6 CRR-NY 10.6
6 CRR-NY 10.6
10.6 Prohibiting use of bait fish in specially designated lakes and ponds and their tributaries.
(a) It is a violation for a person to use as bait or lure minnows or any other species of fish, either dead or alive, in a specially designated unit of State land or a specially designated lake or pond, including tributaries thereto. When on or fishing in a specially designated unit of State land, lake or pond, including tributaries thereto, it is a violation to possess fish other than the following species: trout, lake trout, Atlantic salmon, kokanee, lake whitefish, black bass, northern pike and bullhead. For the purpose of this section, specially designated lakes and ponds and units of State land are those listed in this section and include all lakes, ponds and streams located in the St. Regis Canoe Area, Franklin County and other named land management units within the Adirondack Park.
(b) Clinton County.
(1) Town of Black Brook. Cranberry Pond, Mud Pond (two miles southwest of riverview) Mud Pond.
(2) Town of Dannemora. Mud Pond.
(c) Delaware County.
(1) Town of Colchester. Trout Pond (Cables Lake), Huggins Pond.
(d) Essex County.
(1) All lands, lakes, ponds and streams of the following geographic areas: Dix Mountain Wilderness, Giant Mountain Wilderness, High Peaks Wilderness, Hoffman Notch Wilderness, Hudson Gorge Primitive Area (except Hudson River), McKenzie Mountain Wilderness (except Saranac River and West Branch Ausable River), Pharoah Lake Wilderness, Sentinel Range Wilderness (except East Branch Ausable River) and the following individual waters:
(2) Town of Chesterfield. Babbe Pond, Clear Pond, Copperas Pond.
(3) Town of Crown Point. Kumph Pond.
(4) Town of Elizabethtown. Ashcraft Pond, Birch Pond, Mud Pond, Secret Pond.
(5) Town of Jay. Clements Pond.
(6) Town of Keene. Lower Ausable Lake, Upper Ausable Lake.
(7) Town of Lewis. Francis Lake, Orebed Lake, Windsor Pond.
(8) Town of Minerva. Barnes Pond, Black Pond, Bullhead Pond, Calahan Pond, Cedar Pond, Center Pond, Corner Pond, Deer Pond, First, Second, Third, Fourth Lake (Essex chain of lakes), Jackson Pond, Hewitt Pond, Moose Pond, Mud Pond (north of Clear Pond), Mud Pond (north of Third Lake Essex Chain), Nate Pond, Pine Lake, Rankin Pond, Little Rankin Pond, Sherman Pond, Stony Pond, Twenty-Ninth Pond.
(9) Town of Moriah. Goose Puddle, North Dalton Pond, Rockport Pond, South Dalton Pond, Trout Pond, Upper Feeder Pond.
(10) Town of Newcomb. Ackerman or Abutus Lake, Andrew Lake, Beaver Pond (south of Lake Andrew), Bradley Pond, Catlin Lake, Cedar (or Round Top) Pond, Cheney Pond (northwest of Split Rock Lake), Cheney Pond (east of Lake Andrew), Chub Pond, Clear Pond, Fifth, Sixth, Seventh and Eighth Lakes of Essex Chain, Goodnow Flow, Goodnow Pond, Jackson Pond, Harkness Lake, Henderson Lake, Hunter Pond, Lake Andrew, Lake Jimmy, Lower Preston Pond, Mud Pond (one mile east of Pine Lake), Newcomb Lake (including Upper and Lower Duck Hole), Otter Pond, Unnamed Pond (north of LeClaire Brook), Upper Preston Pond.
(11) Town of North Elba. Alford Pond, Big Cherry Patch Pond, Cameras Pond, Heart Lake, Lower Preston Pond, McKenzie Pond, Tom Peck Pond, Upper Preston Pond.
(12) Town of North Hudson. Bass Lake, Bloody Pond, Boreas Pond, Challis Pond, Courney Pond, Deer Pond, Elk Lake, Howard Pond, Moose Mountain Pond, Northern Moss Pond, Southern Moss Pond, Triangle Pond, Lower Twin Pond, Upper Twin Pond, Upper Marsh Pond, White Lilly Pond.
(13) Town of St. Armand. Moose Pond.
(14) Town of Schroon. Cotters Pond.
(15) Town of Westport. Nichols Pond, North Pond.
(16) Town of Wilmington. Morgan Pond (Cooperkill).
(e) Franklin County.
(1) All lands, lakes, ponds and streams of the following geographic areas: High Peaks Wilderness (except Raquette River and Saranac River), St. Regis Canoe Area and in the following individual waters:
(2) Town of Tupper Lake. Cranberry Pond or Tupper Lake Reservoir, Heavens Lake or Long Pond, Jenkins Pond or Lake Madeline, Little Simon Pond, McBride Pond, Mountain Pond (one and one-half miles southeast of Willis Pond), Otter Pond, Rag Pond (200 feet north of West Pine Pond), River Pond, Spring Pond (three miles northeast of Kildare), Sunset Pond, Unnamed Pond (one-half mile southeast of Dry Channel Pond), West Pine Pond, Windfall Pond.
(3) Town of Bellmont. Deerfly Pond, Drain Pond, Duck Pond (northeast of Deerfly Pond), Figure Eight Pond, Ingraham Pond, Lilypad Pond, Mountain Pond, Owlshead Pond, Papoose Pond, Plumadore Pond, The Springs, Wolf Pond.
(4) Town of Brighton. Barnum Pond, Black Pond (on Visitors Interpretive Center property), Long Pond (north of Black Pond), Loon Pond, Lost Pond (0.4 mile southwest of Mountain Pond), Mountain Pond, Slush Pond, Star Mountain Ponds (2), Upper Spectacle Pond.
(5) Town of Duane. Buck Pond, Clear Pond, Debar Pond, Skiff Pond, Winebago Pond.
(6) Town of Franklin. Bass Lake or Bass Pond, Catamount Pond, Elbow ponds (2), Grass Pond, Hope Pond, Little Hope Pond, Mountain Pond, (one mile southwest of Loon Lake), Mountain Pond (west of Kushaqua Lake), No Hope Pond (300 feet north of Hope Pond), Plumadore Pond, Park Barrel Pond, Upper Inman Pond, Fish Hole Pond.
(7) Town of Harrietstown. Ampersand Lake, Bear Pond, Blueberry Pond, Lower Preston Pond, Meadow Pond (one-half mile northwest of Lake Clear), Panther Pond, Porkchop Pond (0.6 mile east of Upper Saranac Lake), St. Germain Pond (one-half mile north of Lake Clear), Shingle Bay or Lillipad Pond, Unnamed Pond (one-quarter mile west of Mountain Pond), Unnamed Pond or White Lily Pond (one-quarter mile northwest of Ampersand Lake).
(8) Town of Malone. Malone Village Ice Pond.
(9) Town of Santa Clara. Bad News Pond (1,000 feet northwest of Polliwog Pond), Black Pond (between Square and Whey Pond), Cat Pond, Duck or Echo Pond, Duell Pond (one- quarter mile south of Little Green Pond), East Copperas Pond, Federation Pond (one-quarter mile southeast of East Pine Pond), Follensby Jr. Pond, Frog Pond (650 feet north of Polliwog Pond), Grass Pond (one and one-quarter miles northeast of Benz Pond), Green Pond (north of Follensby Clear Pond), Horseshoe Pond, Little Black Pond (between Black and Square Ponds), Little Clear Pond, Little Green Pond, Little Polliwog Pond, Madewaska Pond, Polliwog Pond, Quebec Pond, Rat Pond, Sunday Pond (southeast of Rat Pond), Sunrise Pond (east of Follensby Clear Pond), Track Pond (three-quarter mile northeast of Floodwood Pond), Twelfth Tee or Gordon Pond (400 feet north of Green Pond), Whey Pond, Wolf Pond (northwest of Rice Lake).
(10) Town of Waverly. Benz Pond, Little Clear Pond, Long Pond, Balsam Pond (two miles west of Duck Pond).
(f) Fulton County.
(1) Town of Bleeker. County Line Lake, Holmes Lake, Mud Lake.
(2) Town of Caroga. Fish Hatchery Pond, Indian Lake, Otter Lake, Stewart Lake.
(3) Town of Stratford. Coglin Lakes, Fourth Lake, Goose Egg Lake, House Pond, Knapps Long Lake, Long Pond, Third Lake.
(g) Hamilton County.
(1) All lands, lakes, ponds and streams of the following geographic areas: Blue Ridge Wilderness, Buell Brook Primitive Area, Five Ponds Wilderness, High Peaks Wilderness, (except Raquette River), Hudson Gorge Primitive Area (except Hudson River), Pigeon Lake Wilderness, Siamese Ponds Wilderness, Silver Lake Wilderness (except Sacandaga River), West Canada Lakes Wilderness, William C. Whitney Area, and in the following individual waters:
(2) Town of Arietta. Christian Lake, G. Lake, Iron Lake, Jockeybush Lake, Little Moose Lake, Lower Sargent Pond, Middle Sargent Pond, Red Louse Lake.
(3) Town of Hope. Bennett Lake, Middle Lake, Murphy Lake.
(4) Town of Indian Lake. Barker Pond, Blue Ledge Pond, Bullhead Pond, First Lake (Essex chain of lakes), Grassy Pond, Little Grassy Pond, Lower and Upper Carter Ponds, Lower Helms Pond, Middle Helms Pond, OK Slip Pond, Pine Lake, Pine Pond (east of Blue Mountain Lake), Pug Hole Pond, Tirrell Pond, Unknown Pond, Unnamed Pond (three-quarter mile east of Barker Pond), Upper Helms Pond.
(5) Town of Inlet. Bug Lake, Eagle Nest Pond, High Rock Pond, Icehouse Pond, Lost Ponds (3), Mitchell Ponds (2).
(6) Town of Lake Pleasant. Lower Dug Mountain Pond, Owl Pond, Panther Mountain Pond, Upper Dug Mountain Pond.
(7) Town of Long Lake. Bear Pond, Bettner Ponds (2), Bog Pond, Bottle Ponds, Charley Pond, Clear Pond, East Charley Pond, East Pond, Flatfish Pond, Handsome Pond, Hedgehog Ponds (2), High Pond, Little Charley Pond, Loon Lake, Loon Pond, Lost Pond, Lower Cat Lake, Mays Pond, Mosquito Pond, Mud Pond, New Pond, Owls Head Pond, Raquette Lake Reservoir, Rob Pond, Round Lake, Salmon Lake, Second Anthony Pond, Sperry Pond, Third Anthony Pond.
(8) Town of Morehouse. Bochen Lake, Deer Lake, Goose Lake, Jones Lake, Otter Lake, Squaw Lake, Unnamed Pond (one-quarter mile southwest of Squaw Lake).
(9) Town of Wells. Johnson Vly Lake, Owl Pond.
(h) Herkimer County.
(1) All ponds and streams in the Five Ponds Wilderness, Ha De Ron Dah Wilderness, Pepperbox Wilderness, Pigeon Lake Wilderness, West Canada Lakes Wilderness.
(2) Town of Webb. Bear Lake, Bubb Lake, Brewer Lake, Buck Pond (one-half mile north of Hog Pond), Buck Pond (one mile west of Thirsty Pond), Clear Pond, Moss Lake, Nicks Lake, Big Otter Lake, Quiver Pond, Razorback Pond, Sis Lake, Tied Lake, Twitchell Lake, West Pond (0.6 mile southwest of Big Moose Lake), Wheeler Pond, Woods Lake.
(i) Lewis County.
(1) All ponds and streams in the Five Ponds Wilderness, Ha De Ron Dah Wilderness.
(2) Town of Crogan. Clear Pond, Rock Pond, Seepage Pond, Trout Pond.
(3) Town of Diana. Green Pond, Seely Pond, Silver Dawn Lake, Little Silver Dawn Lake, South Creek Lake.
(4) Town of Greig. Pitcher Pond.
(5) Town of Watson. Cleveland Lake, Evies Pond, Long Lake, Payne Lake.
(j) Oneida County.
(1) Town of Forestport. Brandy Lake, Round Pond.
(k) Orange County.
(1) Sterling Lake.
(l) St. Lawrence County.
(1) All ponds and streams in the Five Ponds Wilderness.
(2) Town of Colton. Burntbridge Pond, Church Pond, Clear or Hedgehog Pond, Curtis Pond, Dog Pond, Townline Pond, Big Trout Pond, Little Trout Pond.
(3) Town of Clare. Allen Pond.
(4) Town of Fine. Long Lake, Nicks Pond, Round Lake, South Creek Lake, Streeter Lake.
(5) Town of Parishville. Clear Pond, Long Pond, Lilypad Pond.
(6) Town of Piercefield. Big Trout Pond, Black Pond, Boottree Pond, Bridgebrook Pond, Deer Pond, Horseshoe Pond, Little Trout Pond, Long Pond, Lows Lake (Bog River upstream of dam above Hitchens Pond), Massawepie Lake, Pine Pond, Round Pond, Townline Pond.
(7) All ponds and streams in the Raquette-Boreal Wilderness Area.
(m) Saratoga County.
(1) Town of Edinburg. Palmer Pond.
(n) Schoharie County.
(1) Town of Fulton. Mailet Pond.
(o) Sullivan County.
(1) Town of Fremont. Crystal Lake.
(2) Town of Rockland. Hodge Pond, Mongaup Pond, and Mongaup Creek downstream of Mongaup Pond.
(p) Warren County.
(1) All lands, lakes, ponds and streams of the following geographic areas: Pharoah Lake Wilderness, Siamese Ponds Wilderness and in the following individual waters:
(2) Town of Bolton. Brown Pond.
(3) Town of Chester. Palmer Pond, Clear Pond.
(4) Town of Hague. Buttermilk Pond, Jabe Pond, Little Jabe Pond, Racket Pond, Spactacle Ponds (2).
(5) Town of Horicon. Duck Pond, Long Pond, Round Pond.
(6) Town of Johnsburg. Chatiemac Lake or First Pond, Crane Mountain Pond, Eagle Pond, Kibby Pond.
(7) Town of Stony Creek. New Lake, Wilcox Lake.
(8) Town of Thurman. Little Joe Pond, Lixard Pond, Shiras Pond, Unnamed Pond (one mile northwest of Lixard Pond), Unnamed Pond (two miles east of Kibby Pond).
(9) Town of Warrensburg. Gay Pond, Viele Pond.
(q) Washington County.
(1) Town of Dresden. Black Mountain Ponds (2), Bumps Pond, Fishbrook Pond, Greenland Pond, Lapland Pond.
(2) Town of Fort Ann. Inman Pond, Vanderberg Pond.
(3) Town of Jackson. Dead Lake.
(4) Town of Whitehall. Sawmill Pond, Spectacle Pond, Spruce Pond, Clear Pond.
6 CRR-NY 10.6
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