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West's Annotated Code of Maryland
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Editors' Notes

Revisor's Note (Acts 2013, c. 119):
The Department of Legislative Services is charged with revising the law in a clear, concise, and organized manner, without changing the effect of the law. One precept of revision has been that, once something is said, it should be said in the same way every time. To that end, the Local Government Article Review Committee conformed the language and organization of this article to that of previously enacted revised articles to the extent possible.
It is the manifest intent both of the General Assembly and the Local Government Article Review Committee that this bulk revision of the substantive local government laws of the State render no substantive change. The guiding principle of the preparation of this article is that stated in Welch v. Humphrey, 200 Md. 410, 417 (1952):
[T]he principal function of a Code is to reorganize the statutes and state them in simpler form. Consequently any changes made in them by a Code are presumed to be for the purpose of clarity rather than change of meaning. Therefore even a change in the phraseology of a statute by a codification thereof will not ordinarily modify the law, unless the change is so radical and material that the intention of the Legislature to modify the law appears unmistakably from the language of the Code. (citations omitted)
Accordingly, except to the extent that changes, which are noted in Revisor's Notes, clarify the former law, the enactment of this article in no way is intended to make any change to the substantive law of Maryland. This intent is further stated in uncodified language included in the enactment of this article. See § 7 of Ch. ___, Acts of 2013.
Throughout this article, the references to “ordinance” are intended to also refer to the term “local law” and vice versa. In practice, the terminology to reference a local legislative act varies among different counties and municipalities. This revision is not meant to exclude any county based on the term it uses to refer to a local enactment. The General Assembly may wish to consider whether there is a more appropriate term that should be utilized throughout this article to consistently refer to a local legislative act. No substantive change is intended.
Some apparently obsolete provisions allocated to the Local Government Article are transferred to the Session Laws for historical purposes or to avoid any inadvertent substantive effect their repeal might have.
In some instances, the staff of the Department of Legislative Services may create “Special Revisor's Notes” to reflect the substantive effect of legislation enacted during the 2013 Session on some provisions of this article.
Former Art. 25, § 3(ee), which authorized the County Commissioners of Talbot County to regulate the retail sale of alcoholic beverages in Talbot County, is deleted as duplicative of Art. 2B, § 18-101 of the Annotated Code.
2013 Legislation
Acts 2013, c. 119, § 2, added the Local Government Article.
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Current through legislation effective July 1, 2020, from the 2020 Regular Session of the General Assembly.
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