21 CRR-NY 7000.8NY-CRR

21 CRR-NY 7000.8
21 CRR-NY 7000.8
7000.8 Establishment of IOLA accounts by attorneys and law firms.
(a) Participation in IOLA is mandatory. Each attorney or law firm that receives qualified funds shall establish and maintain an IOLA account in an eligible banking institution of the attorney's or law firm's choosing. An attorney or law firm which receives qualified funds in the course of its practice of law and establishes and maintains an IOLA account shall:
(1) designate the account as "(name of attorney/law firm IOLA account)" with the approval of the banking institution; and
(2) notify the IOLA fund within 30 days of establishing the IOLA account of the account number and the name and address of the eligible banking institution where the account is deposited. Such attorney or law firm:
(i) shall have discretion, in accordance with the code of professional responsibility, to determine whether moneys received by the attorney or law firm in a fiduciary capacity from a client or third person shall be deposited in a nonsegregated IOLA account;
(ii) shall, if in the judgment of the attorney or law firm any moneys received are qualified funds, deposit such funds in an IOLA account;
(iii) shall, ordinarily, in determining the type of account into which to deposit particular funds held for a client or third person, take into consideration the following factors:
(a) the amount of the funds received, the interest or dividends the funds would earn during the period they are expected to be deposited, the expected duration of the deposit, the rates of interest or yield and service charges or fees at a banking institution where the funds may be deposited;
(b) the cost of establishing and administering non-IOLA accounts for clients or third persons, including the cost of the lawyer or law firm's services, and including the cost of obtaining tax identification information, the necessity or propriety of completing tax reports and forms, and remitting interest to a client;
(c) the capability of the banking institution, or attorney or law firm, to calculate and pay interest earned by each client's fund, net of any service charges, fees or other applicable costs, to the particular clients, including through the use of subaccounting;
(d) any other circumstances that affect the ability of the funds to earn income for a client or third person in excess of the costs incurred to secure such income while the funds are held.
(b) Notwithstanding the deposit requirements of this subdivision, no attorney or law firm shall be liable in damages nor held to answer for a charge of professional misconduct because of a deposit of moneys into an IOLA account pursuant to the attorney's good faith judgment that such moneys were qualified funds.
(c) Attorneys with accounts in a financial institution which ceases for any reason to be an eligible banking institution for IOLA accounts shall move such accounts to an eligible banking institution.
(d) An attorney or law firm that establishes that compliance with the foregoing provisions of this section has resulted in any banking service charges or fees to such attorney or law firm shall be entitled to reimbursement of such charges or fees from the interest on the IOLA account of such attorney or law firm by filing a claim with supporting documentation with the IOLA fund within 90 days of the imposition of such charges or fees, as approved by the board. In no event, however, shall the attorney or law firm be entitled to reimbursement in excess of the interest earned by such IOLA account.
21 CRR-NY 7000.8
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