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CR 53.01 Appointments; deputies

Baldwin's Kentucky Revised Statutes AnnotatedRules of Civil ProcedureEffective: March 1, 2020

Baldwin's Kentucky Revised Statutes Annotated
Rules of Civil Procedure
VI Trials
CR 53. Master Commissioners of Circuit Courts
Effective: March 1, 2020
Kentucky Rules of Civil Procedure (CR) Rule 53.01
CR 53.01 Appointments; deputies
Each circuit court may appoint a master commissioner and a receiver as authorized by statute. Other master commissioners, deputy master commissioners, receivers, and their assistants may be appointed only upon express authority of the Chief Justice. A master commissioner or deputy master commissioner shall hold no other public office of the Court of Justice except a master commissioner or deputy master commissioner may also serve as a trial commissioner for the district court pursuant to SCR 5.010, or a domestic relations commissioner as approved by the Chief Justice. Master commissioners and deputy master commissioners shall be qualified as attorneys.


HISTORY: Amended by Order 2010-09, eff. 1-1-11; prior amendments eff. 9-15-90 (Order 90-1), 1-1-89, 1-1-80; adopted eff. 1-1-78
Rules Civ. Proc., Rule 53.01, KY ST RCP Rule 53.01
Current with amendments received through March 1, 2024. Some sections may be more current, see credits for details.
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