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§ 7-220. Use of Fund

West's Annotated Code of MarylandEnvironment

West's Annotated Code of Maryland
Title 7. Hazardous Materials and Hazardous Substances (Refs & Annos)
Subtitle 2. Controlled Hazardous Substances (Refs & Annos)
Part IV. State Hazardous Substance Control Fund
MD Code, Environment, § 7-220
§ 7-220. Use of Fund
Authorized use of the State Hazardous Substance Control Fund
(a) The Department shall use the State Hazardous Substance Control Fund for activities by the Department and by any local or State agency, with the approval of the Department that are related to identifying, monitoring, and controlling the proper disposal, storage, transportation, or treatment of hazardous substances, including program development for these activities.
Separate account within the State Hazardous Substance Control Fund for specific purposes
(b) There shall be a separate account within the State Hazardous Substance Control Fund of moneys made available under loan authorizations or by funds appropriated in the State budget for:
(1) All costs incurred by the State for removal, restoration, or remedial action, including the restoration of natural resources where feasible, and site maintenance and monitoring in response to a release or threatened release of any hazardous substance, to the extent the costs are not reimbursable under the federal act;
(2) All cost incurred by the State in monitoring and assessing the effect on public health and natural resources of any site at which a hazardous substance is or may be present, including the costs of any subsurface borings and any analysis of samples taken, the costs of investigations conducted for the purpose of defining necessary remedial action, and the costs of litigation expenses incurred in obtaining reimbursement for expenditures;
(3) The State share mandated under § 104(c)(3) of the federal act;
(4) All cost incurred in providing public information concerning a site that does or may contain a hazardous substance; and
(5) Costs resulting from releases or threatened releases of hazardous substances whether or not the hazardous substance was placed at the site, released, or threatened to be released before July 1, 1985.


Added by Acts 1982, c. 240, § 2. Amended by Acts 1983, c. 96; Acts 1984, c. 743, § 2; Acts 1985, c. 203; Acts 1991, c. 154.
MD Code, Environment, § 7-220, MD ENVIR § 7-220
Current with all legislation from the 2023 Regular Session of the General Assembly. Some statute sections may be more current, see credits for details.
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