8 CRR-NY 52.1
8 CRR-NY 52.1
52.1 Registration of postsecondary curricula.
(a) Registration is required for:
(1) every curriculum creditable toward a degree offered by institutions of higher education;
(2) every curriculum leading to licensure in a profession;
(3) every curriculum for which registration is required by statute, the Rules of the Regents, or any other section of these regulations;
(4) every curriculum leading to a certificate or diploma offered by a nonchartered proprietary institution authorized by the Regents to grant degrees, except noncredit curricula approved by another State agency for the purpose of licensure by that agency; and
(5) every curriculum leading to a master's degree in a clinically rich graduate level teacher preparation pilot program as prescribed under section 52.21(b)(5) of this Part.
(b) To be registered, each curriculum shall:
(1) be submitted to the commissioner, together with such information as the commissioner may require, in a form acceptable to the commissioner;
(2) conform to all applicable provisions of this Part; and
(3) show evidence of careful planning. Institutional goals and the objectives of each curriculum and of all courses shall be clearly defined in writing, and a reviewing system shall be devised to estimate the success of students and faculty in achieving such goals and objectives. The content and duration of curricula shall be designed to implement their purposes.
(c) In addition to the requirements of subdivision (b) of this section, to be registered every new curriculum shall be consistent with the Regents Statewide Plan for the Development of Postsecondary Education, 1980 (University of the State of New York, State Education Department, Albany, NY 12230: October 1980, available at Bureau of Postsecondary Planning, Room 5B44, Cultural Education Center, Albany, NY 12230).
(d) Registration shall be granted only to individual curricula.
(e) Curricula offered at each branch campus shall be registered separately from curricula at an institution's principal center.
(f) Each course offered for credit by an institution, shall be part of a registered curriculum offered by that institution, as a general education course, a major requirement, or an elective.
(g) Each curriculum for which registration is required shall be registered before the institution may publicize its availability or recruit or enroll students in the curriculum.
(h) New registration shall be required for any existing curriculum in which major changes are made that affect its title, focus, design, requirements for completion, or mode of delivery.
(i) The length of the term of registration of each curriculum shall be determined by the commissioner.
(j) Application for reregistration of each curriculum shall be presumed, and no actual application for reregistration shall be required of an institution.
(k) Each institution shall notify the department in writing of the discontinuance of any registered curriculum.
(l) Registration or reregistration of a curriculum may be denied if the commissioner finds that curriculum, or any part thereof, not to be in compliance with statute or this Title.
(1) Notice of the denial of registration or reregistration shall be given in writing by the department to the chief executive officer of the institution and shall state the specific reasons for denial. When an initial registration of a proposed curriculum is denied, such notice shall also advise the institution of its right to appeal such denial pursuant to section 52.24 of this Part. When reregistration of a curriculum is denied, such notice shall also advise the institution of its rights to appeal such denial pursuant to section 52.23 of this Part.
(2) Reregistration of a curriculum shall be denied only upon a finding that a curriculum fails to comply with any applicable provision of statute, of the Rules of the Board of Regents, or of this Part. Such findings shall be based on an inspection followed by a written statement specifying failures to comply. The institution shall have an opportunity to respond in writing to such statement, and an opportunity to submit a plan, acceptable to the commissioner, to achieve compliance.
(3) If a plan acceptable to the commissioner is submitted, the curriculum will be registered during the period in which such plan is being implemented. At the end of such period, an inspection shall be made to determine the extent to which compliance has been achieved, and registration shall be denied or renewed based on such determination. Such denial of registration shall conform to the requirements of paragraph (1) of this subdivision.
(4) Upon notification by the institution of its termination of a curriculum, the curriculum shall not be reregistered beyond the date on which there are any students enrolled in it.
(m) In accordance with the provisions of section 224 of the Education Law, the approval of the commissioner may be granted to a person, firm, association, or corporation to advertise in the State a college degree granted by an institution located outside of the State, provided that such institution is recognized as a candidate for accreditation by the appropriate regional association, is accredited by a specialized accrediting association recognized by the United States Commissioner of Education, or, in the judgment of the New York State Commissioner of Education, meets the standards of quality set forth in section 52.2 of this Part.
(n) At the request of an institution, the department may review noncredit curricula to attest their quality for approval for the training of veterans.
8 CRR-NY 52.1
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