21 CRR-NY 751.7NY-CRR

21 CRR-NY 751.7
21 CRR-NY 751.7
751.7 Civil penalties.
(a) Any violation of these rules shall subject the respondent to a civil penalty not to exceed $500, which maybe recovered in a proceeding before the Office of Administrative Trials and Hearings/Environmental Control Board pursuant to chapter 21, section 533(a)(9-b) of the New York City Charter. Such proceedings will be commenced by the service of a civil summons returnable to the Environmental Control Board in accordance with such section. The Office of Administrative Trials and Hearings/Environmental Control Board may impose the penalties in the following table below for violations of the trust’s rules.
(b) [Reserved.]
(c) Default penalty shall mean the penalty for failure to appear at a hearing or respond to a summons, as applicable, which penalty is imposed by the Office of Administrative Trials and Hearings/Environmental Control Board acting pursuant to and in accordance with chapter 45-A of the New York City Charter, section 1049-a(d)(1)(d).
Section/RuleDescriptionPenaltyDefault Penalty
751.3(a)(3)Unauthorized presence in the park when closed to the public$50$75
751.3(b)(8)Failure to have/display/comply with required permit$50$75
751.3(b)(15)Unauthorized advertisement$100$150
751.3(c)(1)Failure to comply with directives of police officer/park employee$250$375
751.3(c)(2)Failure to comply with directions/prohibitions on signs$50$75
751.3(d)Failure to comply with orders of Hudson River park Trust$150$225
751.4(a)Injury/defacement/abuse, etc. of property or equipment$100$150
751.4(b)(1)(i)Defacement/destruction/removal of trees$500$500
751.4(b)(1)(ii)Defacement/destruction/removal of flowers, shrubs, vegetation, etc.$200$300
751.4(b)(2)Walking/permitting animal/child to walk on newly seeded grass$50$75
751.4(b)(3)Unauthorized entry/allowing entry into fenced/restricted area$50$75
751.4(b)(4)Unauthorized possession of gardening tool/plant$50$75
751.4(b)(5)Unauthorized use of metal detector$50$75
751.4(c)(1)Littering or unlawful use of park waste receptacle$50$75
751.4(c)(2)Polluting water within the park$250$375
751.4(c)(3)Unlawful dumping$500$500
751.4(c)(4)Storing/leaving unattended personal belongings$50$75
751.4(d)Possession of glass container in restricted area$50$75
751.4(e)Failure to comply with restrictions regarding aviation$500$500
751.4(f)Possession of a firearm/propellant/explosive$500$500
751.4(g)(1)Harming animals, nests or eggs; possessing or distributing animals or eggs$500$500
751.4(g)(2)Unlawful feeding of animals$50$75
751.4(h)Use of marijuana and controlled substances$50$50
751.4(i)Unleashed or uncontrolled animals in the park – 1st offense$100$150
751.4(i)Unleashed or uncontrolled animals in the park – 2nd offense and subsequent offenses within one year$250$375
751.4(j)Unauthorized horse riding$100$150
751.4(k)Failure to remove animal waste$100$200
751.4(l)Unlawful urination/defecation in the park$50$75
751.4(m)(1)Disorderly behavior – unauthorized access/trespass$50$75
751.4(m)(2)Disorderly behavior – climbing$50$75
751.4(m)(3)Disorderly behavior – fee evasion$50$75
751.4(m)(4)Disorderly behavior – gambling$50$75
751.4(m)(5)Disorderly behavior – render park/park road dangerous; obstruct parkroad$100$150
751.4(m)(6)Disorderly behavior – fighting /assaulting$150$225
751.4(m)(7)Disorderly behavior - unreasonably alarm/seriously annoy$100$150
751.4(m)(8)Disorderly behavior – sexual activity$100$150
751.4(m)(9)Disorderly behavior – endangers safety of others$250$375
751.4(o)Unlawful exposure$50$75
751.4(p)Obstruction of benches, sitting areas$50$75
751.4(q)Unauthorized camping; erection of tent, hammock$250$375
751.4(r)Spitting on park building/monument/structure/in water$50$75
751.4(s)Unhygienic use of fountains, pools, and water$50$75
751.4(t)Unlawful solicitation or advertising$100$150
751.4(u)Prohibited vessels – cigarette boat, jet skis, twin engine excess of 500 hpper engine$100$150
751.4(v)Unlawful smoking/vaping$50$50
751.5(a)(1)Unauthorized special event or demonstration$250$375
751.5(a)(2)Unauthorized structure/stand/booth/platform/exhibit or artwork$250$375
751.5(a)(3)Unauthorized event that interferes with enjoyment of park by others$250$375
751.5(b)Unlawful vending$250$375
751.5(c)Unlawful posting of notices or signs$50$75
751.5(d)(1)Unreasonable noise$50$75
751.5(d)(2)Unauthorized operation of sound reproduction device$140$210
751.5(d)(3)Operating sound reproduction device during unauthorized hours$140$210
751.5(d)(4)Unauthorized music or noise for commercial purposes$500$500
751.5(e)Unauthorized cinematic and photographic productions$250$375
751.5(f)(1)Unauthorized consumption/possession of alcoholic beverage$25$25
751.5(f)(2)Appearing in park under the influence of alcohol, endangering self and others$50$75
751.5(g)Failure to comply with bathing restrictions$50$75
751.5(h)Failure to comply with fishing/crabbing restrictions$50$75
751.5(i)Failure to comply with bicycle riding restrictions$50$75
751.5(j)Unauthorized planting/pruning/interfering withtree/flower/shrubbery/other vegetation$50$75
751.5(k)(1)Failure to comply with fire restrictions$50$75
751.5(k)(2)Unlawful disposal of flammable materials$50$75
751.5(l)Unauthorized driving/parking/automotive work$50$75
751.5(m)Unauthorized construction/storage of materials$500$500
751.5(n)Unauthorized excavation$500$500
751.5(o)(1)Area use restrictions – sports in unauthorized area$50$75
751.5(o)(2)Area use restrictions – unauthorized toy or model aviation, boating, automobiling, etc.$50$75
751.5(o)(3)Area use restrictions – unauthorized skating/skiing/skateboarding/sledding, etc.$50$75
751.5(p)Failure to comply with exclusive area restrictions$50$75
751.5(q)Unauthorized distribution of products and materials$100$150
751.5(r)Failure to comply with in-line skating, skateboarding and scootering restrictions$50$75
751.5(s)Unauthorized geocaching/treasure-hunting$25$50
751.6(a)Operating/anchoring/mooring/docking/storing of a boat or vessel without a permit$250$375
751.6(b)Failure to operate a vessel in a safe/non-reckless manner$250$375
751.6(c)Operating a vehicle without a muffler$150$225
751.6(d)Use of vessel in swimming or wading area$100$150
751.6(e)Unlawful use of vessel$500$500
751.6(f)Operating vessel at excessive speed$250$375
751.6(g)Failure to remove sunken vehicle$500$500
751.6(h)Unauthorized overnight occupancy of vessels$50$75
751.6(i)Interference with emergency vessel boarding$100$150
751.6(j)(1)Unlawful discharge into waters by marine toilet/sanitary device$250$375
751.6(j)(2)Unauthorized non-emergency repair/maintenance of vessels$50$75
751.6(j)(3)Failure to place garbage in designated receptacles$50$75
751.6(j)(4)Prohibited storage or use of welding/burning machinery$50$75
751.6(l)(1)Failure to meet Docking requirements$50$75
751.6(l)(2)Failure to meet mooring requirements$50$75
751.6(m)Improper maintenance of vessel or equipment$50$75
751.6(p)Unlawful launching of a boat$100$150
751.6(q)Unlawful operation of kayak, canoe or non-motorized vessel$50$75
21 CRR-NY 751.7
Current through July 15, 2021
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