8 CRR-NY 135.1NY-CRR

8 CRR-NY 135.1
8 CRR-NY 135.1
135.1 Definitions.
Definitions as used in this Part:
(a) Commissioner means the Commissioner of Education.
(b) Department means the Education Department of the State of New York.
(c) Satisfactory, appropriate, approved, acceptable, adequate, equivalent, essential, sufficient, suitable mean satisfactory, appropriate, approved, acceptable, adequate, equivalent, essential, sufficient, suitable, respectively, in the judgment of the commissioner.
(d) School personnel means persons employed by school authorities in conducting the schools.
(e) Adaptive physical education means a specially designed program of developmental activities, games, sports and rhythms suited to the interests, capacities and limitations of pupils with handicapping conditions who may not safely or successfully engage in unrestricted participation in the activities of the regular physical education program.
(f) Athletic association means an approved central organization of schools joined together on a large geographic area or statewide basis for the purpose of governing athletic programs for all its member schools.
(g) Bona fide student means a regularly enrolled student who is taking sufficient subjects to make an aggregate amount of three courses and who satisfies the physical education requirement.
(h) Extraclass periods in physical education mean those sessions organized for instruction and practice in skills, attitudes and knowledge through participation in individual, group and team activities organized on an intramural, extramural, interschool athletic or inclusive athletic basis to supplement regular physical education class instruction.
(i) Extramural activities mean those games or other events which involve the participation of pupils from two or more school districts and which are conducted as play-days or sports days at the end of the intramural season.
(j) Health education means instruction in the understandings, attitudes and behavior in relation to the several dimensions of health, including but not limited to the misuse of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs, the prevention and detection of certain cancers, safety, mental health, nutrition, dental health, sensory awareness, disease prevention and control, environmental and public health, consumer health, first aid, and other health-related areas.
(k) Instructional physical education means the required physical education program which has as its foundation planned sequential learning experiences for all students.
(l) Interschool activities mean those which provide competition between representatives of two or more schools and which offer enriched opportunities for the selected and more highly skilled individuals.
(m) Intramural activities mean those activities conducted within one school district involving only those pupils enrolled in such school district and which are organized to serve the entire enrollment.
(n) Invitation activities mean those games or other events dealing with one sport, arranged by invitation of one school to one or more other schools without leading to any formal schedule and championship.
(o) League means an organization of schools joined for the purpose of providing athletic competition among schools of comparable size, interests, and within reasonable distance of each other.
(p) Mixed competition means the combination of male and female pupils participating on the same interschool athletic teams.
(q) Organized practice means a session of an athletic squad or group organized for interschool athletics for the purpose of providing instruction and practice in physical conditioning activities, skills, team play and game strategy, under the supervision of a qualified school official.
(r) Physical fitness activities mean those physical activities which are designed to develop endurance, strength and agility and to fit the individual so that he can perform the task repeatedly without undue fatigue and with a reserve capacity to meet unexpected stresses and hazards.
(s) Physiological maturity means a stage of maturation identified by the school physician in determining an appropriate level of interschool athletic competition in accordance with standards established by the commissioner.
(t) Recreation means the program which is organized to include types of activities such as arts and crafts, athletics, dramatics, music, rhythms, sports, swimming and water safety provided at the discretion of school district authorities under the supervision of qualified personnel and designed to provide for the worthy use of leisure by individuals and groups.
(u) Sports day means a day when pupils from two or more schools meet and engage in a variety of competitive sports events.
(v) Section means an organization of schools within a specified geographic area which holds membership in an athletic association, and is established for the purpose of administering athletic programs for the member schools and leagues within such area.
(w) Inclusive athletic activities mean those activities which provide competition between representatives of two or more schools and which combine students with and without disabilities on teams for the purpose of interscholastic play and which ensure proportional representation of students with and without disabilities.
8 CRR-NY 135.1
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