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6 CRR-NY 891.3
6 CRR-NY 891.3
891.3 Definitions.
The several terms, words or phrases hereinafter mentioned shall be construed as follows:
(a) Item No.
In Table I an item number is assigned consecutively to each specifically designated waters or portion thereof.
(b) Waters index number, as appearing in Table I, shall mean that number or abbreviation assigned to any designated waters or portion thereof for the purpose of identification.
(1) The numbering or index system used to identify specific waters of New York State was adapted from that used by the New York State Conservation Department in its biological survey series of reports on watersheds of the State. The primary waters of a drainage area, such as a river, large lake, bay or sound is usually referred to by name or an abbreviation. Tributaries of primary river waters are consecutively numbered progressing upstream from the mouth. Tributaries of primary lake, bay or sound waters are consecutively numbered in a clockwise order from a defined point, usually the outlet of the primary waters. Subtributaries are numbered as encountered along the tributary proceeding from its mouth to the source, and in like manner all of its other stream courses are so numbered. Ponds and lakes are numbered in the order they are encountered within the system. Tributaries of such lakes and ponds are numbered consecutively as they enter, progressing clockwise around the lake or pond from its outlet or mouth. The numbers assigned to such lakes and ponds are prefixed by the letter P. When isolated lakes and ponds are referenced by a waters index number, it is merely for convenience of their identification and location within a subdrainage basin, and it is not necessarily indicative of their being tributary to any waters to which no surface connection is shown on the reference maps.
(2) This system was applied to the waters under consideration by the New York State Conservation Department in its Biological Survey of the Fresh Waters of Long Island in 1938, and has been closely followed in connection with the numerical identification of the waters with the following exceptions: Some of the stream numbers do not run consecutively due to the omission of streams originally shown on the older maps employed by the Conservation Department at the time of its 1938 survey but not shown on later editions of maps reproduced herein. Conversely, streams, lakes and ponds not shown on the older maps but appearing on the newer maps are designated by suffix letters a, b, c, etc.
(3) The system as applied to the identification of the designated waters may be outlined as follows: The index used to identify the designated waters is based on the system of numbering the fresh waters draining Long Island proper. The streams of Long Island have been consecutively numbered starting at Fort Hamilton and proceeding in a clockwise direction around the island, such numbers being prefixed by the abbreviation LI. However, certain bays and inlets have not been referenced by this numbering system, but are cited by name and description.
(4) The following table will illustrate how the designated waters may be identified through the use of the waters index system:
Waters index numberName of watersExplanation
None assignedJamaica Bay Rockaway Inlet Gerritsen Inlet Dead Horse BayWaters identified by name and description and not used to index tributaries.
LI 249Old Mill CreekThe 249th stream encountered on Long Island proceeding in a clockwise direction around the island from Fort Hamilton.
LI 249-2Ralph CreekThe second tributary proceeding upstream from the mouth of Old Mill Creek.
LI 241-1-P 1023Gonselyeas PondThe 1023rd pond or lake encountered in the Long Island waters index system. The body of water is on the first tributary of LI 241 (Hook Creek).
(c) The abbreviations trib. and tribs., indicating tributary and tributaries, shall mean any stream, pond or other body of surface water which flows into any other stream, pond or other body of surface water; where no tributary or tributaries are mentioned, the specifically designated waters shall include only the stream, pond or other body of water referenced by such waters index number; where a tributary or tributaries are mentioned after the waters index number, the specifically designated waters shall include the stream, pond or other body of water referenced by such waters index number and all tributaries thereof, which are shown on the reference maps, excluding numbered ponds, unless exceptions as expressly stated.
(d) Name, as appearing in Table I, shall mean the name by which the specifically designated waters are known and which name may appear on the reference maps. In cases of specifically designated waters which have no name, the named waters to which the unnamed waters are tributary are identified as far as possible.
(e) Description.
The column headed “Description” contains designations of segments or sections of waters under consideration to which a particular assignment of a class and standards shall apply. Also included in this column is any useful information pertinent to the classification or standards.
(f) Map Ref. No., as appearing in Table I, means map reference number and indicates one or more of the following numbered maps reproduced herein completely or in part in section 891.9, infra, on which maps the specifically designated waters and their index numbers are shown within the topographical limit line of the described drainage basins or areas. Index for map numbers is shown on Map 2, section 891.8, infra. The following maps were produced from original maps which may be procured through the Washington Distribution Section, Geological Survey, Silver Spring, Maryland.
Map Ref. No.Quadrangle nameEditionPublished by
S-23neJersey City1955U.S. Geological Survey
S-23seThe Narrows1955U.S. Geological Survey
S-24nwBrooklyn1956U.S. Geological Survey
S-24swConey Island1955U.S. Geological Survey
S-24neJamaica1956U.S. Geological Survey
S-24seFar Rockaway1954U.S. Geological Survey
S-25nwLynbrook1954U.S. Geological Survey
(g) Class, as appearing in Table I and denoted by the letters B, C, SB or Roman numeral I opposite each specifically designated waters, shall means Class B, C or SB, as the case may be, as set forth in Part 701, supra; and in the case of Roman numeral I shall mean Class I, as set forth in Part 702, supra.
(h) Standards, as appearing in Table I and denoted by the letters B, C, SB or Roman numeral I opposite each specifically designated waters, shall mean the quality standards established for Class B, C, SB or I, as the case may be, established by the aforementioned rules.
6 CRR-NY 891.3
Current through February 15, 2022
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