, § 7
Current with amendments received through February 15, 2023. Some rules may be more current, see credits for details.
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