20 CRR-NY 8189.6NY-CRR

20 CRR-NY 8189.6
20 CRR-NY 8189.6
8189.6 Section map.
(a) Section maps shall be prepared to suitable scale for an area that may be shown on one map sheet and shall be oriented true north to the top of the sheet. The map sheet size shall be 30 inches high by 42 inches wide. Each such section map shall be designated by an identifying number. The identification number of each such section map shall be shown prominently in the margin thereof.
(b) A county shall be divided into one inch equals 400-foot basic modular units. The coordinate readings from the New York coordinate system NAD27 at the four corners of the basic modular units must have the coordinate northings evenly divisible by 8,000 feet and the coordinate eastings evenly divisible by 12,000 feet. Each such modular unit shall be designated by an identifying number and shall be numbered consecutively from left to right across each row of modular units in the county starting with the top row. Section maps prepared by using NAD83 system would not be applicable to the NAD27 logic.
(c) With each increase in allowable map scale the number of modular units is multiplied by four. Each new modular unit is a quarter of the area represented by the previous allowable smaller map scale.
(1) Four modular units are required at a scale of one inch equals 200 feet to cover the area of the basic modular unit at one inch equals 400 feet. Sixteen modular units at a scale of one inch equals 100 feet, and 64 modular units at a scale of one inch equals 50 feet are required to cover the area of the basic modular unit at one inch equals 400 feet.
(2) The basic modular unit section number shall be suffixed with a two-digit number when the scale of mapping is enlarged. The suffix number must be unique for each scale of mapping and shall be: 01 to 04 at a scale of one inch equals 200 feet, 05 to 20 at a scale of one inch equals 100 feet, and 21 to 84 at a scale of one inch equals 50 feet.
(3) The suffixes shall be assigned to the smaller modular units of the basic one inch equals 400 feet modular unit by numbering from left to right starting with the top row of the smaller modular units.
(d) When a city, town or village boundary line divides a section, separate map sheets shall be made for each of the cities, towns and villages located in such section. Cities, towns and villages having identical section numbers shall not have identical block numbers.
(e) On each section map shall be shown:
(1) Land parcel boundary lines.
(2) City, town, village, school and special district boundary lines with designations.
(3) Land parcels under one acre must show all lineal dimensions, land parcels over one acre must show the frontage dimensions; where the dimensions are scaled or measured, they shall be so indicated.
(4) Land parcels containing one acre or more must show the acreage; computed acreage must be compared to the acreage indicated in the instrument of conveyance with the following sliding tolerance scale:
(i) one to five acres—ten percent difference;
(ii) five to 20 acres—eight percent difference;
(iii) 20 to 50 acres—six percent difference;
(iv) over 50 acres—four percent difference.
If the computed acreage exceeds the tolerance, then both the conveyance and computed acreage must be shown. Computed acreage shall be shown to one tenth of an acre and shall be indicated with the letter “(c).”
(5) Public streets, public roads and highways including important private roads.
(6) Major railroads and public utility rights-of-way.
(7) Major bodies of water such as rivers, streams, ponds, canals and lakes.
(8) Identification by popular name of all wholly exempt property.
(9) Parcel number.
(10) The north arrow.
(11) Coordinate indications and their readings must be shown for the four corners of the modular unit.
(f) In addition to the section identification number, the margin content of each section map shall also provide for a reference to adjoining map sheets, county name, city, town or village name, datum, scale of map sheet to be indicated graphically, date of completion, name and address of mapping firm, provision for revision dates, legend symbols and school and special districts.
20 CRR-NY 8189.6
Current through February 28, 2023
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