19 CRR-NY 429.10NY-CRR

19 CRR-NY 429.10
19 CRR-NY 429.10
429.10 Appendix A.
The provisions of American Society of Testing and Materials ("ASTM") standard E2187-02b "Standard Test Method for Measuring the Ignition Strength of Cigarettes," referenced in section 429.3(a) of this Title, are modified for the purposes of this rule as follows:
(1) Section 6.2.2. is changed to read:
Respiratory equipment shall be made available for personnel upon request or if the environmental conditions in the laboratory warrant.
(2) Sections 7.3 to 7.5. are changed to allow the following dimensions and allowances for the test apparatus:
Test Chamber
Height13.4 1 34025
Width11.5 0.25292 6
Depth15.5 0.25394 6
Chimney Height 6.5 0.5 16513
Chimney I.D. 6.0 0.25152 6
Filter Paper Holder
O.D. 6.5 0.04165 1
I.D.5.00.04127 1
Recess Depth 0.4 0.01 10 2.5
Recess I.D. 6.0 0.04152 1
Metal Rim
O.D. 5.90.08150 2
I.D. 5.10.08130 2
Thickness0.250.046.4 1
Pin Diameter0.04nominal1nominal
Pin Separation0.320.028.10.05
Pin Length0.650.15 17 4
The outer diameter of the metal rim is not to exceed the inner diameter of the recess in the filter paper holder.
(3) Section 7.6 is changed to read that the holder shall not contact the cigarette within a nominal 30 mm (1.2 in) of its lit end.
(4) Section 7.7. is changed to delete the word "pencil" in describing the mark on the cigarette.
(5) Section 8.1.2. is changed to read:
The non-turbulent smoke column height is to be a nominal 150 mm (6 in) above the lit end of the cigarette.
(6) Section 9.1. is changed to read:
Cigarette test specimens and filter paper substrates are sensitive to contamination. Test cigarettes shall be handled only by the last nominal 25 mm (1 in) of the end of the cigarette that is not to be lit. The sheets of filter paper shall not be handled in the vicinity where the cigarette will contact the paper during a test. In all cases, the materials shall be handled with dry hands only.
The use of clean, dry, non-powdered surgical gloves can mitigate incidental contamination of the test materials while maintaining operator dexterity.
(7) The last sentence in 9.2.1 is changed to read:
If the specimens are to be stored by the testing laboratory for more than one week, they shall be placed in a freezer at approximately 0 C (32 F) to -20 C (-4 F) reserved for the sole protection of cigarette specimens to minimize the risk of contamination.
(8) Section 9.2.2 is changed to read:
Prior to testing, cigarette test specimens shall be marked, using a #2 or softer graphite pencil or other marking, 5 mm ±1 mm and 15 mm ±1 mm (0.2 in and 0.6 in, each ±0.04 in) from the end of the cigarette that will be lit. These marks are used to establish the start (11.4) and completion (11.5.4) of a uniform pre-burn period, respectively. Neither the process of marking the cigarette nor the mark itself shall significantly affect the cigarette burn rate.
(9) In Section 9.3 and its subparagraphs, the mean mass, rather than the median mass shall be used in all cases. In addition, the following Section 9.3.3. is added to Section 9.3:
9.3.3 Pending assurance of the availability of filter paper that meets the specifications in Sections 9.3.1 and 9.3.2, the following provisions apply:
Paper with a mean conditioned mass of 25.1 g to 26.6 g (for 15 sheets) and a mean dry mass of 23.7 g to 25.2 g shall be used for the testing of cigarettes.
The standard deviation of at least five samples (dry or conditioned) shall not exceed 0.4 g.
(10) Section 10.1. is changed to read:
Cigarettes shall be conditioned at a relative humidity of 55± 5 percent and a temperature of 23 ± 30°C (73 ± 5°F) for at least 24 h prior to testing. The cigarettes shall be placed in a clean, open container, with the number of cigarettes being sufficiently small as to enable free air access to the specimens, for example, a maximum of 20 cigarettes in a 250 mL polyethylene or glass beaker.
(11) The following note is added to section 11.4.1:
This provision need not be followed by an individual test operator if that operator has demonstrated that lifting the restriction does not introduce error that significantly changes either the measured ignition strength or the uncertainty of that measurement. This determination is the responsibility of the testing laboratory.
(12) Section 11.5 is changed to read:
Holding the cigarette vertically, coal end up, transport the cigarette to the test chamber.
It has been found that holding a 600 mL beaker over the cigarette coal is helpful in mitigating the likelihood of a foreign object or room air current impacting the cigarette during transport and thus leading to the need to terminate the determination.
19 CRR-NY 429.10
Current through April 15, 2020
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