9 CRR-NY 165-1.4NY-CRR

9 CRR-NY 165-1.4
9 CRR-NY 165-1.4
165-1.4 Funding of youth development programs.
(a) Youth development funding.
Each municipality operating a youth development program approved by the office shall be eligible for 100 percent State reimbursement of its qualified expenditures, subject to available appropriations and exclusive of any Federal funds made available for such program, not to exceed the municipality’s distribution of State aid under article 19-A of the Executive Law.
(1) Eligibility. Youth development funding shall be distributed by the office to eligible municipalities that have an approved comprehensive plan for youth development programs.
(2) Distribution methodology. Youth development funding shall be limited to the funds specifically appropriated for youth development programs. The distribution of youth development funding shall be based on the number of youth under the age of 21 residing in each municipality, as shown by the last published Federal census and certified in the manner provided for by section 54 of the State Finance Law, as well as on other factors determined by the office, which may include, but are not limited to:
(i) the percentage and/or number of youth living in poverty within each municipality;
(ii) the amount of previous allocations;
(iii) the amount of previous claims; and
(iv) success in achieving previous targeted performance outcomes.
(3) Municipal youth bureaus serving more than one county. The establishment of a single municipal youth bureau by two or more municipalities in accordance with Executive Law section 422(5) shall not affect the amount of the youth development funding distributed by the office to any such participating municipality.
(4) Statewide training and technical assistance. The office may use a portion of youth development funding to enter into contracts to provide statewide training for youth development programs, to assist municipalities in obtaining performance data that can be used to improve youth development programming, and/or for other efforts that directly support youth development programs.
(b) Reimbursable expenditures and claims.
(1) Expenditures of youth development funding by a municipality must be in accordance with the information contained in the municipality’s approved comprehensive plan for youth development programs.
(2) Youth development program funding must directly support the establishment, operation and/or maintenance of a youth development program. Youth development funding must be used to provide community-level services designed to promote positive youth development. These may include, but are not limited to, services that:
(i) promote physical and emotional wellness, educational achievement or civic, family and community engagement;
(ii) provide family support;
(iii) prevent juvenile delinquency and/or child abuse and neglect;
(iv) avert family crises;
(v) provide support services to youth in an approved runaway or transitional independent living support program; and
(vi) assist youth in need of crisis intervention or respite services.
(3) Time requirements for claims. The office will reimburse only those claims for youth development programs that are submitted to the office within 12 months of the calendar quarter in which the expenditure was made.
(4) All claims for youth development funding must be submitted in the manner and format required by the office. This may include electronic submission.
(5) The office may establish policies and procedures regarding reimbursement of expenditures.
(c) Municipal youth bureaus serving more than one municipality.
In accordance with Executive Law section 422(5), two or more municipalities may join together to establish, operate and maintain a municipal youth bureau.
(1) Such municipalities must establish agreements that include provisions for the proportionate costs to be borne by each municipality and for the manner of employment of personnel.
(2) Such municipalities may establish agreements designating a fiscal officer of one of the participating municipalities to be the custodian of all moneys available for such purposes by all such municipalities; the fiscal officer may make payments upon audit by the appropriate auditing body or officer of his or her municipality.
(3) In making claims for youth development program expenditures, each such municipality must claim for its proportionate share of the total joint expenditures. However, where there is a disbursing municipality as described in paragraph (2) of this subdivision, the disbursing municipality may claim for the total joint program expenditures and disburse the youth development funding to each participating municipality based upon its proportionate share of expenditures. The disbursing municipality must inform the office of the amount of all such disbursements.
(d) Funding of local youth bureaus.
A municipality’s comprehensive plan for youth development programs may provide funding for a municipal youth bureau and for one or more local youth bureaus that have been approved by the municipality in accordance with section 165-1.5(d) of this Subpart after April 1, 2013. Any local youth bureau approved by the office on or before April 1, 2013 shall be an approved youth bureau for funding purposes. A municipality may not provide youth development funding to a local youth bureau prior to approval by the office of its comprehensive plan for youth development programs that describes the local youth bureau and the activities that it will conduct. Youth development funding for local youth bureaus is subject to the following provisions:
(1) In order to receive youth development funding, a local youth bureau must be providing, operating, administering, or monitoring youth development programs.
(2) No more than 15 percent of the youth development funds that a municipality provides to a local youth bureau may be used for administrative functions performed by the local youth bureau.
(e) Limitations on reimbursable expenditures and claims.
(1) The office may determine whether claims for youth development funding are reasonable, and therefore reimbursable, taking into consideration the number of youth served, the type and quality of services provided, and the program cost.
(2) If a municipality does not allocate youth development funding pursuant to its approved comprehensive plan, the office may withhold reimbursement to the municipality and/or disallow claims.
(3) Failure of the municipality to comply with applicable laws, rules and regulations may result in termination of youth development funding, disapproval of claims, and/or non-payment of claims.
(4) The office may not reimburse claims for youth development funding for the costs of administrative staff where such staff lacks the qualifications necessary for the work or where such staff has demonstrated through their work that they are unable to perform their duties in such manner as to provide a satisfactory youth development program, as determined by the office.
(f) Financial reports.
The office may require municipalities receiving youth development funding to submit reports no more often than once per year concerning expenditures for the planning, operation, administration, and monitoring of its youth development programs, to be submitted in the time, manner, and form prescribed by the office and to provide information as specified by the office.
9 CRR-NY 165-1.4
Current through September 15, 2021
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