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West's Annotated Code of MarylandMaryland Rules

West's Annotated Code of Maryland
Maryland Rules
Title 16. Court Administration
Chapter 900. Access to Judicial Records
MD Rules, Rule 16-904
(a) Entitlement. Except as otherwise expressly provided by law, a person entitled to inspect a judicial record is entitled to have a copy or printout of the record. The copy or printout may be in paper form or, subject to Rule 16-909 (c) and the Rules in Title 20, in electronic form.
(b) Certified Copy. To the extent practicable, a certified copy of the case record shall be made by any authorized clerk of the court in which the case was filed or to which it was transferred.
(c) Uncertified Copy. Copies or printouts in paper form that are obtained from a terminal or kiosk located in a courthouse are uncertified.
Source: This Rule is derived from former Rule 16-1003 (2016).


[Adopted June 6, 2016, eff. July 1, 2016. Amended June 20, 2017, eff. Aug. 1, 2017.]

Editors' Notes

2017 Orders
The June 20, 2017 order, renumbered the Rule from 16-903 to 16-904; changed the term “court record” to “judicial record” throughout the Rule; changed an internal reference in section (a); added language pertaining to a certified copy to and deleted language from section (b); and added a new section (c) pertaining to an uncertified copy.
MD Rules, Rule 16-904, MD R CTS J AND ATTYS Rule 16-904
Current with amendments received through April 1, 2020.
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