17 CRR-NY App. B-3NY-CRR

17 CRR-NY App. B-3
17 CRR-NY App. B-3
(1) Capital Stock Records
(2) Proxies and Voting Lists
(3) Reports to Stockholders
(4) Debt Security Records
(5) Filings with and Authorization by Regulatory Agencies
(6) Organizational Documents:
(6) (a) Minute Books
(6) (b) Titles, Franchises, Licenses
(6) (c) Permits
(6) (d) Organization Diagrams and Charts
(7) Contracts and Agreements
(8) Accountants' and Auditors' Reports
(9) Automatic Data Processing Records
(10) General and Subsidiary Ledgers
(11) Journals
(12) Journal Vouchers and Entries
(13) Cash Books
(14) Voucher Registers
(15) Vouchers
(16) Accounts Receivable
(17) Records of Securities Owned
(18) Payroll Records
(19) Assignments, Attachments and Garnishments
(20) Insurance Records
(21) Injuries and Damages
(27) Personnel Records
(28) Employees' Benefit and Pension Records
(29) Instructions to Employees and Others
(40) Procurements
(41) Material Ledgers
(42) Materials and Supplies Received and Issued
(43) Records of Sales of Scrap and Materials and Supplies
(44) Inventories of Materials and Supplies
(46) Rate Schedules
(50) Miscellaneous Billing Data
(51) Revenue Summaries
(52) Customers' Ledgers
(54) Collection Reports and Records
(55) Customers' Account Adjustments
(56) Uncollectible Accounts
(57) Tax Records
(58) Statements of Funds and Deposits
(59) Records of Deposits with Banks and Others
(60) Records of Receipts and Disbursements
(61) Statistics
(62) Budgets and Other Forecasts
(63) Correspondence
(64) Records of Predecessors and Former Associates
(65) Reports to Federal and State Regulatory Commissions
(66) Other Miscellaneous Records
1.Capital stock records:
(a) Capital stock ledgers or other records showing the same information6 years after the stockholders' account is closed. See § 152.14 (a); 292.14(a); 441.14(a); 542.14(a), as appropriate.
(b) Capital stock subscription accounts, warrants, requests for allotments and other essential papers related thereto2 years after settlement.
(c) Stubs or similar records of capital stock certificate issuance where not used as capital stock ledger record6 years after cancellation of certificate. If this record serves the purpose of a capital stock ledger, Item 1(a) is applicable.
(d) Stock transfer registers or sheets or similar records6 years after last entry on page or sheet of record.
(e) Papers pertaining to or supporting transfers of capital stock:
(1) Papers that are recorded officially in a court or in the office of some other public recording authority; and other papers presented by any bank or trust company requesting transfers in its capacity as a fiduciary and miscellaneous papersDestroy at option or return to stockholder.
(f) Canceled capital stock certificates where not used as capital stock ledger records6 years after cancellation of certificate. If this record serves the purpose of a capital stock ledger, Item 1(a) is applicable.
(g) Change of address notices of stockholdersDestroy at option after changes are recorded.
(h) Bonds of indemnity and affidavits covering issuances of stock certificates to replace lost certificates6 years after expiration of bonds.
(i) Letters, notices, reports, statements and other communications distributed to all stockholders of a particular class:
(1) Formal communications addressed to all stockholders of a particular class, including annual reports to stockholders, notices of annual and special meetings of stockholders, and other notices, reports, letters or statements relating to corporate or stockholder actionsLife of corporation.
(2) Interim reports of operations, speeches of corporate officers, notices of change of corporate address of telephone numbers, etc.6 years after the date thereof.
(j) Dividend registers, lists or similar records6 years.
(k) Paid dividend checksDitto.
(l) Third party dividend orders6 years after recision order.
2.Proxies and voting lists:
(a) Proxies of holders of voting securities3 years.
(b) Lists of holders of voting securities represented at meetings1 year.
3.Reports to stockholders:
(a) Annual reports or statements to stockholdersLife of corporation.
(b) Written acknowledgments of receipts of reports to stockholders and written requests for copies of such reportsDestroy at option.
4.Debt security records: See § 152.14(b); 292.14(b); 441.14(b); or 542.14(b), as appropriate.
(a) Registered bond and debenture ledgers3 years after redemption.
(b) Bond and debenture subscription accounts, warrants, subscription notices, requests for allotment and essential papers related thereto3 years after settlement.
(c) Stubs or similar records of bond and debenture certificates issued3 years after redemption.
(d) Papers pertaining to or supporting transfers of registered bonds and debentures:
(1) Papers that are recorded officially in a court or in the office of some other public recording authority; and other papers presented by any bank or trust company requesting transfers in its capacity as a fiduciary, plus other miscellaneous papersDestroy at option or return to holders of the bonds or debentures.
(e) Records of bond and debenture interest coupons paid and unpaidDestroy at option. See § 152.14 (c) ; 292.14(c); 441.14(c); or 542.14(c), as appropriate.
(f) Canceled bonds and debentures and paid interest coupons pertaining theretoDitto. See § 152.14(c); 292.14 (c) ; 441.14(c); or 542.14(c), as appropriate.
(g) Trust indentures, loan agreements or other contracts or agreements securing debt securities issued. (If such papers or documents are included among the records covered by Item 5 of the Regulation, this instruction will not apply)6 years after redemption.
(h) Copies of reports, statements, letters or memoranda filed with Trustee(s) pursuant to provisions of trust indenture or other security instrument or agreement securing debt securities issued6 years after redemption. (Destroy at option provided that the Trustee(s) under such indenture or security instrument is a National Bank, a member of the Federal Reserve System or a subsidiary of any such National Bank or Federal Reserve System member bank; and provided further that the Trustee(s) has certified to the company that copies of all such documents will be available in the offices of the Trustee(s) for inspection at any time prior to redemption by holders of debt securities to which such documents relate and for inspection by any Federal or State regulatory authority prior to redemption and for an additional period of six years after redemption.)
(i) Paid or canceled debt securities evidencing temporary borrowings3 years after payment or cancellation, provided other records of issuance and payment or cancellation are maintained.
(j) Paid interest checks6 years.
5.Filings with and authorizations by regulatory agencies:
(a) Authorizations from regulatory bodies for issuance of securities:
(1) Copies of applications to regulatory bodies for authority to issue stocks, bonds, and other securities, including copies of exhibits in support of such applications25 years or until all securities covered are retired, whichever is shorter. See § 152.14(d); 292.14(d); 441.14(d); or 542.14 (d), as appropriate.
(2) Official copies of opinions and orders of regulatory bodies granting authority to issue securitiesUntil securities covered are retired.
(3) Reports filed with regulatory bodies in compliance with authorizations to issue securities. (Reports of sales of securities of application of proceeds, etc.) File copies of such reports and supporting papersUntil securities covered are retired.
(b) Copies of registration statements and other data filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission:
(1) In connection with offerings of securities for sale to the public or the listing of securities on exchanges, including supporting papers25 years or until all securities covered are retired, whichever is shorter. See § 152.14(d); 292.14(d); 441.14 (d); or 542.14(d), as appropriate.
(2) Copies of periodic reports and supporting papers filed in compliance with either the Securities Act of 1933 or the Securities Exchange Act of 193425 years.
6.Organizational documents:
(a) Minute books of stockholders', directors', and directors' committee meetings, and of Board of Light Commissioners or other municipal governing bodyLife of corporation. (Permanently for municipalities.)
(b) Titles, franchises, and licenses:
(1) Deeds and other title papers (including abstracts of title and supporting data)6 years after property is disposed of unless surrendered to transferee.
(2) Corporate charters or certificates of incorporationLife of corporation.
(3) Franchises and certificates authorizing operations as a public utilityDitto.
(4) Licenses (including amendments thereof) granted by Federal or State authorities for construction and operation of utility plant25 years after plant is retired or expiration of license, whichever is shorter.
(5) Copies of formal orders of regulatory commissions served upon the utilityLife of corporation.
(6) Records of action by voters as to establishing a municipal utility or extensions theretoDitto.
(c) Permits:
(1) Permits and granted applications for the use of facilities of others6 years after expiration or cancellation.
(2) Copies of permits and applications granted others for the use of the utility's facilitiesDitto.
(3) Applications for the use of facilities not granted and copies of such applicationsDestroy at option.
(4) Permits of a temporary nature for municipalities or others to perform specific work, such as permits to open streetsDestroy at option.
(d) Organization diagrams and chartsDestroy at option after expiration or supersession.
7.Contracts and agreements (except contracts provided for elsewhere):
(a) Service contracts, such as for management, accounting and financial services6 years after expiration or cancellation.
(b) Contracts with other utilities for the purchase, sale or interchange of productDitto.
(c) Leases pertaining to rentals of property to or from othersDitto.
(d) Contracts and agreements with individual employees, labor unions, company unions, and other employee organizations relative to wage rates, hours and similar mattersDitto.
(e) Contracts, agreements, and/or other essential records necessary to the carrying out of the functions of an employee's stock purchase or other type of employees' saving planDitto.
(f) Contracts or agreements for the acquisition or disposal of investments (Excluding temporary cash investments)25 years after disposal.
(g) Memoranda essential to clarifying or explaining provisions of contracts listed aboveFor the same period as contracts to which they relate.
(h) Card or book records of contracts, leases, and agreements made showing dates of expiration and of renewals, memoranda of receipts and payments under such contracts, etc.Ditto.
8.Accountants' and auditors' reports:
(a) Reports of examinations and audits by accountants and auditors not in the regular employ of the utility (Such as reports of public accounting firms and regulatory commission accountants)7 years after date of report or Commission audit, whichever comes last.
(b) Internal audit reports and work papersDitto.
9.Automatic data processing records (Retain original source data used as input for data processing and data processing report printouts for the applicable periods prescribed elsewhere in the schedule.):
(a) Punched cards, tapes or similar media used as intermediate records or steps in data processing for assembling data to be posted to the records of the company or used in a report or studyDestroy at option.
(b) Program documentation and revisions theretoRetain for periods prescribed for related output data. Statements and illustrations as to the scope of operations should be sufficiently detailed to indicate (a) the application being performed, (b) the procedures employed in each application (which, for example, might be supported by flow charts, block diagrams or other descriptions of operating procedures), and (c) the controls used to insure accurate and reliable processing. Major program changes, together with their effective dates, should be notes in order to preserve an accurate chronological record.
10.General and subsidiary ledgers:
(a) (1) General ledgers50 years.
(2) Ledgers subsidiary or auxiliary to general ledgers except ledgers provided for elsewhereDitto.
(b) (1) Indexes to general ledgersDitto.
(2) Indexes to subsidiary ledgers except ledgers provided for elsewhereDitto.
(c) Trial balance sheets of general and subsidiary ledgers2 years.
(a) General and subsidiary50 years.
12.Journal vouchers and journal entries including supporting detail:
(a) Journal vouchers and journal entriesDitto.
(b) Analyses, summarizations, distributions, and other computations which support journal vouchers and journal entries:
(1) Charging plant accounts6 years. See § 152.10; 292.10; 441.10; or 542.10, as appropriate.
(2) Charging all other accountsDitto.
(c) Schedules for recurring journal entriesDestroy when superseded.
(d) Lists of standard journal entry numbersDitto.
13.Cash books:
(a) General and subsidiary or auxiliary books10 years after close of fiscal year. See Item 12(a).
14.Voucher registers:
(a) Voucher registers or similar records when used as a source document6 years. See § 152.10; 292.10; 441.10; or 542.10, as appropriate.
(a) Paid and canceled vouchers (one copy analysis sheets showing detailed distribution of charges on individual vouchers and other supporting papers)Ditto. See § 152.10; 292.10; 441.10; or 542.10, as appropriate.
(b) Original bills and invoices for materials, services, etc., paid by vouchers6 years. See § 152.10; 292.10; 441.10; or 542.10, as appropriate
(c) Paid checks and receipts for payments by voucher or otherwiseDitto.
(d) Authorization for the payment of specific vouchersDitto. See § 152.10; 292.10; 441.10; or 542.10, as appropriate
(e) Lists of unaudited bills (accounts payable), lists of vouchers transmitted and memoranda regarding charges in unaudited billsDestroy at option.
(f) Voucher indexesDitto.
16.Accounts receivable (see Items 53 and 54 for accounts with customers for utility service and for merchandise sales):
(a) Records of accounts receivable pertaining to sales of utility plant3 years after settlement.
(b) Record or register of accounts receivable and indexes thereto and summaries of distributionDitto.
(c) Accounting department copies of invoices issued and supporting papers which do not accompany the original invoices and authorizations for charges including supporting papersDitto.
(d) Periodic statements of unsettled accounts, except trial balancesDestroy at option.
(e) Schedule of invoices to be issuedDitto.
17.Records of securities owned:
(a) Records of securities owned, in treasury, or with custodians (excluding temporary investment of cash)6 years after disposal of the investment.
18.Payroll records:
(a) Payroll sheets or registers of payments of salaries and wages6 years. See § 152.10; 292.10; 441.10; or 542.10, as appropriate.
(b) Records showing the distribution of salaries and wages paid and summaries or recapitulation statements of such distributionDitto. See Item 12(b).
(c) Time tickets, time sheets, time books, time cards, workmen's reports and other records showing hours worked, description of work and accounts to be charged:
(1) When used as a basis for payment of salaries and wages supporting records described in Item 18(a)Ditto. See § 152.10; 292.10; 441.10; or 542.10, as appropriate.
(2) When used solely as basis for supporting records described in Item 18(b)Destroy at option. See § 152.10; 292.10; 441.10; or 542.10, as appropriate.
(d) Paid checks, receipts for wages paid in cash and other evidences of payments for services rendered by employees3 years. See § 152.10; 292.10; 441.10; or 542.10, as appropriate.
(e) Applicants and authorizations for changes in wage and salary rates, summaries and reports of changes in payrolls, and similar recordsDitto.
(f) Applications for payroll changes not authorizedDestroy at option.
(g) Payroll authorizations and records of authorized positions3 years.
(h) Records of deductions from payrollsDestroy at option.
(i) Comparative or analytical statements of payrollsDitto.
(j) Employee's individual earnings record6 years after termination of employment.
19.Assignments, attachments, and garnishments:
(a) Record of assignments, attachments, and garnishments of employees' salaries, including files of notices, etc., pertaining theretoDestroy at option.
(b) Minors' salary releasesDitto.
20.Insurance records:
(a) Records of insurance policies in force, showing coverage, premiums paid and expiration datesDestroy at option after expiration of such policies.
(b) Insurance policiesDitto.
(c) Records of amounts recovered from insurance companies in connection with losses and of claims against insurance companies, including reports of losses and supporting papers6 years. See § 152.10; 292.10; 441.10; or 542.10, as appropriate.
(d) Inspectors' reports and records of condition of propertyDestroy when superseded.
(e) Insurance maps of property and structures erected thereonDitto.
(f) Records and statements relating to insurance requirementsDestroy at option.
21.Injuries and damages:
(a) Claim registers, card or book indexes and similar records in connection with claims presented against the company in connection with accidents resulting in damage to the property of others or personal injuries2 years after settlement.
(b) Papers, reports, statements of witnesses, etc., necessary to the support or rejection of individual claims against the companyDitto.
(c) Other papers, reports or statements, pertaining to accidents resulting in property damages or personal injuries, not necessary to the support or rejection of claimsDestroy at option.
(d) Detailed schedules or spread sheets of payments to others for personal injuries or for property damages2 years after settlement.
27.Personnel records:
(a) Employees' service records, length of service and other pertinent data3 years after termination of employment.
(b) Applications for employment, requests for medical examination, medical examiner's report, photographs and other identification records, and other miscellaneous records pertaining to the hiring of employeesDestroy at option.
28.Employees' benefit and pension records:
(a) Detailed records showing computations of accruals for pension liabilities6 years after supersession of the study or report or termination of plan.
(b) Pension or annuity payrolls6 years.
(c) Pension paychecks3 years.
(d) Records pertaining to employees' benefit programsDestroy at option.
29.Instructions to employees and others:
(a) Bulletins or memoranda of general instructions issued by the company to employees pertaining to changes in accounting, engineering, operating, maintenance and construction policies10 years after expiration or supersession.
(b) Bulletins or memoranda of general instructions issued by the company to employees pertaining to accounting, engineering, operating, maintenance and construction methods and proceduresDestroy at option after expiration or supersession.
(c) Notices to employees on matters of discipline, deportment and other similar subjectsDestroy at option.
(a) Agreements entered into for the acquisition of goods or the performance of services. Includes all forms of agreements not specifically set forth in Item 7 such as, but not limited to: letters of intent, exchange of correspondence, master agreements, term contracts, rental agreements and the various types of purchase orders:
(1) For goods or services relating to plant construction6 years. See § 152.10; 292.10; 441.10; or 542.10, as appropriate.
(2) For other goods or services6 years.
(b) Supporting documents including bids or proposals evidencing all relevant elements of the procurementDitto. (See Item 12(b)).
(c) All other procurement records such as requisitions, advices from suppliers, registers or similar records of invoicesDestroy at option after company's accounts have been examined by independent accountants.
41.Material ledgers:
(a) Ledger sheets and card records of materials and supplies received, issued and on hand6 years. (See Item 12(b)).
(b) Statements of materials and supplies on hand, per ledgersDestroy at option after completion of annual audit by independent accountants.
42.Materials and supplies received and issued:
(a) Records and reports pertaining to receipt of materials and suppliesDitto.
(b) Records of inspecting and testing materials and suppliesDestroy at option.
(c) Records showing the detailed distribution of materials and supplies issued during accounting periods6 years. (See Item 12(b)).
(d) Records of material issued, transferred or returned to stock:
(1) Showing quantities, unit prices, and accounts to be charged6 years.
(2) Showing only quantities and accounts to be chargedDestroy at option if the basic information contained thereon is transferred to other records.
(e) Minor records and reports pertaining to materials and supplies not involving costs or final disposition, such as reports of unfilled requisitions, authorizations for additions to stock, and similar records; also storeroom copies of purchase orders and price records, other copies being retained in files of purchasing departmentDestroy at option.
43.Records of sales of scrap and materials and supplies:
(a) Authorizations for sale of scrap and materials and supplies3 years.
46.Rate schedules:
(a) General files of published rate sheets and schedules of utility service. (Including schedules suspended or superseded)Ditto.
(b) Divisional or local office copies of rate sheets and schedules of utility service1 year after expiration or cancellation.
50.Miscellaneous billing data:
(a) Billing department's copies of contracts with customers (in addition to contracts in general files)Destroy at option.
(b) Service and inspection orders from which customers are charged and sundry charge advices1 year.
(c) Authorizations for charges under utility service contracts1 year after expiration of contract.
(d) Standard billing sheets or schedules (showing computed bills of varying consumption according to rates)Destroy at option.
51.Revenue summaries:
(a) Summaries of monthly operating revenues according to classes of service for entire utility6 years.
(b) Summaries of monthly operating revenues according to classes of service by towns, districts, or divisions. (Including summaries of forfeited discounts and penalties)6 years.
52.Customers' ledgers and other records used in lieu thereof:
(a) Customers' ledgers2 years or as may be necessary to comply with service rules regarding refunds on fast meters.
(b) Records used in lieu of customers' ledgers, such as bill summaries, registers, bill stubs, etc.Ditto.
(c) Copies of large bills:
(1) If details are transcribed to ledgers covered by Item (a) aboveDestroy at option.
(2) If details are not transcribed to ledgers2 years.
(d) Trial balances of ledgers referred to above1 year.
(e) Indexes to customers' accounts2 years.
(f) Change of address noticesDestroy at option.
(g) Cards and other records relating to forfeited discounts2 years.
54.Collection reports and records:
(a) Periodic reports, lists, and summaries of collections of operating revenues by collectors, agents, and local or divisional or district offices. (See Item 60(d))Destroy at option.
(b) Bill stubs, copies of bills, collection slips, and other records pertaining to collections, summarized or detailed in daily or periodic cash reports6 months.
(c) Memorandum records of remittances from local or branch officesDitto.
Note: See Item 59 pertaining to deposits of cash with banks. Item 59 applies to all bank accounts whether at general, local, or divisional offices
55.Customers' account adjustments:
(a) Detailed records pertaining to adjustments of customers' accounts for overcharges, undercharges, and other errors, results of which have been transcribed to other records1 year.
(b) Detailed records of high–bill complaints whether or not resulting in adjustments to customers' accountsDitto.
56.Uncollectible accounts and customers' credit records:
(a) Records of ratings, credit classifications, and investigations of customersDestroy at option.
(b) Ledger accounts and supporting details of customers' accounts considered to be uncollectibleFor period legally collectible.
(c) Reports and statements showing age and status of customers' accounts1 year.
(d) Data on unpaid final billsDitto.
(e) Authorizations for writing off customers' accounts3 years.
57.Tax records:
(a) Copies of returns and schedules filed with taxing authorities, supporting work papers, records of appeals, tax bills and receipts for payment. (See Item 15(b) for vouchers evidencing disbursements):
(1) Federal income tax returns7 years after settlement.
(2) State income and property tax returns2 years after settlement.
(3) Sales and use taxes3 years.
(4) Other taxes2 years after settlement.
(5) Agreements between associate companies as to allocation of consolidated income taxes7 years after settlement
(6) Schedule of allocation of consolidating federal income taxes among associate companiesDitto.
(b) Summaries of taxes paidDestroy at option.
(c) Filings with taxing authorities to qualify employee benefit plans7 years after settlement of federal return or discontinuance of plan, whichever is later.
(d) Information returns and reports to taxing authorities3 years, or for the period of any extensions granted for audit.
58.Statements of funds and deposits:
(a) Summaries and periodic statements of cash balances on hand and with depositoriesDestroy at option.
(b) Statements of managers' and agents' cash balances on hand and with depositoriesDestroy at option.
(c) Authorizations for and statements of transfer of funds from one depository to anotherDitto.
(d) Requisitions and receipts for funds furnished managers, agents, and othersDestroy at option after funds have been returned or accounted for.
(e) Records of fidelity bonds of employees and others responsible for funds of the utilityDestroy at option after liability and bonding company has expired.
(f) Reports and estimates of funds required for general and special purposes.Destroy at option.
59.Records of deposits with banks and others:
(a) Copies of bank deposit slipsDestroy at option after completion of annual audit by independent accountants.
(b) Advise of deposits made when information thereon is shown on other records which are retainedDitto.
(c) Statements from depositories showing the details of funds received, disbursed, transferred, and balances on depositDitto.
(d) Bank reconcilement papersDestroy at option after completion of annual audit by independent accountants.
(e) Statements from banks of interest creditsDitto.
(f) Check stubs, registers, or other records of checks issued6 years.
(g) Correspondence and memoranda relating to the stopping of payment of bank checks and to the issuance of duplicate checks6 years or destroy at option after check is recovered.
60.Records of receipts and disbursements:
(a) Daily or other periodic statements of receipts or disbursements of fundsDestroy at option after completion of annual audit by independent accountants.
(b) Records of periodic statements of outstanding vouchers, checks, drafts, etc. issued and not presentedDitto.
(c) Reports of associates showing working fund transactions and summaries thereofDitto.
(d) Reports of revenue collections by field cashiers, pay stations, etc.Ditto.
61.Statistics and miscellaneous:
(a) Annual financial, operating and statistical reports regularly prepared in the course of business for internal administrative or operating purposes (and not used as the basis for entries to accounts of the companies concerned) to show the results of operations and the financial condition of the utility10 years after date of report.
(b) Quarterly, monthly or other periodic financial, operating and other statistical reports as above2 years after date of report.
(c) All other statistical reports (not covered elsewhere in these regulations) prepared for internal administrative or operating purposes only and not used as the basis for entries to the accounts of the companyDestroy at option.
62.Budgets and other forecasts:
(Prepared for internal administrative or operating purposes) of estimated future income, receipts and expenditures in connection with financing, construction and operations and acquisitions or disposals of properties or investments by the company and its associate companies, including revisions of such estimates and memoranda showing reasons for revisions; also records showing comparison of actual income and receipts and expenditures with estimates3 years.
(a) Correspondence and indexes thereto relating to offices covered by other items of these regulationsRetain for the period prescribed for the item to which it relates where necessary to a proper explanation of same.
(b) Stenographers' notebooks and dictaphone or other mechanical device recordsDestroy at option.
(c) Mailing lists of prospects for appliance sales, securities, etc.Ditto.
64.Records of predecessors and former associatesRetain until the records of utility plant acquired have been integrated with the utility's plant records and the original cost of the acquired plant is adequately supported by cost details and until it is ascertained that such records are not necessary to fulfillment of any unsatisfied regulatory requirement, such as: (a) approval and recording of accounting adjustments resulting from reclassification and original cost studies and acceptance of property acquisition journal entries, (b) cost, depreciation and amortization reserve determinations for plant, (c) establishment of continuing plant inventory records or accounting evidence of the cost of long–lived property in the absence of such continuing plant inventory records.
65.Reports to Federal and State regulatory commissions:
(a) Annual financial, operating and statistical reportsLife of corporation.
(b) Monthly and quarterly reports of operating revenues, expenses, and statistics2 years after date of report.
(c) Special or periodic reports on the following subjects:
(1) Transactions with associated companies6 years.
(2) Budgets of expenditures3 years.
(3) Accidents6 years.
(4) Employees and wages5 years.
(5) Loans to officers and employees3 years after fully paid.
(6) Issues of securitiesData filed with the SEC, retain 25 years or until all securities covered are retired, whichever is shorter; other reports, retain until securities covered are retired.
(7) Purchases and sales, utility propertiesLife of corporation.
(8) Plant changes—units added and retiredDitto.
(9) Service interruptions6 years.
66.Other miscellaneous records:
(a) Copies of advertisements by the company in behalf of itself or any associate company in newspapers, magazines and other publications including records thereof. (Excluding advertising of product, appliances, employment opportunities, services, territory, routine notices and invitations for bids for securities, all of which may be destroyed at option)6 years.
(b) Indexes of forms used by companyDestroy when superseded.
17 CRR-NY App. B-3
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