21 CRR-NY 2053.2NY-CRR

21 CRR-NY 2053.2
21 CRR-NY 2053.2
2053.2 Definitions.
(a) Agency.
The term agency means any State board, bureau, committee, commission, council, department, public authority, public benefit corporation, division, office or any other governmental entity performing a governmental or proprietary function for the State of New York, except the Judiciary or the State Legislature or any unit of local government and shall not include offices of district attorneys.
(b) Committee.
The term committee means the Committee on Open Government as constituted pursuant to subdivision (1) of section 89 of the Public Officers Law.
(c) Corporation.
The term corporation means the United Nations Development Corporation.
(d) Data subject.
The term data subject means any natural person about whom personal information has been collected by the corporation.
(e) Disclose.
The term disclose means to reveal, release, transfer, disseminate or otherwise communicate personal information or records orally, in writing or by electronic or any other means other than to the data subject.
(f) Governmental unit.
The term governmental unit means any agency or other governmental entity performing a governmental or proprietary function for the Federal government or for any state or any municipality thereof.
(g) Law.
The term law means state or Federal statute, rule, regulation or judicial decision.
(h) Personal information.
The term personal information means any information concerning a data subject which, because of name, number, symbol, mark or other identifier, can be used to identify that data subject.
(i) Public safety agency record.
The term public safety agency record means a record of the Commission of Corrections, the Temporary State Commission of Investigation, the Department of Correctional Services, the Division for Youth, the Division of Parole, the Crime Victims Board, the Division of Probation and Correctional Alternatives or the Division of State Police or of any agency or component thereof whose primary function is the enforcement of civil or criminal statutes if such record pertains to investigation, law enforcement, confinement of persons in correctional facilities or supervision of persons pursuant to criminal conviction or court order, and any records maintained by the Division of Criminal Justice Services pursuant to sections 837, 837a-837c, 838, 839, 845 and 845a of the Executive Law.
(j) Record.
The term record means any item, collection or grouping of personal information about a data subject which is maintained and is retrievable by use of the name or other identifier of the data subject. The term record shall not include personal information which is not used to make any determination about the data subject if it is:
(1) a telephone book or directory which is used exclusively for telephone and directory information;
(2) any card catalog, book or other resource material in any library;
(3) any compilation of information containing names and addresses only which is used exclusively for the purpose of mailing information;
(4) personal information required by law to be maintained, and required by law to be used, only for statistical research or reporting purposes;
(5) information requested by the corporation which is necessary for the corporation to answer unsolicited requests by the data subject for information; or
(6) correspondence files.
(k) Routine use.
The term routine use means, with respect to the disclosure of a record or personal information, any use of such record or personal information relevant to the purpose for which it was collected, and which use is necessary to the statutory duties of the corporation or necessary for the corporation to operate a program specifically authorized by law.
(l) System of records.
The term system of records means any group of records under the actual or constructive control of the corporation pertaining to one or more data subjects from which personal information is retrievable by use of the name or other identifier of a data subject.
21 CRR-NY 2053.2
Current through May 31, 2021
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