6 CRR-NY 176.4NY-CRR

6 CRR-NY 176.4
6 CRR-NY 176.4
176.4 Leashed tracking dog license; conditions.
(a) A big game hunter who has killed, wounded or injured, or reasonably believes he or she has killed, wounded or injured, a big game animal during a big game season may engage a licensee to track and recover the animal. The hunter must, unless physically incapacitated, accompany the licensee when tracking the dead, wounded or injured animal. If the hunter is physically incapacitated, the licensee may track and dispatch the animal if the licensee is personally carrying a written signed instrument from the hunter listing (1) the date, (2) the hunter's name, address, telephone number and big game license number, and (3) a certification that the hunter has engaged the licensee to track the animal, that the hunter has killed, wounded or injured such animal, and that the hunter is unable to accompany the licensee because of physical incapacitation.
(b) No person other than the licensee or, during legal hunting periods, the big game hunter who has engaged the licensee when specifically so authorized by the licensee, may carry a firearm or long bow of any description while tracking dead, wounded or injured big game pursuant to this Part.
(c) During legal hunting periods, the hunter who has engaged the licensee must dispatch the wounded or injured big game animal when found by the licensee by means which are lawful during the season in which it was wounded or injured and in a lawful manner reduce the animal to legal possession. However, the licensee must dispatch the wounded or injured animal if the legal hunting period has ended, when the hunter is not present, or, when in the judgment of the licensee it is unsafe or otherwise inappropriate for the hunter to do so.
(d) The licensee may dispatch a wounded or injured big game animal, during day or night, using any firearm provided that the licensee complies with the provisions of applicable Federal, State or local laws or regulations concerning possession and use of firearms.
(e) Before tracking a dead, wounded or injured animal, the licensee must notify, by telephone or in person, the environmental conservation officer assigned to the area, or if unavailable the nearest available environmental conservation officer, where the big game animal was killed, wounded or injured. Notification must include the (1) name of the licensee, (2) name, address, telephone number, and big game license number of the big game hunter engaging the licensee, (3) general location of the wounded or injured animal, and (4) the name of the landowner(s) where the search will be conducted.
(f) The licensee must use only certified leashed tracking dogs when conducting activities pursuant to such license.
(g) The licensee must maintain physical control of the certified leashed tracking dog(s) at all times while conducting activities pursuant to such license by means of a lead attached to the dog's collar or harness. This lead must be at least 12 feet in length.
(h) The licensee may not provide services for hire unless the licensee possesses a valid guide's license issued pursuant to Part 197 of this Title.
(i) After a big game animal has been dispatched, the licensed hunter must immediately fill out the carcass tag as required by section 11-0911 of the Environmental Conservation Law. If the hunter has not accompanied the licensee because of physical incapacitation, the hunter must immediately fill out the carcass tag upon delivery of the animal by the licensee. If the hunter is unavailable the licensee must report the incident to an environmental conservation officer and deliver the animal to the officer.
(j) The licensee must personally carry a current big game license and a valid leashed tracking dog license when conducting activities pursuant to this Part.
(k) The licensee must notify the department in writing, of any change of address within 30 days of that change of address.
(l) The licensee must submit to the department a written request for license renewal within the 30 days prior to the expiration of such license.
6 CRR-NY 176.4
Current through October 15, 2021
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