21 CRR-NY 7000.5NY-CRR

21 CRR-NY 7000.5
21 CRR-NY 7000.5
7000.5 Powers and duties of trustees.
(a) In the exercise of the authority granted the trustees, the trustees have the power to:
(1) receive, hold and distribute the moneys remitted to the IOLA fund pursuant to the provisions of section 497 of the Judiciary Law and to receive such other moneys and property received from any source, including voluntary contributions, together with any interest accrued thereon. All such revenue not distributed shall be secured and invested as required by the provisions of sections 97-v and 98 of the State Finance Law;
(2) require eligible banking institutions that apply to be considered eligible to accept the deposit of IOLA funds to verify their current compliance with New York Judiciary Law 497, New York State Finance Law 97-v and these regulations and determine eligibility for the deposit of IOLA funds;
(3) make available to the public the names of eligible banking institutions;
(4) allocate no less than 75 percent of the net funds distributed after covering administrative expenses in any fiscal year as grants and contracts to not-for-profit tax-exempt “qualified legal services providers,” as defined by section 7000.12(a)(1) of this Part, for the provision of civil legal services to the poor allocated according to the geographic distribution of poor persons throughout the State based on the latest available figures from the United States Department of Commerce, Bureau of Census;
(5) allocate the remaining funds to “administration of justice providers,” as defined by section 7000.12(a)(2) of this Part, for purposes related to the improvement of the administration of justice, including but not limited to the provision of civil legal services to groups currently undeserved by legal services, such as the elderly and the disabled, and the enhancement of civil legal services to the poor through innovative and cost-effective means, such as volunteer lawyer programs and support and training services;
(6) adopt and amend regulations for the administration of the fund and procedures for the distribution of grants and contracts;
(7) review applications for grants and contracts using staff and other available resources;
(8) determine, pursuant to the provisions of section 97-v of the State Finance Law, the award of grants and contracts, including the amount to be awarded and the terms under which the awards of grants and contracts shall be made;
(9) employ and remove, at their pleasure, employees, agents and consultants and fix their compensation within the amounts available therefor, but in no event shall more than 10 percent of the funds available in any fiscal year be spent on personnel and related services, including necessary nonpersonnel administrative costs of the program; provided, however, that pursuant to section 97-v of the State Finance Law as amended by the Laws of 1984, such limitation may be waived by the board of trustees by the adoption of a resolution, and such waiver shall remain in effect until the board determines by a subsequent resolution that the program is fully operational;
(10) furnish the Governor, the Court of Appeals, the Legislature and the State Comptroller with an annual report of the activities and operations of the fund; and
(11) perform all other acts necessary or proper for the fulfillment of the purpose of the fund and its effective administration, including but not limited to the creation of subcommittees of the board and the appointment of officers other than chair.
(b) Powers and duties of officers.
The duties of the officers of the fund shall be as follows:
(1) the chair shall preside at all meetings of the trustees, generally supervise the administration of the fund and exercise such other functions and duties that the trustees may assign or delegate, or that are customary to the office of the chair;
(2) the vice-chair shall assume the duties of the chair in the absence or disability of the chair;
(3) the treasurer shall maintain the financial records of the fund and, jointly with the chair, certify vouchers of the fund that authorize the State Comptroller to make payments of grants and contracts; and
(4) the executive director shall assist the trustees, supervise the implementation of regulations, coordinate the review of applications, supervise staff, serve as secretary at meetings and fulfill such other duties as may be assigned or delegated by the chair or the trustees.
21 CRR-NY 7000.5
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