19 CRR-NY 162.4NY-CRR

19 CRR-NY 162.4
19 CRR-NY 162.4
162.4 Cosmetology.
(a) Scope of curriculum.
The educational requirements for cosmetologists shall include the following subjects and the hours assigned to each:
Scope of Curriculum
(1) Professional Requirements24
(2) Safety and Health26
(3) Anatomy and Physiology15
(4) Hair Analysis10
(5) Hair and Scalp Disorders and Diseases10
(6) Chemistry as Applied to Cosmetology5
(7) Shampoos, Rinses, Conditioners and Treatments30
(8) Hair Cutting and Shaping175
(9) Hair Styling245
(10) Chemical Restructuring180
(11) Hair Coloring and Lightening180
(12) Nail Care and Procedures40
(13) Skin Care and Procedures60
(b) Subject matter.
Each subject shall include a treatment of the topics as set forth herein:
Subject 1
Professional Requirements—24 Hours
• New York State License Requirements
• State and Federal Payroll Requirements
• New York State Sales Tax Requirements
• Career Opportunities and Placement
• Professional Ethics, Conduct and Attitude
• Professional Organizations, Trade Shows and Publications
• View and discuss the mandatory Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Awareness online course
Subject 2
Safety and Health—26 Hours
• New York State Laws, Rules and Regulations
• OSHA Regulations Concerning Hazardous Materials Communications
• Types and Classification of Infection Organisms: Bacteria, Viruses, Molds and Fungus
• Growth and Reproduction of Infectious Organisms
• Infection and Their Prevention
• Immunity and Body Defenses
• Decontamination and Infection Control
• Physical and Chemical Agents
Subject 3
Anatomy and Physiology—15 Hours
• Cells, Tissues and Organs
• Body Systems
• Basic Principles of Nutrition
• Overview of Bones and Muscles of the Head, Arms, Hands, Legs and Feet
Subject 4
Hair Analysis—10 Hours
• Structure
• Growth Patterns
• Texture
• Porosity
• Elasticity
Subject 5
Hair and Scalp Disorders and Diseases—10 Hours
• Dandruff
• Alopecia
• Fungal Infections
• Infestations
• Infections
Subject 6
Chemistry as Applied to Cosmetology—5 Hours
• Forms and Properties of Matter
• Elements, Compounds and Mixtures
• Chemical Reactions and Solutions
• The pH Scale
• FDA Laws Governing Hair Care Products and Product Safety
Subject 7
Shampoos, Rinses, Conditioners and Treatments—30 Hours
• Client Preparation, Analysis and Consultation
• Hair Analysis Instruments and Equipment
• Shampooing Products, Composition and Procedures
• Rinsing Products, Composition and Procedures
• Conditioning Products, Composition and Procedures
• Procedures for Hair and Scalp Disorders
• Scalp Manipulations
Subject 8
Hair Cutting and Shaping—175 Hours
• Fundamentals, Principles and Concepts of Design
• Scissor Haircutting
- Nomenclature and Care of Scissors
- Techniques and Procedures
• Razor Haircutting
- Nomenclature and Care of Razor
- Techniques and Procedures
• Clipper Haircutting
- Nomenclature and Care of Tools
- Techniques and Procedures
• Removal/Trim of Superfluous Hair
• Contemporary and Specialized Haircutting
- Female Styles
- Male Styles
- Children Styles
• Mustache and Beard Shaping
• Shaving
- Dexterity of the Hands and Razor
- Preparation and Procedures
Subject 9
Hair Styling—245 Hours
• Fingerwaving
• Pincurling
• Skipwaving
• Roller Styling
• Patterns in Hairstyling
- Waves, Pin Curls, Rollers and Combinations
• Finishing Techniques
• Twisting, Wrapping, Weaving, Extending, Locking and Braiding
• Traditional Weaving and Styling
• Services in Hairstyling
- Tools and Implements
- Blowdrying
- Thermal Curling
- Hair Pressing
• Hair Pieces
Subject 10
Chemical Restructuring—180 Hours
• Chemistry
• Chemical Restructuring Products
• Client Consultation
• Preliminary Procedure of Chemical Restructuring
• Procedure of Chemical Restructuring
• Corrective Chemical Restructuring
Subject 11
Hair Coloring and Lightening—180 Hours
• Color Theory
• Chemistry
• Preliminary Procedures of Hair Coloring
• Client Consultation
• Hair Coloring Procedures
• Hair Lightening
• Special Effects
• Corrective Procedures
Subject 12
Nail Care and Procedures—40 hours
• Nail Structure
• Nail Disorders and Diseases
• Nail Shape and Color Analysis
• Basic Manicuring and Pedicuring
• Manipulations of the Hand, Arm, Leg and Foot
• Nail Tip Application
- Adhesives
- Fitting, Design and Application
• Nail Wrap Application
- Silk, Fiberglass and Linen Procedures
- Surface Wrapping Natural Nail and Mending
- Tip Overlay Wrapping
- Repair, Maintenance and Removal
• Liquid and Powder Nail Extension
- Application Procedures for Tips With Overlays, Natural Nails and Sculptured Nails
- Repair, Maintenance and Removal
- Chemical Reactions to Liquid and Powder
Subject 13
Skin Care and Procedures—60 Hours
• Structure and Function of the Skin
• Skin Conditions and Disorders
• Facial and Body Procedures
- Client Preparation
- Skin Analysis and Consultation
• Wet and Dry Exfoliations and Applications
• Use of Various Products to Enhance the Appearance of the Skin:
Seaweed, salt, paraffin, mud, ampules, creams, etc.
• Discussion for Further Training Required for Advanced Techniques such as Aromatherapy and Water Therapies
• Temporary Methods of Hair Removal
- Manual Tweezing
- Depilatory Lotion
- Waxing
- Bleaching
• Make-Up Application
- Color Analysis
- Morphology of the Face
- Product Knowledge, Chemistry and Related Composition
- Eyebrow Contouring
- Correction and Contouring
- False Eyelashes
- Further Training Required for Advanced Techniques
19 CRR-NY 162.4
Current through May 31, 2021
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