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§ 4-106. Bulletproof body armor

West's Annotated Code of MarylandCriminal Law

West's Annotated Code of Maryland
Criminal Law (Refs & Annos)
Title 4. Weapon Crimes
Subtitle 1. General Provisions
MD Code, Criminal Law, § 4-106
Formerly cited as MD CODE Art. 27, § 27A; MD CODE Art. 27, § 27B
§ 4-106. Bulletproof body armor
(a)(1) In this section and § 4-107 of this subtitle the following words have the meanings indicated.
(2) “Ammunition” means a cartridge, shell, or other device containing explosive or incendiary material designed and intended for use in a firearm.
(3) “Bulletproof body armor” means a material or object that is designed to cover or be worn on any part of the body to prevent, deflect, or slow down the penetration of ammunition.
(4) “Crime of violence” has the meaning stated in § 14-101 of this article.
(5) “Drug trafficking crime” has the meaning stated in § 5-621 of this article.
(6) “Firearm” includes:
(i) a handgun, antique firearm, rifle, shotgun, short-barreled shotgun, or short-barreled rifle as those terms are defined in § 4-201 of this title;
(ii) an assault pistol as defined in § 4-301 of this title;
(iii) a machine gun as defined in § 4-401 of this title; and
(iv) a regulated firearm as defined in § 5-101 of the Public Safety Article.
(7) “Secretary” means the Secretary of State Police or the Secretary's designee.
Prohibited--Wearing in crime of violence
(b) A person may not wear bulletproof body armor in the commission of a crime of violence.
Prohibited--Wearing in drug trafficking crime
(c) A person may not wear or possess bulletproof body armor during and in relation to a drug trafficking crime.
(d) A person who violates this section is guilty of a misdemeanor and on conviction is subject to imprisonment not exceeding 5 years or a fine not exceeding $5,000 or both.
(e) A sentence imposed under this section may be separate from a sentence for any crime of violence or drug trafficking crime establishing the violation of this section.


Added by Acts 2002, c. 26, § 2, eff. Oct. 1, 2002. Amended by Acts 2003, c. 17, § 1, eff. Oct. 1, 2003.
Formerly Art. 27, §§ 27A, 27B.
MD Code, Criminal Law, § 4-106, MD CRIM LAW § 4-106
Current through legislation effective through May 9, 2024, from the 2024 Regular Session of the General Assembly. Some statute sections may be more current, see credits for details.
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