6 CRR-NY 175.1NY-CRR

6 CRR-NY 175.1
6 CRR-NY 175.1
175.1 Purpose.
(a) Definitions.
The Environmental Conservation Law contains, but does not define, certain terms used in relation to the authorization of the issuance of special licenses and permits to collect, possess and traffic in certain species of fish and wildlife and products made from these species. Definitions are promulgated by these regulations to provide guidance for consistent review of applications for and issuance of such special licenses and permits. Definition of these terms will place holders of these special licenses and permits on notice as to which activities may be authorized and which are not.
(b) Uniform procedures.
These regulations describe, notwithstanding any provision of this Chapter to the contrary, general requirements for applications, department action on applications, revocation procedures and special provisions for special licenses and permits authorized by the provisions of articles 11 and 13 of the Environmental Conservation Law except hunting, fishing and trapping licenses issued pursuant to title 7 of article 11 or section 11-0913.
(c) Applicability.
This Part applies to special licenses and permits, hereinafter called licenses and Permits, authorized by the following sections of the Environmental Conservation Law:
(1) title 3 of article 11: section 11-0305(15) - Sale, barter, purchase, possession, and transportation of Pacific salmon and parts thereof;
(2) title 5 of article 11: section 11-0505 - Interference with fish and wildlife; section 11-0507 - Liberation of fish and wildlife; section 11-0511 - Possession and transportation of wildlife; section 11-0515 - Licenses to collect, possess or sell; section 11-0517 - Taking for propagation and stocking, fish hindering propagation of food fish or shellfish; section 11-0535 - Endangered and threatened species; section 11-0536 - Sale of certain wild animals or their products;
(3) title 9 of article 11: section 11-0901 - Modified archer permit; section 11-0907 - Permit to allow a nonambulatory hunter to take a deer of either sex; section 11-0917 - Possession, transportation and sale of wild game and other wildlife; section 11-0925 - Special dog training areas; section 11-0927 - Field trials; section 11-0928 - Tracking dogs; section 11-0931 - Permit to possess a loaded firearm in a motor vehicle;
(4) title 10 of article 11: section 11-1003 and 11-1007 - Falconry license;
(5) title 11 of article 11: section 11-1109 - Registered muskrat marsh;
(6) title 13 of article 11: section 11-1315 - Taking and sale of bait fish; section 11-1317 - Fish bait, protection of aquatic insects;
(7) title 15 of article 11: section 11-1503 - License to use a net or device to take fish; section 11-1507 - Nets in Lakes Erie and Ontario; section 11-1509 - Nets in Chaumont Bay; section 11-1517 - Possession of nets; section 11-1521 - Commercial striped bass license;
(8) title 17 of article 11: section 11-1703 - Importation, possession and sale of fish; section 11-1707 - Importation and possession of fish, game and wildlife imported during the closed season; section 11-1709 - Importation and transportation of certain fish or fish eggs; section 11-1711 - Sale and transportation of flesh of big game from outside the state; section 11-1713 - Flesh of bear possessed under special license; section 11-1715 - Certification of domestic game and hatchery trout propagated outside of the state; section 11-1728 -Sale of live wild birds;
(9) title 19 of article 11: section 11-1901 - Breeding of domestic game birds; section 11-1903 - Shooting preserves; section 11-1905 - Breeding of domestic game animals; section 11-1907 - Propagation of fur bearing animals; section 11-1909 - Private trout and black bass hatcheries; section 11-1911 - Farm fish ponds; section 11-1913 -Fishing preserves;
(10) title 21 of article 11: section 11-2101 - Powers of the department on conservation areas and facilities; and
(11) title 3 of article 13: section 13-0309 - Possession transportation, taking and handling of shellfish; section 13-0311 - Digger's permit to take shellfish for commercial purposes; section 13-0313 - Shellfish growers bed permit; section 13-0315 - Shellfish shipper's and processor's permits; section 13-0316 - Marine hatcheries, off-bottom and on-bottom culture permits; section 13-0319 - Shellfish permits; section 13-0321 - Permit for the taking and importation of shellfish for transplanting and other purposes; section 13-0323 - Oyster permits; section 13-0325 - Permit to take, harvest, possess and transplant hard clams and license for boat to take surf clams; section 13-0327 - Permit to transplant or salvage scallops; section 13-0329 - Permits to take lobsters; section 13-0331 - Permits to take blueclaw crabs; section 13-0333 - License to take menhaden; section 13-0335 - Food fish license; section 13-0343 - License or permit for possession and use of nets; section 13-0347 - Striped bass license.
6 CRR-NY 175.1
Current through October 15, 2021
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