21 CRR-NY 4901.4NY-CRR

21 CRR-NY 4901.4
21 CRR-NY 4901.4
4901.4 Prohibited conduct.
(a) The following conduct is prohibited on RGRTA transit vehicles, and properties, including the RTS transit center, and in connection with RGRTA’s provision of public transportation services. Use of the RTS transit center is exclusively for transit-related activities, including riding buses and aiding others, thus the following prohibitions apply.
(1) using RGRTA transit vehicles, facilities, and properties for non-transit-related activities, except as authorized by RGRTA;
(2) violating an exclusion order issued according to section 4901.5 of this Part;
(3) violating any Federal, State, or municipal civil and/or criminal law;
(4) failing to pay the appropriate fare as required by RGRTA:
(i) customer must be in possession of any multi-trip fare pass (e.g. all-day pass; monthly pass) while on board the bus. Customers who pay a cash fare are not required to possess a fare pass while on board the bus;
(ii) customers are prohibited from passing back their own fare pass to another customer boarding the same bus;
(iii) RTS fare passes are non-transferable;
(iv) to avoid being victims of fraudulent or forged passes, customers should purchase fare passes only from RTS authorized sales outlets or ticket vending machines;
(v) operators will not honor fare passes that are damaged, mutilated, expired, or that read as invalid by the fare box;
(vi) possession of a forged fare pass may constitute a felony crime;
(5) falsely representing oneself as eligible for a special or reduced fare or obtaining any permit or pass related to the RGRTA transit system by making a false representation;
(6) falsely claiming to be or criminally impersonating a transit operator, other transit employee, or volunteer; or through words, actions and/or the use of clothes, insignia, or equipment resembling department issued uniforms and equipment, creating a false impression that he or she is a transit operator, other transit employee, or volunteer;
(7) refusing to allow proper securement of a wheelchair or mobility device;
(8) interfering or tampering with mobile data computers, fare boxes, public address systems, surveillance equipment, or any other equipment;
(9) wearing an article of clothing or equipment that covers the face while in the RTS transit center concourse except where the clothing or equipment is worn for religious or medical purposes;
(10) using any nicotine, tobacco product (i.e. chewing tobacco) or smoking device (including e-cigarettes and vaping) except at a designated place;
(11) carrying or holding a lit or smoldering pipe, cigar, or cigarette except at a designated place;
(12) discarding litter other than in designated receptacles;
(13) dumping and/or discarding any materials including but not limited to hazardous substances and automotive fluids;
(14) producing unreasonable noise, including playing sound-producing devices without earphones, headphones, or an ear receiver to limit sound to individual listeners. Exceptions are the use of any communication devices by RGRTA employees, RGRTA contractors or public safety officers in the line of duty, or the use of private communication devices used to summon, notify, or communicate with other individuals (e.g., two-way radios, public announcement system, pagers, beepers or cellular telephones);
(15) spitting, expectorating, urinating, or defecating, except in the appropriate plumbing fixtures in restroom facilities;
(16) carrying any flammable liquid, explosive, acid, or other article or material likely to cause harm to others;
(17) obstructing or impeding the flow of RGRTA transit vehicles or customers;
(18) hindering or preventing access by:
(i) causing unreasonable delays in boarding or alighting;
(ii) blocking or partially blocking an aisle or stairway with a package or object;
(iii) reclining in more than one seat; or
(iv) interfering with or seriously disrupting the provision or use of transit services in any way;
(19) tampering with fire and police apparatus. Causing any false alarm of fire in any manner;
(20) falsely reporting an incident;
(21) disturbing others by engaging in loud, raucous, unruly, aggressive, violent, harmful, or harassing behavior;
(22) destroying, defacing, or otherwise damaging RGRTA property or any signs, notices, or advertisements on transit property;
(23) consuming an alcoholic beverage or having possession of an open container containing an alcoholic beverage;
(24) carrying or storing any firearm, shotgun, rifle, or other dangerous weapon or article;
(25) throwing any object:
(i) at RGRTA transit vehicles, facilities, and properties; or
(ii) at any person therein; or
(iii) within RGRTA transit vehicles, facilities, and properties; or
(iv) out of any door or window of any RGRTA transit vehicle;
(26) bringing any uncaged animal onboard or inside other than a service animal;
(27) allowing any animal to:
(i) occupy a seat on a concourse bench or a bus seat (unless required by applicable law in the case of a service animal); or
(ii) run at large; or
(iii) block an aisle or exit; or
(iv) unreasonably disturb others; or
(v) leave waste matter; or
(vi) interfere with transit-related activities;
(28) roller-skating, using roller-shoes, rollerblading, or skateboarding;
(29) riding bicycles, unicycles, mopeds, and motorcycles, except where public vehicle travel and access is permitted;
(30) using space for residential or commercial parking purposes except as authorized by RGRTA or its designee;
(31) operating, stopping, standing, or parking a vehicle in any roadway or location restricted for use only by RGRTA transit vehicles or otherwise restricted;
(32) eating on RGRTA transit vehicles or in prohibited areas unless required by applicable law. RGRTA permits transportation and consumption of non-alcoholic beverages on park-and-ride transit vehicles when the beverage is in a leak-proof container with a lid;
(33) using a public address system, loudspeaker, or other sound-amplifying device, except as authorized by RGRTA or its designee;
(34) sitting or lying on floors, sidewalks, asphalt, or other ground covering;
(35) lying on benches provided for sitting;
(36) sleeping, camping, or storing personal property on benches and floors;
(37) entering or remaining upon any nonpublic areas, including, but not limited to, staging areas, work areas, and equipment rooms, except when authorized by RGRTA or its designee;
(38) storing materials in front of doors;
(39) not wearing shoes and/or clothing, such as shirt, pants, dresses, etc.;
(40) the following activities are all prohibited in all RGRTA transit vehicles, facilities, and properties, including the RTS transit center, unless authorized by RGRTA or its designee in a written permit, license, concession contract, lease, or other written authorization:
(i) engaging in commercial activities; or
(ii) engaging in public communication activities;
(iii) engaging in any civic, cultural, and other special event, not included in the definitions of commercial or public communication activities in section 4901.2 of this Part; or
(iv) posting or affixing flyers, pamphlets, brochures, leaflets, written or graphic material of any kind; or
(v) affixing or erecting signs, banners, or other paraphernalia on the exterior or interior; or
(vi) carrying signs; or
(vii) engaging in public activities involving signs, boxes, receptacles, easels, or other similar apparatus of any kind;
(41) engaging in any sports activity;
(42) distributing, selling, or offering for sale or donation any written or printed material, including books and pamphlets;
(43) soliciting funds;
(44) committing any act which tends to create or incite, or creates or incites, an immediate breach of peace, including, but not limited to:
(i) fighting; or
(ii) running; or
(iii) obscene language and noisy or boisterous conduct tending to cause a breach of the peace; or
(iv) personally abusive epithets, or words or language of an offensive, disgusting or insulting nature, which when addressed to the ordinary citizen are, as a matter of common knowledge, inherently likely to provoke a violent reaction of fear, anger or apprehension;
(45) engaging in sexual activity with oneself or others;
(46) engaging in any form of gambling;
(47) entering RGRTA transit vehicles, facilities, and properties when lacking the ability—because of illness, intoxication, or medication(s)—to care for oneself;
(48) extending an object or a portion of one’s body through the door or window of RGRTA transit vehicles in a manner that has the capacity to cause injury to oneself, others, or to RGRTA transit vehicles, facilities, and properties;
(49) hanging or swinging on bars or stanchions, with feet off the floor;
(50) hanging onto or otherwise attaching oneself at any time to the exterior of RGRTA transit vehicles, facilities, or properties;
(51) standing or remaining in front of the white (or yellow) line marked on the forward end of the floor of any RGRTA bus while the bus is in motion or after being asked to step back behind the line by the operator;
(52) loitering as defined in section 4901.2 of this Part;
(53) engaging in any harassment as defined in section 4901.2 of this Part.
21 CRR-NY 4901.4
Current through June 30, 2021
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