Oklahoma Historical Statutes (Unannotated)

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Please be aware the Official Oklahoma Statutes are published unannotated and do not contain case references. Annotated versions are available for private purchase from Thomson Reuters.

Searching Oklahoma Historical Statutes (Unannotated)

You can search for Oklahoma Historical Statutes (Unannotated) using the Natural Language search method. Natural Language allows you to retrieve relevant documents by typing a description in plain English. To search using Natural Language, complete the following steps:

  1. Click Search at the top of any page. The Search page is displayed.

  2. Type a description of the statute in the Natural Language Description text box. For example, to retrieve rules pertaining to requirements for service of process, type the following description:

    what are the requirements for service of process

    You can also search for a specific statute or regulation number. For example, if you have a citation to OK STAT T. 12, § 1755, type the following:

    “12 OK ST 1755”

    To search for Oklahoma Constitution Article 2, Section 8, type the following:

    “OK Const. Art. 2, s. 8”

  3. Click Search next to the Natural Language Description text box to run your search.

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