19 CRR-NY 1209.3NY-CRR

19 CRR-NY 1209.3
19 CRR-NY 1209.3
1209.3 Insignia of approval: application.
(a) Approval of a plan shall be obtained from the division for each model of factory manufactured home and component. Applications, plans, specifications and other documentation shall be submitted in triplicate, indicating details of equipment and systems for each model and component, including options, on forms provided by the division; and shall be accompanied by the plan filing fee and the plan checking fee.
(b) A quality control manual shall also be submitted by the manufacturer.
(c) Each plan shall bear the signature and seal of a New York State registered architect or of a professional engineer licensed to practice in New York State.
(d) The division may require that specific components, systems, etc., be tested. Such tests shall be performed by an agency approved by the division.
(e) All plans shall indicate the location on the model of the insignia of approval.
(f) Limitation on plan approval; requirement for periodic certification and reissuances.
A plan approval shall remain in effect for a period of two years from the date of issuance, unless earlier revoked. Upon expiration of such term specific application for reissuance of the plan approval must be made by the manufacturer, and such application shall contain a certification by the manufacturer that production conforms to plans approved and on file with the division.
(g) Quality control requirements.
It shall be the manufacturer's responsibility to execute every aspect of quality control, including responsibility for all inspections and corrective actions required. A contractual relationship with a quality assurance agency shall not diminish such responsibility. The manufacturer shall:
(1) provide a quality control manual with index;
(2) identify and submit qualification of the quality assurance agency and the contract with such agency providing for conducting the manufacturer's quality control program and any subsequent changes, amendments or modifications thereof;
(3) identify the specific individual or individuals who will be assigned the responsibility for implementing the quality control program, his obligations, responsibilities and authority;
(4) qualify the personnel responsible for implementing the quality program throughout all phases of construction operations, through actual experience and relevant training;
(5) conduct timely and effective performance of service, adjustments and repairs during the warranty period;
(6) inspect the factory manufactured home at point of receipt before installation;
(7) provide procedures for storage and handling factory manufactured homes and components at the site;
(8) provide installation procedures with appropriate inspection procedures; and
(9) provide procedures for final inspection of the installed factory manufactured home or component.
(h) Quality control manual.
The quality control manual shall provide for:
(1) procedure for periodic revision and resubmittal to the division;
(2) procedures for implementing and maintaining the quality program and the functional relationship with other elements of the manufacturing process;
(3) a uniform system of audit (in depth analysis of quality program effectiveness and means to identify deficiencies) to periodically monitor program performance;
(4) the identification of items that do not conform to drawings or specification requirements by a conspicuous and securely placed label, and segregated to prevent unauthorized use and disposition;
(5) procedures for timely remedial and preventative action for all problems that effect housing quality;
(6) use and maintenance of appropriate inspection and test equipment to assure conformance to documentation approved by the division;
(7) a system to indicate inspection status during manufacturing operations;
(8) inspection and test procedures, including accept/reject criteria;
(9) the maintenance of adequate records of inspections and tests performed during manufacturing and site operations and assurance that such records are complete and reliable. Copies of forms to be utilized shall be included in the submission to the division;
(10) a system to control changes in production or inspection procedures;
(11) procedures to assure effective control over materials, supplies and other items used in manufacture and factory supplied items used in site operations, to conform to applicable drawings, specifications and quality requirements, including items that do not require an insignia of approval;
(12) inspection of materials, supplies and other items at the point of receipt;
(13) workmanship standards to supplement drawings and specifications;
(14) implementation of inspection and test procedures to control the quality of inprocess fabrication, manufacture and workmanship;
(15) final inspection of all factory manufactured homes and components upon completion of production before shipment to the site or storage point;
(16) procedures for handling and storing all finished factory manufactured homes and components;
(17) procedures for packing, packaging and shipping operations and related inspection;
(18) procedures for activities and operations involved in the transportation of finished factory manufactured homes and components from completion of in-plant assembly or storage to start of installation; and
(19) structural, plumbing, mechanical and electrical details.
(i) Requirements for the quality assurance agency.
The quality assurance agency shall:
(1) certify, on a form provided by the division, that it is not under the control or jurisdiction of, and is completely separate and independent from, any manufacturer or supplier;
(2) establish that it has the capabilities to inspect the type of construction proposed by the manufacturer and to evaluate compliance with the plans, specifications, and quality control manual for which division approval is granted;
(3) substantiate that it has experienced personnel and adequate equipment to perform testing in accordance with the applicable approved standards and the approved quality control manual when the quality control involves sampling and testing of materials or components;
(4) conduct an approved quality control program to ensure that the production of the factory manufactured home and component complies with the approved plans, specifications and quality control manual;
(5) independently of any report by the manufacturer, send directly to the division a full and complete report as required by the division, as to the results of all tests, inspections, recommendations, actions, analyses, evaluations and dispositions during the prior month;
(6) perform inspections of each factory manufactured home and render reports required to be made for an approved quality control program. Such inspections and reports shall include, but shall not be limited to, the following:
(i) conduct 100 percent inspection of the structural, plumbing, heating and electrical systems for each unit until it is satisfied that the manufacturer's quality control procedures are satisfactory. These procedures shall be deemed to be satisfactory where 100 percent inspection on each of 10 successive units have evidenced conformity with the approved plans, specifications and the quality control manual;
(ii) send directly to the division a full and complete report of inspections conducted in accordance with subparagraph (i) of this paragraph;
(iii) where the manufacturer's quality control procedures are satisfactory, as determined in accordance with subparagraph (i) of this paragraph, a routine inspection schedule shall be instituted and conducted by the quality assurance agency of the structural, plumbing, heating or electrical system inspection on each unit on an alternating, repetitive basis;
(iv) where it is found that any routine system inspection indicates significant nonconformity as determined by the quality assurance agency, then 100 percent inspections and reports as described in subparagraphs (i) and (ii) of this paragraph shall be reinstituted until the manufacturer's quality control procedures are again deemed to be satisfactory; and
(v) report to the division on the status of its routine system inspections at least once a month;
(7) employ a professional engineer or registered architect, licensed to practice in the State of New York, to be responsible for all undertakings of the quality assurance agency in connection herewith.
19 CRR-NY 1209.3
Current through March 31, 2021
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