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§ 7-206. Additional powers and duties of Board

West's Annotated Code of MarylandBusiness Occupations and Professions

West's Annotated Code of Maryland
Business Occupations and Professions
Title 7. Foresters (Refs & Annos)
Subtitle 2. State Board of Foresters (Refs & Annos)
MD Code, Business Occupations & Professions, § 7-206
§ 7-206. Additional powers and duties of Board
Bylaws, regulations
(a) In addition to any powers set forth elsewhere, the Board may adopt:
(1) any bylaw for the conduct of the proceedings of the Board; and
(2) any regulation to carry out this title.
Administration, seal
(b) In addition to any duties set forth elsewhere, the Board:
(1) shall administer this title;
(2) shall adopt a seal; and
(3) shall keep a record of its proceedings.
Record of applications for license
(c) The Board shall keep a record that, for each application for a license, shows:
(1) the applicant's:
(i) name;
(ii) age;
(iii) residence;
(iv) place of business; and
(v) educational and other qualifications;
(2) the date of the application;
(3) whether the applicant was required to take an examination;
(4) the action of the Board on the application;
(5) the reason for the action; and
(6) any other information the Board considers necessary.
List of licensed foresters
(d) The Board shall:
(1) keep a list of all licensed foresters that shows the name and place of business of each licensee;
(2) provide a copy of the list:
(i) on request, to any member of the public; and
(ii) every 2 years, on or before March 31, to:
1. each licensee; and
2. the Secretary of State.
Code of ethics
(e)(1) With the advice of the established forestry associations, the Board shall adopt, by regulation, a code of ethics for practicing forestry.
(2) The Board shall distribute a copy of the code of ethics:
(i) to each applicant for a license; and
(ii) on each renewal of a license, to each licensee.
Continuing education requirements
(f) The Board shall adopt regulations that implement the continuing education requirement set forth in § 7-308(c)(2) of this title.


Added by Acts 1989, c. 3, § 1, eff. Oct. 1, 1989. Amended by Acts 1993, c. 470; Acts 1997, c. 5, § 1, eff. Oct. 1, 1997.
Formerly Art. 56, §§ 301, 306, 308, 309.
MD Code, Business Occupations & Professions, § 7-206, MD BUS OCCUP & PROF § 7-206
Current through legislation effective through April 9, 2023, from the 2024 Regular Session of the General Assembly. Some statute sections may be more current, see credits for details.
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