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West's Annotated Code of MarylandMaryland Rules

West's Annotated Code of Maryland
Maryland Rules
Title 7. Appellate and Other Judicial Review in Circuit Court
Chapter 200. Judicial Review of Administrative Agency Decisions
MD Rules, Rule 7-203
(a) Generally. Except as otherwise provided in this Rule or by statute, a petition for judicial review shall be filed within 30 days after the latest of:
(1) the date of the order or action of which review is sought;
(2) the date the administrative agency sent notice of the order or action to the petitioner, if notice was required by law to be sent to the petitioner; or
Cross reference: See Code, Labor and Employment Article, ยง 9-726 governing judicial review of a decision of the Workers' Compensation Commission in a case in which a rehearing request has been filed.
(3) the date the petitioner received notice of the agency's order or action, if notice was required by law to be received by the petitioner.
(b) Petition by Other Party. If one party files a timely petition, any other person may file a petition within ten days after the date the agency mailed notice of the filing of the first petition, or within the period set forth in section (a), whichever is later.
Committee note: The provisions of former Rule B4 concerning the shortening and extending of time are not carried forward. The time for initiating an action for judicial review is in the nature of a statute of limitations, which must be specifically raised either by preliminary motion under Rule 7-204 or in the answering memorandum filed pursuant to Rule 7-207.
Source: This Rule is derived from former Rule B4.


[Adopted March 30, 1993, eff. July 1, 1993. Amended Oct. 31, 2002, eff. Jan. 1, 2003.]
MD Rules, Rule 7-203, MD R CIR CT Rule 7-203
Current with amendments received through May 1, 2024. Some sections may be more current, see credits for details.
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