6 CRR-NY 925.6NY-CRR

6 CRR-NY 925.6
6 CRR-NY 925.6
925.6 Table I.
Item No.Waters Index NumberNameDescriptionMap Ref. No.ClassStandards
1LISLong Island SoundEast from Nassau-Suffolk county line to a line running north from Miller Place Beach and north to the New York-Connecticut boundary.R-26nw R-26ne R-27nw R-27neSASA
2CSHCold Spring HarborWithin Suffolk County including Inner Harbor.R-26nwSASA
3CSH-50 portionTrib. of Cold Spring HarborMouth to trib. 1a within Suffolk County.R-26swCC(T)
4CSH-50 portionTrib. of Cold Spring HarborFrom trib. 1a to source.R-26swCC
5CSH-50-P 158, P 159Subtribs. of Cold Spring HarborWithin Suffolk County.R-26swCC(T)
6CSH-P 200Trib. of Cold Spring Harbor R-26swCC
7CSH-51Trib. of Cold Spring HarborTidal portion.R-26nwSCSC
8CSH-P 202, P 203, P 203aTribs. of Cold Spring Harbor R-26nwCC
9CSH-P 204Trib. of Cold Spring Harbor R-26nwSCSC
10CSH-52 including P 206Tribs. of Cold Spring Harbor R-26nwSASA
11CSH-52-1 including P 207Subtrib. of Cold Spring Harbor R-26nwCC
12LIS-P 209Unnamed pond R-26nwSCSC
13HBHuntington BayArea bounded on west by a line running south from East Beach, on the east by a line running south from West Beach and on the north by a line running east from East Fort Point.R-26nwSASA
14HB-P 210Trib. of Huntington Bay R-26nwCC
15HB-LHLloyd HarborWaters east of a line running south from East Beach.R-26nwSASA
16HB-HH portionHuntington HarborSouth of a line running from Wendower Road to Elbertsons Point.R-26nwSASA
17HB-HH portionHuntington HarborRemainder.R-26nwSASA
18HB-HH-55Trib. of Huntington Harbor R-26nwCC
19HB-HH-55- P 221Subtrib. of Huntington Harbor R-26nwCC
20HB-HH-P 221aTrib. of Huntington Harbor R-26nwCC
21HB-P 220, P 226, P 227, P 238, P 238a, P 239, P 242, P 243, P 247, P 248, P 248a, P 249Unnamed ponds R-26nw R-26swCC
22HB-NBNorthport BayEast of a line running south from West Beach excluding Centerport Harbor and Northport Harbor.R-26ne R-26nwSASA
23HB-NB-CH including P 240bCenterport HarborSoutheast of a line running west from land spit, including Mill Pond (P 240b).R-26ne R-26nwSASA
24HB-NB-CH-56aTrib. of Centerport Harbor R-26nwSCSC
25HB-NB-CH- 56a-P 240aSubtrib. of Centerport Harbor R-26nwCC
26HB-NB-CH-P 240Trib. of Centerport Harbor R-26neCC
27HB-NB-NHNorthport HarborWaters south of a line running west from Bluff Point.R-26neSAA
28HB-NB-NH-57Trib. of Northport Harbor R-26neCC
29HB-NB-NH-57- P 257, P 258Subtribs. of Northport Harbor R-26neCC
30LIS-58 including P 269Trib. of Long Island Sound R-26nwSASA
31LIS-P 270Unnamed pond R-26neCC
32LIS-P 270a, P 270bUnnamed ponds R-26neCC
33LIS-59 portionCrab Meadow BrookFrom mouth to trib. 1.R-26neSASA
34LIS-59 portion and trib. 1Crab Meadow BrookFrom trib. 1 to source.R-26neCC
35LIS-P 271aUnnamed pond R-26neCC
36LIS-P 271bUnnamed pond R-26neCC
37LIS-61 portionSunken Meadow CreekTidal portion.R-26ne R-27nwSCSC
38LIS-61 portionSunken Meadow CreekFreshwater portion to Fort Salonga Road.R-26neCC
38.1LIS-61 portion including P 274, P 275Sunken Meadow CreekFrom Fort Salonga Road to source.R-26neBB
39LIS-P 281Unnamed pond R-27nwCC
40LIS-62 portionNissequogue RiverFrom mouth to P 288.R-27nw R-27swSCSC
41LIS-62 portionNissequogue RiverFrom P 288 to P 292.R-27swCC(TS)
41.1LIS-62 portionNissequogue RiverFrom P 292 to source.R-27swCC(T)
42LIS-62-1 including P 282Trib. of Nissequogue River R-27nwCC
43LIS-62-2Trib. of Nissequogue RiverTidal portion.R-27nwSCSC
44LIS-62-2- P 283Subtrib. of Nissequogue River R-27nwCC
45LIS-62-2aTrib. of Nissequogue River R-27swCC(T)
46LIS-62-2a- P 287b, P 287aSubtribs. of Nissequogue River R-27swCC(T)
47LIS-62-P 288Philips Mill Pond R-27swCC(T)
48LIS-62-P 290, P 291a, 4Tribs. of Nissequogue River R-27swCC(T)
49LIS-62-4-P 291 and trib. 1Webster Pond R-27swCC(T)
50LIS-62-4-P 289Willow Pond R-27swCC(T)
51LIS-62-P 292New Mill Pond R-27swCC(T)
52LIS-62-P 292-1 including P 296, P 296a, P 297, P 297aTrib. of New Mill Pond R-27swCC
53LIS-62-P 292-2 including P 326Trib. of New Mill Pond R-27swCC(T)
53.1LIS-62-P 292-3 including P 329Trib. of New Mill Pond R-27swCC(TS)
54LIS-62-P 292-4 including P 292aTrib. of New Mill Pond R-27swCC
55LIS-P 304Lake Ronkonkoma R-27sw R-27seBB
56LIS-P 304-1Trib. of Lake Ronkonkoma R-27swCC
57LIS-P 304a, P 312, P 319, P 323, P 331, P 331a, P 331b, P 333, P 333a, P 334, P 335Unnamed ponds R-27se R-27ne R-27nwCC
58LIS-P 305, P 306, P 319aUnnamed ponds R-27sw R-27seCC
59SBSmithtown BayWaters south of a line running between mouth of Crab Meadow Brook and Crane Point.R-26ne R-27nwSASA
60SB-SBHStony Brook Harbor R-27nwSASA
61SB-SBH-63Trib. of Stony Brook Harbor R-27nwCC
62SB-SBH-63-P 336Mill Pond R-27nwCC(T)
63SB-SBH-63- P 338Unnamed pond R-27nwCC(T)
64SB-SBH-64West Meadow Creek R-27nwSASA
65SB-SBH-64-1Trib. of West Meadow Creek R-27nwCC
66LIS-65 Trib. of Long Island SoundR-27nwSASA
67LIS-P 339Flax Pond R-27nwSASA
68LIS-PJHPort Jefferson HarborFrom harbor entrance portion south to a line running between LILCO bulkhead and beach house at end of Beach Road, Belle Terre; excluding Setauket Harbor and Conscience Bay.R-27neSASA
69LIS-PJH portionPort Jefferson HarborRemainder.R-27neSCSC
71LIS-PJH-SHSetauket Harbor R-27neSASA
73LIS-PJH-CBConscience Bay R-27ne R-27nwSASA
74LIS-PJH-CB- 66 portionTrib. of Conscience BayMouth to outlet of P 340a.R-27neSCSC
75LIS-PJH-CB- 66 portionTrib. of Conscience BayFrom inlet of P 340a to source.R-27neCC
76LIS-PJH-CB- P 340aTrib. of Conscience Bay R-27neCC
77LIS-P 343Unnamed pond R-27neCC
78LIS-P 346, P 349Unnamed ponds R-27neCC
79LIS-MSHMount Sinai Harbor R-27neSASA
80LIS-MSH-67aTrib. of Mount Sinai Harbor R-27neCC
81AOAtlantic OceanTo three miles out, Nassau county line east to line running south of Blue Point and Water Island.S-26sw S-26nw S-27nw S-27neSASA
82GSBGreat South BayExcluding all adjacent creeks and canals.S-26nw S-26ne S-27nw S-27neSA*SA*
83GSB-188aNamkee Creek S-27neSCSC
84GSB-188bHerman's Creek S-27neSCSC
85GSB-189 portionBrown CreekFrom mouth to outlet of Sayville Mill Pond (P 893).S-27ne R-27seSCSC
86GSB-189 portionBrown CreekFrom inlet of Sayville Mill Pond to source.S-27ne R-27seCC
86.1GSB-189-2 portionWest Branch Brown CreekFrom mouth to Sayville Mill Pond (P 893).S-27neCC
86.2GSB-189-2 portionWest Branch Brown CreekFrom Sayville Mill Pond to source.S-27ne R-27seCC(TS)
87GSB-189-2- P 893Sayville Mill Pond S-27neCC(T)
88GSB-189-P 895Lotus Lake S-27neCC
89GSB-189-P 896 to P 898Sans Souci Lakes S-27ne R-27seBB
90GSB-190 portionGreen CreekMouth to Montauk Highway.S-27neSCSC
91GSB-190 portion and P 899aGreen CreekFrom Montauk Highway to source.S-27neCC(T)
92GSB-190-P 899Trib. of Green Creek S-27neSCSC
93GSB-191Indian Creek S-27neSCSC
94GSB-191-P 900Trib. of Indian Creek S-27neCC
95GSB-192, 192aTribs. of Great South Bay S-27ne S-27nwSCSC
96GSB-193 portionConnetquot RiverMouth to Montauk Highway.S-27nwSCSC
97GSB-193 portionConnetquot RiverFrom Montauk Highway to north boundary of Connetquot State Park.S-27nw R-27swBB(TS)
97.1GSB-193 portionConnetquot RiverFrom Connetquot State Park north boundary to source.R-27swCC(T)
98GSB-193-1, 1aTribs. of Connetquot River S-27nwSCSC
99GSB-193-2 portionTrib. of Connetquot RiverMouth to Montauk Highway.S-27nwSCSC
100GSB-193-2 portion and P 902Trib. of Connetquot RiverFrom Montauk Highway to source.S-27nwBB(T)
101GSB-193-2-P 901Subtrib. of Connetquot River S-27nwSCSC
102GSB-193-2- P 903West Brook Pond S-27nw R-27swCC(T)
103GSB-193-3Rattlesnake Brook R-27sw S-27nwBB(TS)
103.1GSB-193- 3-1,2 including P 904, P 905, P 905aTribs. of Rattlesnake Brook R-27sw S-27nwCC(TS)
104GSB-193-P 906Main Pond S-27nw R-27swCC(T)
105GSB-193-P 907Lower Pond S-27nw R-27swCC(T)
106GSB-193-P 908, P 909Tribs. of Connetquot Brook R-27swCC(T)
107GSB-193aHeckscher Canal S-27nwSCSC
108GSB-194aQuintuck Creek S-27nwSCSC
109GSB-P 911aUnnamed pond S-27nwCC
110GSB-194 portionChamplin CreekMouth to outlet of P 910.S-27nwSCSC
111GSB-194 portionChamplin CreekFrom inlet of P 910 to source.S-27nwCC(TS)
112GSB-194-1Trib. of Champlin Creek S-27nwCC
113GSB-194-P 910, P 911Unnamed ponds S-27nwCC
114GSB-194-P 912Knapp's Lake S-27nwCC(T)
114.1GSB-194-P 912-1Trib. of Knapp's LakeEnters from the east.S-27nwCC
115GSB-194b, 194c, 195Tribs. of Great South BayTidal portion.S-27nwSCSC
116GSB-P 910aUnnamed pond S-27nwCC
117GSB-196 portionOrowoc CreekFrom mouth to Montauk Highway.S-27nwSCSC
118GSB-196 portionOrowoc CreekFrom Montauk Highway to source.S-27nwCC(T)
119GSB-196-1 including P 915, P 915bTrib. of Orowoc Creek S-27nwCC(T)
120GSB-196-1-P 915aSubtrib. of Orowoc Creek S-27nwCC
121GSB-196-P 916Trib. of Orowoc Creek S-27nwCC(T)
122GSB-197 portionAwixa CreekFrom mouth to Montauk Highway.S-27nwSCSC
123GSB-197 portionAwixa CreekFrom Montauk Highway to source.S-27nwCC
124GSB-198 portionPenataquit CreekFrom mouth to Montauk Highway.S-27nwSCSC
125GSB-198 portion and trib. 2Penataquit CreekFrom Montauk Highway to source.S-27nwCC
126GSB-199Watchogue Creek S-27nwSCSC
127GSB-199aTrib. of Great South Bay S-27nwSCSC
128GSB-200Lawrence CreekTidal portion.S-27nw S-26neSCSC
129GSB-200-P 922, P 923, P 923aTribs. of Lawrence Creek S-26neCC
130GSB-201Brightwaters CanalTidal portion.S-26neSCSC
131GSB-201-P 924Cascade Lake S-26neCC
132GSB-201-P 925Mirror Lake S-26neCC
133GSB-201-P 925aNosreka Lake S-26neCC
134GSB-201-P 925bLagoon S-26neCC
135GSB-202Thorn CanalTidal portion.S-26neSCSC
136GSB-202-P 927, P 928, P 929Tribs. of Thorn Canal S-26neCC
137GSB-202a Isbrandsen CanalS-26neSCSC
138GSB-203 portionThompsons CreekFrom mouth to Montauk Highway.S-26neSCSC
139GSB-203 portionThompsons CreekFrom Montauk Highway to source.S-26neCC
140GSB-204 portionTrues CreekFrom mouth to Montauk Highway.S-26neSCSC
141GSB-204 portion including P 930, P 931, P 932Trues CreekFrom Montauk Highway to source.S-26neCC
142GSB-P 933aUnnamed pond S-26neCC
143GSB-204aTrib. of Great South Bay S-26neSCSC
144GSB-205 portionWillets CreekFrom mouth to Montauk Highway.S-26neSCSC
145GSB-205 portionWillets CreekFrom Montauk Highway to source.S-26neCC
146GSB-205-P 934Lake Capri S-26neCC
147GSB-206Skookwams Creek S-26neSCSC
148GSB-207 portionSampawams CreekFrom mouth to Montauk Highway.S-26neSCSC
149GSB-207 portionSampawams CreekFrom Montauk Highway to source.S-26neCC(T)
150GSB-207-P 936Trib. of Sampawams Creek S-26neCC
151GSB-207-P937, P 938, P 939Tribs. of Sampawams Creek S-26neCC
152GSB-207-P 940Trib. of Sampawams Creek S-26neCC(T)
153GSB-208 portion and tribs. 1, 1aCarlls RiverFrom mouth to Montauk Highway.S-26neSCSC
154GSB-208 portionCarlls RiverFrom Montauk Highway to Railroad Avenue.S-26neCC
155GSB-208 portionCarlls RiverFrom Railroad Avenue to source.S-26ne R-26seCC(T)
156GSB-208-1a- P 941, P 942, P 942aSubtribs. of Carlls River S-26neCC
157GSB-208-P 943Memorial Pond S-26neCC
159GSB-208-P 946Southards Pond S-26neCC(T)
160GSB-208-3Trib. of Carlls River S-26neCC(T)
161GSB-208-3- P 946aSubtrib. of Carlls River S-26neCC
162GSB-208-3-P 947Elda Lake S-26neCC
163GSB-208-3- P 947-1, 2Tribs. of Elda Lake S-26neCC(T)
164GSB-208-P 949Belmont Lake S-26neCC
165GSB-208-P 950Geger Memorial Park R-26seBB
166GSB-208-P 950-1Trib. of Geger Memorial Park R-26seCC
167GSB-208-4Trib. of Carlls River S-26neCC(T)
168GSB-209 and trib. 1West Babylon CreekTidal portions.S-26neSCSC
169GSB-209-P 954Unnamed pond S-26neCC
170GSB-210 portion including P 958Santapogue CreekFrom mouth to Montauk Highway.S-26neSCSC
171GSB-210 portion and trib. 1Santapogue CreekFrom Montauk Highway to source.S-26neCC(T)
172GSB-210-P 959aTrib. of Santapogue Creek S-26neCC
173GSB-211 portionNeguntatogue CreekFrom mouth to Montauk Highway.S-26neSCSC
174GSB-211 portion including P 959c, P 959hNeguntatogue CreekFrom Montauk Highway to source.S-26neCC
175GSB-212 portionTrib. of Great South BayFrom mouth to Montauk Highway.S-26ne S-26nwSCSC
176GSB-212 portion and trib. 1Trib. of Great South BayFrom Montauk Highway to source.S-26nw S-26neCC
177GSB-212a, 212b Tribs. of Great South BayS-26ne S-26nwSCSC
178GSB-213 portionGreat Neck CreekFrom mouth to Montauk Highway.S-26nwSCSC
179GSB-213 portion including P 959dTrib. of Great South BayFrom Montauk Highway to source.S-26nwCC(T)
180GSB-213a, 213bTribs. of Great South Bay S-26nwSCSC
181GSB-214Howell Creek S-26nwSCSC
182GSB-214aTrib. of Great South Bay S-26nwSCSC
183GSB-215 portionWoods Creek (Ketchams Creek)From mouth to Merrick Road.S-26nwSCSC
184GSB-215 portionWoods CreekFrom Merrick Road to source.S-26nwCC
185GSB-216 portionAmityville CreekFrom mouth to Merrick Road.S-26nwSCSC
186GSB-216 portion including P 960, P 961aAmityville CreekFrom Merrick Road to source.S-26nwCC(T)
187GSB-216-P 961Avon Lake S-26nwCC(T)
189GSB-P 969a, P 969bUnnamed ponds S-26nwCC
190GSB-217Narraskatuck CreekTidal portion within Suffolk County.S-26nwSCSC


All undesignated tidal tribs. to Interstate Sanitation Commission Class A waters within Interstate Sanitation District are classified “I.” All undesignated tidal tribs. outside Interstate Sanitation District are classified “SD.”
6 CRR-NY 925.6
Current through February 15, 2022
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