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8 CRR-NY 144.8
8 CRR-NY 144.8
144.8 Learning technology grants.
(a) Scope of section.
The purpose of this section is to establish standards and procedures for the awarding of learning technology grants pursuant to section 550 of chapter 170 of the Laws of 1994 to school districts and Boards of Cooperative Educational Services (BOCES) for the funding of learning technology programs, including services benefiting nonpublic school students.
(b) Definitions.
For purposes of this section:
(1) School district shall mean a public school district eligible for aid pursuant to section 3602 of the Education Law, or a BOCES.
(2) Nonpublic school students mean students entitled to attend the public schools without payment of tuition who are enrolled in a nonpublic elementary, middle or secondary school located within the area served by the school district.
(3) Learning technology program means a program involving training in, and the use of, learning technologies to enhance classroom instruction, curriculum, assessment and restructuring of the teaching and learning process that is approved by the school district for use in the public schools.
(4) Learning technologies mean one or more of the following information delivery systems or services used to provide distance learning, interactive telecommunications, computer assisted instruction, and/or networking among schools: multimedia equipment, including television, video-cassette recorders/players and micro-computer devices; compact-disk-read-only- memory (CD-ROM) and videodisc devices; telecommunications equipment and services; computer network equipment, including file servers; services to access the Internet; and education related materials, services and computer software used with such information delivery systems or services.
(c) Applications.
(1) Each school district applying for a grant under this section shall submit an application adhering to the requirements of a Request for Proposals (RFP) provided by the department.
(2) The application shall set forth but not be limited to the following requirements of the Request for Proposals:
(i) a description of the applicant's background;
(ii) a description of the purpose and objectives of the proposed program;
(iii) a description of how the proposed program was collaboratively planned, including the involvement of nonpublic schools in that process;
(iv) a project workplan;
(v) a description of how the proposed program will provide teachers with staff development on the integration of technology within curriculum and instruction;
(vi) a description of the background and experiences of the project staff;
(vii) a budget and budget narrative; and
(viii) a Statement of Assurances Form, Required Commitments Forms, Project Data Form, Project Workplan Form, and Proposal Checklist Form.
(3) If any required forms, the budget, or other required contents of the application are missing or incomplete, the application will not be accepted for review.
(4) Applications received at the State Education Department after the deadline of 5 p.m., November 14, 1994, will not be reviewed.
(5) Applications selected to receive a grant shall include an overview of background and major educational programs of the district or BOCES submitting the application which are relevant to the proposed project; a clearly stated purpose and objectives which indicate how technology supports school restructuring; how the project was collaboratively planned with nonpublic schools and other institutions; clearly stated activities, timelines, and staff responsible for the activities; a description of the plan to provide comprehensive technology staff development; and a description of the background and experiences of the project staff.
(6) Preference shall be given to applicants whose proposals reflect:
(i) using technology in the classroom, not the use of computer labs;
(ii) using technology, including networking and multimedia, for restructuring the teaching/learning environment and implementing the new curriculum frameworks, including new forms of assessment;
(iii) building the technological capacity of Schools Under Registration Review (SURR);
(iv) encouraging the networking and expansion of the use of technology in compact partnership schools;
(v) collaborating with other BOCES, public school districts, nonpublic schools, postsecondary institutions, and other organizations; and
(vi) using additional funding resources in support of the proposed project activities.
(d) Supervision and reporting requirements.
(1) All projects for which funds are allocated pursuant to this section shall be subject to the general supervision of the commissioner.
(2) Financial records shall be maintained and be available for review and a final expenditure report shall be submitted to the department.
(3) Each school district receiving funds under this section shall be required to demonstrate the results of their projects in regional/statewide conference(s) based upon a schedule to be determined in consultation with the department.
(4) Each school district receiving funds under this section will be required to submit such additional reports as may be required by the commissioner.
(e) Each school district receiving funds under this section shall assure that learning technology programs are made available to nonpublic school students on an equitable basis, after meaningful and substantial involvement in the development of the proposal by nonpublic school officials, subject to the requirements of this subdivision.
(1) A school district shall use funds available for learning technology grants to provide learning technologies that supplement, and in no case supplant, the level of services that would, in the absence of learning technologies programs, be available to participating children in nonpublic schools.
(2) A school district shall use funds available for learning technology grants to meet the individual needs of participating children in a nonpublic school, but not for the needs of the nonpublic school.
(3) The school district must keep title and exercise continuing administrative control of all equipment and supplies that the school district acquires with funds available for learning technology grants for services benefiting nonpublic school students.
(4) The school district may place equipment and supplies in a nonpublic school for the period of time needed for the program.
(5) The school district shall ensure that the equipment or supplies placed in a nonpublic school:
(i) are used only for learning technology programs;
(ii) can be removed from the nonpublic school without remodeling the nonpublic school facility; and
(iii) in the case of sectarian nonpublic schools, are disabled to prevent diversion for sectarian purposes and are for individual use by students and teachers and not for direct general classroom instruction by sectarian school teachers.
(6) The school district shall remove equipment or supplies from a nonpublic school, if:
(i) the equipment or supplies are no longer needed for learning technology programs; or
(ii) removal is necessary to avoid unauthorized use of the equipment or supplies for other than learning technology programs.
(7) No funds available for learning technology grants shall be used for repairs, minor remodeling or construction of nonpublic school facilities.
8 CRR-NY 144.8
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