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§ 24. House of Delegates as grand inquest of State; joint standing committee

West's Annotated Code of MarylandConstitution of Maryland Adopted by Convention of 1867

West's Annotated Code of Maryland
Constitution of Maryland Adopted by Convention of 1867
Article III. Legislative Department
MD Constitution, Art. 3, § 24
§ 24. House of Delegates as grand inquest of State; joint standing committee
The House of Delegates may inquire, on the oath of witnesses, into all complaints, grievances and offenses, as the Grand Inquest of the State, and may commit any person, for any crime, to the public jail, there to remain, until discharged by due course of Law. They may examine and pass all accounts of the State, relating either to the collection or expenditure of the revenue, and appoint auditors to state and adjust the same. They may call for all public, or official papers and records, and send for persons, whom they may judge necessary in the course of their inquiries, concerning affairs relating to the public interest, and may direct all office bonds which shall be made payable to the State, to be sued for any breach thereof; and with a view to the more certain prevention, or correction of the abuses in the expenditures of the money of the State, the General Assembly shall create, at every session thereof, a joint Standing Committee of the Senate and House of Delegates, who shall have power to send for persons, and examine them on oath, and call for Public, or Official Papers and Records, and whose duty it shall be to examine and report upon all contracts made for printing stationery, and purchases for the Public offices, and the Library, and all expenditures therein, and upon all matters of alleged abuse in expenditures, to which their attention may be called by resolution of either House of the General Assembly.
MD Constitution, Art. 3, § 24, MD CONST Art. 3, § 24
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