Rule 3015-2. Chapter 13--Confirmation

Md. Local Bankr. Rules, Rule 3015-2

Maryland Federal Court Rules
United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of Maryland
Part III
Effective: October 1, 2020
Md. Local Bankr. Rules, Rule 3015-2
Rule 3015-2. Chapter 13--Confirmation
(a) Debtors and their counsel must attend all scheduled confirmation hearings, unless excused by the Chapter 13 Trustee or the court.
(b) Confirmation hearings shall be set not less than thirty-five (35) days after filing of a plan. Objections to the plan must be filed and copies served on the Chapter 13 Trustee, the debtor, and the debtor's attorney no later than seven (7) days before the date set for hearing on confirmation of the plan.
(c) Within seven (7) days prior to the date of the initial confirmation hearing, the debtor must file a Pre-Confirmation Certificate. If a confirmation hearing is continued, an updated Pre-Confirmation Certificate must be filed within seven (7) days prior to such hearing.
(d) In the event a creditor objects to a provision in the Plan seeking to avoid any lien or value any collateral through the plan and not by separate motion, counsel for the debtor and affected creditor shall meet and confer in person or telephonically in an attempt to resolve the dispute and identify and narrow any factual or legal issues, and counsel for the debtor shall file at least twenty-four (24) hours prior to the confirmation hearing a certificate of compliance with this provision. If the objection involves a disputed issue of valuation of collateral for which testimony is required, the initially scheduled confirmation hearing shall be a preliminary hearing at which testimony will not be taken, and at which the Court shall set a date and time for the valuation hearing, either specially or on a regularly-scheduled valuation hearing date set pursuant to Local Rule 3012-1(d)(1). Alternatively, the parties may agree to set the valuation dispute for hearing on a valuation hearing date not less than fourteen (14) nor more than ninety (90) days after they meet and confer, in which event the debtor (or counsel for the Creditor if the debtor is not represented by counsel) shall file a notice of such hearing and serve the parties involved and the Chapter 13 Trustee.
[Effective September 1, 2011. Amended effective December 1, 2017.]
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