8 CRR-NY 92.1
8 CRR-NY 92.1
92.1 New York State Library.
(a) Use of library materials at the State Library.
All adults may use the resources of the State Library onsite for reference purposes during the hours that the library is open to the public.
(b) Borrowers.
After registering and being approved for borrowing privileges, in the manner as established by the assistant commissioner for libraries or his or her designee, the following may borrow any circulating library material, provided that they comply with the provisions of this section and any other library rules in effect:
(1) Official.
Members of the Legislature; Regents of the university; judges of the Court of Appeals; justices of the Supreme Court; heads of State departments, commissions and institutions; and local government historians may borrow circulating materials. Permanently appointed State employees may borrow such material under either of the following conditions:
(i) through a library established by a State department or agency, or a library representative designated by the head of a department or agency; or
(ii) to an individual upon registration with the library with proof that the individual is a permanent employee of State government.
(2) Professional.
New York State licensed physicians and attorneys admitted to practice in New York State, who are residents of New York State, may borrow materials.
(3) Institutional.
All institutions in the university, registered or accredited by the Regents, and institutions maintained by Federal, State and local governments, and such other libraries as may be so designated by the assistant commissioner for libraries, may borrow from the State Library through library systems or other access points so designated by the assistant commissioner for libraries.
(4) New York State residents.
Individuals may have access to the collections of the State Library through the institutions listed in paragraph (3) of this subdivision or, New York State residents 18 years old and older upon proof of residency may borrow circulating library materials if borrowed onsite.
(5) Special permission.
Individuals or agencies that do not have access to library services through the means described above may be granted permission to borrow from the State Library, for a limited period, at the discretion of the assistant commissioner for libraries or the director of the State Library.
(c) Loans.
All individual borrowers and libraries are responsible for material borrowed until the material is returned and for any charges incurred for lost or damaged material.
(1) Lending period.
The normal loan period for individual borrowers is four weeks and for libraries is six weeks.
(2) Renewal.
Material may be renewed for a period of four weeks. However, prior reservation by another patron will take precedence over renewal.
(3) Recall.
All library materials are subject to recall at any time and, when recalled, must be returned at once.
(4) Library materials not returned.
Any library materials not returned within six weeks after the date due may be considered lost and the borrower required to pay replacement and processing costs.
(5) Fines.
Any library materials borrowed by New York State residents under paragraph (b)(4) of this section that are not returned on or before the due date are subject to a fine. Upon application for a borrower's card, applicants will be informed of the current fine schedule.
(6) Penalties.
Violation of the provisions of this subdivision may result in suspension of loan privileges. Persistent violation of the provisions of this subdivision shall result in permanent suspension of loan privileges.
(7) Reserves.
Library materials, except those which are deemed restricted under this Part, may be reserved. When reserved material becomes available, the requesting library or individual will be so notified. Reserved material will not be held longer than a week after date of notification.
(d) Interlibrary loans to libraries outside New York State.
Materials not readily available elsewhere will be lent when possible to libraries in other states. The assistant commissioner for libraries may enter into reciprocal borrowing arrangements with other libraries or groups of libraries. Individuals in states other than New York State may borrow material through interlibrary loan at their local library.
(e) Restricted materials.
Restricted materials shall include:
(1) reference books or books and other material in great demand at the State Library, which are lent only under conditions specified by the library;
(2) most periodicals and newspapers, bound and unbound, which are not available for loan, except that microformat of these materials may be loaned under conditions specified by the library;
(3) manuscripts and books of exceptional rarity or value, which may be used only in the library;
(4) genealogies and local histories, which will be lent only when the library owns duplicate copies in good condition;
(5) materials of such fragility, rarity, size or other consideration as to be unsuitable for use outside of the building. The assistant commissioner for libraries may establish terms and conditions for the loan of other materials in special collections of the library;
(6) copy one, or the only copy of a particular State document.
(f) Loan of manuscripts.
Manuscripts which are in the custody of the State Library may be loaned to local historical associations, museums, libraries or other responsible educational organizations upon terms and conditions set forth in an agreement between the department, acting through the assistant commissioner for libraries, and the organization requesting the loan, except that loans of the following shall be subject to approval by the Regents:
Journal of the Albany Congress of 1754 (Albany Plan of Union)
Autographs of Signers of Declaration of Independence—Special Collection
Washington Relics, as Authorized to be Purchased for the State Library, Chapter 715, Laws of 1871, and Listed in the Annual Report of the Library for 1873
President Lincoln's First Emancipation Proclamation, September 22, 1862—Original Draft
8 CRR-NY 92.1
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