23 CRR-NY 200.6NY-CRR

23 CRR-NY 200.6
23 CRR-NY 200.6
200.6 Action by superintendent.
(a) Generally.
Upon the filing of an application for licensing under this Part, payment of the required fee, and demonstration by the applicant of its ability to comply with the provisions of this Part upon licensing, the superintendent shall investigate the financial condition and responsibility, financial and business experience, and character and general fitness of the applicant. If the superintendent finds these qualities are such as to warrant the belief that the applicant’s business will be conducted honestly, fairly, equitably, carefully, and efficiently within the purposes and intent of this Part, and in a manner commanding the confidence and trust of the community, the superintendent shall advise the applicant in writing of his or her approval of the application, and shall issue to the applicant a license to conduct virtual currency business activity, subject to the provisions of this Part and such other conditions as the superintendent shall deem appropriate; or the superintendent may deny the application.
(b) Approval or denial of application.
The superintendent shall approve or deny every application for a license hereunder within 90 days from the filing of an application deemed by the superintendent to be complete. Such period of 90 days may be extended at the discretion of the superintendent for such additional reasonable period of time as may be required to enable compliance with this Part. A license issued pursuant to this Part shall remain in full force and effect until it is surrendered by the licensee, is revoked or suspended, or expires as provided in this Part.
(c) Suspension or revocation of license.
The superintendent may suspend or revoke a license issued under this Part on any ground on which the superintendent might refuse to issue an original license, for a violation of any provision of this Part, for good cause shown, or for failure of the licensee to pay a judgment, recovered in any court, within or without this State, by a claimant or creditor in an action arising out of, or relating to, the licensee’s virtual currency business activity, within 30 days after the judgment becomes final or within 30 days after expiration or termination of a stay of execution thereon; provided, however, that if execution on the judgment is stayed, by court order or operation of law or otherwise, then proceedings to suspend or revoke the license (for failure of the licensee to pay such judgment) may not be commenced by the superintendent during the time of such stay, and for 30 days thereafter. “Good cause” shall exist when a licensee has defaulted or is likely to default in performing its obligations or financial engagements or engages in unlawful, dishonest, wrongful, or inequitable conduct or practices that may cause harm to the public.
(d) Hearing.
No license issued under this Part shall be revoked or suspended except after a hearing thereon. The superintendent shall give a licensee no less than 10 days’ written notice of the time and place of such hearing by registered or certified mail addressed to the principal place of business of such licensee. Any order of the superintendent suspending or revoking such license shall state the grounds upon which it is based and be sent by registered or certified mail to the licensee at its principal place of business as shown in the records of the department.
(e) Preliminary injunction.
The superintendent may, when deemed by the superintendent to be in the public interest, seek a preliminary injunction to restrain a licensee from continuing to perform acts that violate any provision of this Part, the Financial Services Law, Banking Law, or Insurance Law.
(f) Preservation of powers.
Nothing in this Part shall be construed as limiting any power granted to the superintendent under any other provision of the Financial Services Law, Banking Law, or Insurance Law, including any power to investigate possible violations of law, rule, or regulation or to impose penalties or take any other action against any person for violation of such laws, rules, or regulations.
23 CRR-NY 200.6
Current through June 15, 2022
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